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Some marriages end within 5 year, but that is not us!

You hear the stats. Within the first 10 years marriage end either due to infidelity or money.

The shock of the loss of wages is enough to end a lot of relationships. Fortunately this relationship is still in tact.

Please understand that I got married with I was 40 years old. I have more years in as a single person and truly feel that I could go back to that with no problem. Money is means to get things done. Money helps a person feel secure because it enable them to have a place to live, put clothing on your body and feed your self. These are just the basics. Money also enable you to acquire useless stuff that you really don't need. Like vacations! Like Movie and dinner date! Like flowers that say I'm sorry and I love you.

He was able to get part of what was garnished so that we are able to keep the place we live. Trust me we would not have been kicked out but the late fee of 74.50 would have us playing catch up for alittle while. Especially if the garnishment continues…


I just looked at my paystud today and the IRS garnished my paycheck 435.00.

I am not going to tell the whole story here because I really should not even write this but I need to express myself and talking just adds to my frustration.

Jesus Christ said " Pay Ceaser's things to Ceaser and God's things to God." It is really quite the simple.

I can't even think straight!

Last year I owed 1,800.00 in taxes and I paid those taxes. Do you what the IRS did? They applied that money to OLD taxes ( that were not mine ) so My taxes were never paid. Why did they do it that way. HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD that's why.

I would have filed married but separate but then I would have owe twice as much.

I paid the money due!

It is stupid to not pay taxes! They put crime bosses in jail for non payment of taxes. They can't get any of his other crimes to stick but that one will always get you put in jail.


It's Friday

Amazingly enough Friday has arrived. That should bring some sense of relief survived another work week. But surviving a work week is nothing compared to dealing with what life is throwing at us daily.

2 of 3 's husband is doing well and he should be home soon. I remember when Todd came home from the hospital. I watched him like a hawk. Where are you going? How are you feeling? Why did you sign like that? Do you have any pain? Did you take your Meds? Are you suppose to be eating, drinking, doing that? But I loved having him home so I could hold on to him and sleep in comfort knowing he is there. I think it will be the same way for my friend.

I have emphasized that since 2 of 3's husband was in good health that is a major reason he was able to survive this health hazard. He lost a lot of blood. A bleed ulcer well actually 2 bleeding ulcers side by side!

They have been through so much. We have been concentrating on her family of two becoming a family of three! I have and …

It is a typical boring day!

I have nothing to write about. Even less to say. I have spent most of the day answering the phone and making appointment just like any other day. That is the job after all.

I have enjoyed the downtime because I got a chance to read all of the blogs in my favorites list. All 25 of them. - she has created a cute little stuffed guy. - She had not updated in a while however I an sure that i need to create a little quilt like she is showing on her page. - she was at a national stationery show and she is showing it in parts. So the the items feature looked like things I use to draw in class instead of paying attention to the teacher. - diane went to a out to eat with a friend. A rabbit hut in the resturant .... interesting. - she has not updated in a while must be experiencing writers block.

family of two - She has a wonderful blog about how babies…

vocabulary parade

While in KY the little designers told me about the vocabulary parade. They wanted me to help make their costumes.

The vocabulary parade is where the kids dress up as words and then take part in a parade around the school.

Tay wanted to be a POP STAR and Tai wanted to be fashion designer.

They brought over some old clothes and we use them to make their costumes. They were super excited.

Tai designed a big bag. She was allowed to go into my stash of fabric and find the pieces she wanted to use. We cut it out and she sat in the chair with me as if she was actually using the sewing machine. The big bag was kinda cute she put 2 fabrics together that I would not have chosen.

I then gave her an old shirt of mine and she wrote fashion designer and the definition of it on the shirt her mother traced what was written in puffy paint.

Tay made her turtelneck into a boat neck shirt. She then painted the front with gold paint in the form of a oval starburst and pop star was written in puff…
This weekend was a disaster. I was not able to sign up any new partner in my Avon business. I also did not get any new customers. Saturday evening I was a model in the fashion show. It was fun I really enjoy runway work and would like to do more. When Positive Approach was up and running I was modeling often. Now its only once in a while.

Woke up Sunday with a migraine that made me sick to the stomach. We left the hall early.

I am composing a letter to offer Personal Shoppers Services for Business owners.

Hello, I am Gail Galloway the Avon Representative in your area. I would like to introduce to you the Personal Shopping Service that I offer to Business owners.

This Personal Shopping Service is the easy way to give thoughtful gift to family and friends. All I need to know is the name of the person, relationship to you, favorite items or hobbies and I can then find the perfect Avon gift for your family member or friend.

Avon is so much more than perfume and make up. We have clothin…


Rob is the Administrator of ENT both adults and childrens. He is the one Sharon answered to when something when wrong. Sharon has moved on to greener pastures so some of the stuff she would handle he has to handle himself.

As you are aware I fail the secret shopper test and so I guess he needed to have a one on one meeting with me to discuss this. This meeting was set for 1:15 this afternoon. It is now 4:52 and he has not yet arrived to have this meeting. I guess that I will not be having this meeting at all. That does not bother me as much as no one has bother to tell me what is going on.

Jennifer his secretary call me on monday to say that Rob wanted an one on one meeting with me. She decided the day and time. OK, but she did not tell me what the meeting was about, she left that up to my imagination.

Today I got up and got ready to begin this day of work and this stupid meeting was on my mind. What is it about? Secret Shopper, a tax notice that I recently received, did I…

secret shopper

I work in a little room where you talk to people about making appointments so they can see the doctors to feel better. Sometimes this in interesting most of the time it is boring.

As with any job there are protocols. A major one in this job is to get appointments within 72 hours for new patient and they have a secret shopper who call and pretend to be patients so they can verify that we are offering appointments within the 72 hours.

Sometime the supervisor will tell us that we were secret shopped and we passed. Sometimes we fail. Whenever we fail we get phone calls and meetings are called to make sure we all know the protocols for the 72 hours appointments. Those who were successful also give tips on how to identify the secret shopper’s blah blah blah.

We were secret shopped and we failed and I got a copy of the script and realized that I was the one who fail the call. My response, “sorry” what else can I say.

As a scheduler we are told the following information at various time…

eating habits

Today I am taking the time to be very aware of what 1 of 3 eats during the day. This is just so I can confirm my theory that she eats all day long.

First she was here before, yes ladies and gentlemen before 9:30. It was 9:28 exactly. When I made comment on it she said it really hurts her feelings when I do that to her. She claims she is always on time because she clocks in on time and then it takes her 10 minutes to walk to her desk. So her usual arrive time is 9:40 or 10:00. I just started making comments on it because it appeared to me that she felt she was not needed at 9:30 so she could come in when she wanted. I believe that she does clock at the entrance by the ER but I seriously doubt it take 10 minutes to walk to the office. It’s less that 200 feet.

Now I wait for the eating to begin…………….

10:31 AM PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICH. 2 slices of white bread with peanut butter between.

Usually by this time I know she would have eaten more so I am not sure what the deal is today.…
The trip to KY was fun. I had the little designers with me and they kept busy by coloring pages and attempting to watch DVD which is nearly impossible since the sun was high in the sky. Just listening to the movie must have been boring because they often fell asleep. Todd had no problem sleeping during the 3 hours I drove.

Terri is doing well. She has surrounded herself with friends that have her best interest at heart and help keep her well grounded. Her one bedroom place is wonderful and I would love to live like that if I were not married. The living room has a fireplace with sliding glass doors the lead to the balcony. Her dining room is just off from the kitchen which has hook up for a fullsize washer and dryer. Her bedroom is a nice size and the bathroom is also nice space. In her bedroom she was this wonderful walk in closet with shelving on each side with an place in the rear to hand her clothes.

She did not have a dress for the graduation day so Saturday we went to …

Kentucky Derby

I have forgotten about the Kentucky Derby. I wish I had remember I would have love to go just to watch the people. I had visions of the scene from my fair lady in my head which were only confirmed by the newcasters method of dress saturday morning. Both in the newsroom and in the field reporting, the female reporters were adorned in beautiful hats that matched suits to a T. If they would have been on project runway the critics would say " D T M" Dye to Match.

One news reporter, who was doing on the spot interviews, had on black and white. The hat was ornate but not overly ornate. Not even close to Eliza Dolittle designer hat and dress. The in the booth new reporter had on fushia hat with giant ribbons loops on the top of it. Looked a lot like something you would see on a lady in her sunday best on her way to a baptist church! She displayed her High heel shoes that matched the color of the hat and suit exactly then she showed some flat sandels that were DTM. She laugh…

I just love this!

I just have to have this! This is just wonderful. I think I will attempt to recreate this. Any one who lives in Pittsburgh knows it rains while the sun in shining so you always have to be prepared. So that give me a great reason to have to have this item.

This is where i found the wonderful item. Yes i do covet it!

Trip to see Terri Graduate.

Everything is in place. I will be meeting the little designers at the hair salon. I will be leaving work at 3:00 so we should be arriving at D. Renees about the same time.

I have to decide what clothes I will be wearing. The little designers are always happy to tell me how horrible my outfits looks. I usually wear what i want but it is very interesting to hear their critical viewpoint.

I will be getting a Visa gift card with the little designers money on it as well as all important medical information.

Friday before we leave I will be making some food for the road as well as some snacks. They have the dvd they will be watching as we motor down the road.

I will have my Avon books adversting my online store for purchasing. I have to remember to include the coupon code for free shipping RPSFR. I have other codes but this is coded does not have a miminum purchasing amount to get it. you can order some .99 hand lotion and have it direct delivered with that code.

My determination…