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Thursday 8/19

Since my computer is down I have to compose and post my blogs at work. Life in this scheduling room has been hectic.

What makes it hectic is when your personal life starts to interfere with the productive nature of the office. What makes it worst is when management does not take action to correct the matter if it can be corrected. Well as time goes on it continues to make life more and more a challenge here in this little office.

I had decided to focus on what I can do put in my 8 hours and attempt to let the rest not interfere with my day. Someday I am successful other days not so much.

Tomorrow I will have a proper post because I will be writing in my journal and then all I have to do is type what I write.

As far as my search for the perfect little space. I think I may have found a winner. Tell you about it tomorrow.

3 skirts, 1 pair of pants, 2 suit jackets

I went to deliver pants that I had hemmed for my Auntie. She had a customer all lined up for me.

Her neighbor had been sick for quite a while and lost a great deal of weight. Now that she was feeling better and was able to get out she needed some of the more expensive clothing altered to fit her.

Some things were just to large and rather recreate the items I told her to give them to someone she knew or hang on to them if she felt she would regain the weight.

She had a closet full of clothes but we decieded to take it in stages. So this time a round I am refitting 3 straight skirts one of which is lined and 1 pair a pants and 2 suit jackets!

This is wonderful I love it. My sister knows someone is get giving up some clothes that are too large for her and she (my sister) wants me to restyle a couple of them for her to wear.

So I am busy these Wednesday's

My computer should be up and running Next week so I will be back to posting pictures.

Keep sewing!