Monday, April 28, 2008

just a headache

Friday, I went to the bank and found out that, Mellon is still dragging their feet getting my 401k ready to be turnover into and IRA. I finally was able to meet the guy who will be helping me choose what stocks and stuff I need to achieve my financial goal. Saturday I made it to the congregation book study. I got to my cousins shop. It was too busy to get my hair done. So I made an appointment. I will have to leave work early on the 1st so I can get my hair done. Successful appointment with Jamie in Aliquippa, A new Avon rep! Sunday I went to the kingdom hall but quickly got a headache so I suffered the rest of the day. Todd when to work early and then was home at 3:00 instead of going to work at 3:00. It was great to be able to sit at the table and eat dinner and talk. Then we went to the bookstore and hung out there for hours. I think it was a good day for all three of us.

Short person completed her training this week so I guess she will be working this summer. I will have to remind her to ask for the days off for the district convention if she plans on attending one this year.

Kim from Avon is starting to not be so intense with me anymore. I realize she was helping me to reach my goal but unfortunately with both of us I still did not make it like I wanted to. I have some great ideas for increasing my sales but I just have to put them into play. Especially with campaign 11.

Campaign 10 on the cover is the smooth mineral makeup, makeup that’s good for your skin naturally. I have started wearing it. I usually do not wear foundation it makes my face shine. This does the same thing, and I still am aware of not touching my face because the makeup transfers to my hands which are annoying. Todd like the way it looks so I will try it out for a couple of weeks.
Skin so Soft 24 fl oz on sale 9.99.
Footworks all 5 for 9.99
Avon Solutions all 3 for 9.99
Colonge 3 pc sets 9.99
What I like most are the flip-flop multipaks.

I guess I will have to make the appointment for the headaches! Who knows maybe it the allergic reaction to something? I don’t know. I am in pain and I am trying to keep the pain to my self. But that is not working. I have a very bad attitude today and I sincerely do not want to say something wrong so I am not saying very much. My eye are half open to protect from the light I am trying not to talking because everyone is shouting. My right ear is throbbing in time with my heart beat.

I hope to survive this yet again.

Friday, April 18, 2008

1st annual black women in hollywood luncheon

The honorees Ruby Dee, Suzanne de Passe, Jurnee Smollett and Jada Pinkett Smith.


This is interesting.

I was reading and this was on her blog. I thought it was interesting enough to share.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


APRIL 12, 2008 Spring time in Paris.

This themed party came about because Deb over hear our nieces planning their trip to Paris. She also found out she was the one who was going to foot the bill for this wonderful once in a lifetime experience. While Deb explained the conversation to me she also decided that we should give them a party and named it Springtime In Paris. That was at least 17 to 18 months ago.

The party took place on April 12, 2008 in my garage.

One time about doing a themed party is finding the different items to make it look and feel like you are really there. Deb is determined in that way. She is the best theme party shopper anyone could dream up and she always gets a good price. She claims it’s about being in the right place at the right time. It is more than that. She often knows when to right time is. She carefully researches the papers to see if a store is having year end sale, or a liquidation sale, or is going out of business. She and I both will canvass every kind of thrift store. As well as estate sales and yard sales. She is also a great online shopper as well. There were many internet hours put into to get some of the unique things she got for this party.

I am never in the right place at the right time because I am always crafting stuff. I try to create the things that we need. Sometimes I am very successful but I am also easily distracted. My goal is to be more focus from this point forward. I need my own computer which I will be getting next month in may and this will enable me to get more research work done.

We both love to decorate and will try different ways to get the right effect. Sometimes we have a differing of opinion of what is best but we know when to compromise so there are no major disagreements.

The night before the party we put everything we needed into the garage. The tables were set up for the different stores and the café. The pictures of the Eiffel Tower were put up, star light were hung up.

This was a surprise party. I met them in the driveway and all 8 children were walking up the driveway and I told them we would be going in through the garage. “ok” I was introduce to a couple of friends that I have never meet. I used the garage door opener and stood back and waited.

The garage door slowly went up and just when it was almost completely opened. “Bonjour! “was shouted by all the shop owners and the paparazzi started taking pictures.
They were totally confused. I then stepped up to them and welcomed them to a spring day in Paris. I explained for them to pick up their passports and lace berets and Euros for day of shopping, lunching, and of course dancing.

The music started to play it was Maurice Chevalier singing “Thank heaven for little girls”. Soon the music and laughter was in the air. Ce matin un lapin, Au vieux bal musette, Maya l’abeille, Café de paris, I love paris, Accordeon – aimable-les plus belle Valses Musette, The triplets of Bellville, Au Vieux Bal Musette, Accordeon musette andre verchuren, musica francesa – accordion musette – andre verchuren played over and over until it was time to dance. They dance for quite a long time.

Everyone knew the day in Paris was over when Tishia thanked them for flying American Airlines. Bridget then announced the weather in Pittsburgh and to be careful as they de-boarded the plane. As each child left weighted down with the bags from shopping and feeling like they just got back from vacation. I thought Debbie did a great job. They had a lot of fun.

The garage was restored to is normal use and I went upstairs and fell asleep! Each time I would wake up and say did they really have a good time.

I never thought of Paris as a place to visit but after that day it is now on my list of places to visit in person.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

crying on the inside.

Sunday, April 13,2008 @ 1:00 in the afternoon. My Uncle Bennie died.

He has been battling lung cancer for years. But the did not stop him from drinking or from smoking. When he had an stomach ulcer he stop drinking and when he had to use oxygen he stop smoking.

He looked like my dad, his brother. He talked like him and acted like him. He was always willing to listen when I did call him. I looked forward to his visits and I enjoyed visiting him. Any trips to or near MS I always visited him.

My father died of lung cancer. No bleeding, no Stroke he just died because the cancer was taking over. I remember sitting on my father hospital bed and him telling me that he felt guilty for his cancer. He felt that he had let all his daughters down and disappointed each of them by dying. I held his hand and told him that he had given us a firm foundation on which to build our lives. His words will always be with us to guide us and he did nothing wrong. He squeezed my hand and then he let it go. It was days later before he did die.

My dad took the time to learn what each of his daughters like to do. With me it was drawing or anything creative. He used to buy me the paint my number sets. I really like doing them. He always hung up the finish pictures on the wall in his room. With Stacey she like Jacks. He would sit on the floor with her and they would play strict game of Jacks. She loved that. With Bridget they talked alot together. Especially when everyone else had moved out and she still lived at home. Jodanelle he took her everywhere he went when she was a child. During the time he spent with us he talked to us about how we should be treated by men. Why is was important to be able to take care of ourselves. Most importantly stay close to your sisters. There are times when his words ring in my ears.

I was watching a video the other day and it was a daughter singing to her father. It made me cry on the inside.

Title of the song "YOU CAN LET GO NOW DADDY" by Crystal Shawanda

Friday, April 11, 2008


Terri is finally finished with school!

May 4 is her graduation day and I will be so happy and proud to see her walk across the stage and get her degree.

This is something that she decided to do for herself and finally she is done! This is a good thing because she was getting tired to school and if she did not achieve her goal she was going to chalk it up to a good try.

Congrats to Terri and we look forward to helping you achieve your next goal.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New Additions

I was right 2 of 3 is going to have a wonderful little babe. This is something to celebrate!

I will be watching and waiting for the day when we can meet face to face!

This is exciting. Little Widget is in my prayers each and every day.

Nothing special.

I got up early this morning, showered and dressed. Had enough time to get a coffee and to do a little sewing.

On the suit I finally got the collar off and drafted facing the front. And tonight after the gym I will finish the edges to stop fraying.

On my skirt I took the zipper out because is just could not deal with the puckers it caused. So now the skirt will have an elastic waist. I should finish that also tonight.

Arrived at work on time and waited for the phone to ring. Got here at 8:00 and it is now 8:30 I am still waiting for the phone to ring. So I called Caroline “please test my phone to make sure it is working correctly”. She says sure. I get 10 calls back to back as soon as I hang up the phone.

As far as Avon is concern I will be calling all my new recruits to make sure all it going well. I will also create mailing flyers to promote my business in the neighborhood. One will be for the businesses in the area and the other will not be.

I have a folder full of ideas that I can use to promote my business. This is going to be a regular Thursday night thing.

Of course for my health I will be at the gym. I plan to go around 8:00 so right after I finish sewing one of the projects I will go to the gym

Before going to bed I will do my bible reading I will go to bed around 12:00 probably fall asleep around 2:00. Get up to start it all over again.

Also will do some budget before Todd go to work. I will also create a schedule of what to do each day.

This is part of my new thought to work on every goal every day.

Get out of debt---everyday actions spend wisely and then review to make sure spending was in fact wise and make adjustment accordingly.

Sewing --- Do a little each day until summer wardrobe is complete. Include sewing day with friends and family.

Spiritually – Read the bible daily and apply and mediate on what I have learned and apply to myself.

Drawing –Or do something creative each day,

Reconnect with old friends----keep in touch with new friends

Listen and truly take the time to understand the person speaking

Beautify and make my home welcoming to strangers and comforting to my family.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

First she buy me lunch......

The day started like it usually does. I get to work just in time and 2 of 3 is already answering the phones. Parents are making their usual stupid requests. In time 1 of 3 arrives and throughout the day 2 of 3 and me and have our usual conversations.

She buy me lunch which was right on time because I was not really aware that I was hungry. Then she buys dessert. Which I run and get, because its my lunchtime now.

Please note that I was warned numerous time that she was in PMS mode. However I was determined in my mind that this was not the case because it would be just wonderful for her to be with child. So I guess I disregarded that PMS stuff.

Then she said she was smoking again. I did not want her to smoke so I told her no you are not! (in the event you have not guess she is 2 of 3) The I called W a mutual friend and told on her. W told me that it was difficult to stop smoking completely especially understress. We talked a little more and then I went to 2 of 3 desk. Her expression was mean. But I have seen that before so I attempted to ignore it. Then she explodes! I don't remember the exact words but I knew I was not welcomed and she was mad! She said something like forget you and W. Get away from me I don't care what you think! So I went back to my desk thinking to myself. Forget you too! I guess that is it our year long friendship has come to and end! How can I come to work and not talk to her any more. I pull out my puzzle book and attempt to work the stupid puzzles.
I can't believe she would just disregard me so quickly.

So we did not talk to each other. She in her office and me stuck with 1 of 3 who wanted to say something but if she would have she would have gotten blasted so throughly I doubt she would be able to walk away.

Debbie came by our office and asked" Why are you crying?" who was she talking to I looked at 1 of 3 who just gave her a half hearted smile. Then SHE walked pass the door way. I refused to look up suddenly the stupid puzzle book was too interesting. WHY WAS NOT THE STUPID PHONE RINGING!

Just went this was about to be too overwhelming! I hear the ding of a new email. It was from 2 of 3 with the words sorry in bold type. My eyes watered up. She said sorry, She never said sorry. I could not see for a minutes because my eyes had tears in them. ( I have tears now just remembering) and I said I was sorry also.

We visited each other office and laughed and cried at the same time. PMS is evil. I am glad that we are still friends. Our friendship has survived!

George and Aunt Flow decided to visit me tonight. They can sure pick the times to visit!

Here's to a friendship that will last through happy times and disappointing one and that PMS did not break up!

Hugs and Kisses