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I don't know

I have been searching for my USB cord for days and still cannot find it. The one I did find does not fit my camera so I still have no pictures to share.

I was visited by the newlyweds, they are 20 years younger but we had a fun conversation just the same. Then One of them asked me why did I marry my hubby. I said "I don't know." she looked at me and laughed like I said something funny. The two of them had been talking non stop which was fine with me I was entertained but I did not have much to say and after a while I was ready to end the day with them. So when I was asked why I married Todd that I was my immediate response.

The reason I married Todd was because we clicked with days of meeting. I talked and he actually listen to what I said. We had a lot of similar interest that most men do not like in their females.

I love football, not so crazy about baseball or basketball. I love Nascar, I love all the old American made muscles cars and will watch the auction on SPEED T…

Project completed.

I started not to write this blog because I have no picture to show.

Well I have a picture but I cannot find my Cord to connect to the computer.

So I wore my completed pants and shirt to work today. It was very comfortable and one person said she really liked my shirt or blouse. That made me feel good.

I will have to make the pants longer next time. The lenght I have in this pair is a little shorter that I would like it.

Tonight I have gathered all the summer knit fabric. I will have lots of dresses and weekend wear by saturday.

Have a good night. Pictures tomorrow if I can find that cord.

I am going to get a beer!

This is the weekend when I hide out! This way total strangers will not ask me " Are you a mother?" I have several responses to this depending on how I am feeling.

1. I just say no. They respond well it's never too late.

2. I say Maybe one day. To which they say " Well happy Future Mother's Day" I want to slap this person.

3. I have a step daughter. Some respond Oh and just walk away and others say Well you are a mother then.

4. This is a favorite response. " WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?" both hands are now fist and I am Glaring at them. They slowly back away.

I know this weekend I am staying in the house. So tonight I plan to go and get some WILD BLUE. A six pack will do.

I am hoping the sun is shining so i will sit on the porch and drink my blueberry beer.

If the sun is not shining I will drink beer while sewing. That is not a good combination.

Have a great weekend everyone.

New project.

I have been so tired since we have moved to the new building. Since I am in front of people all day there is little to no downtime. It does make the time go so much faster but I lose track of time.

Saturday I laid out a pattern for dress pants for work. Butterick 3371
I choose this pattern because it was to be a after 5 look for whenever I go out to a high end resturant. That is not likely to happen anytime soon so I decided the pants would be great for work.

I am not committed to this because pants have always been a difficult fit. But I must get restarted sewing because if too much time laspes I will not be interested in sewing.

I will have to review my completed projects folder to see how many projects I have completed so far.

I found a tutorial for a pyrimad wristlet. I plan to make some changes in the measurements to get a little bigger pyrimad to make a purse for evening wear. Prom season is coming up and I think this would be a great item to sell. I should have had the…

Walmart's Fabric is 50% off

Friday when I got home from work. Hubby was not there my plan was for us to go to the movie Wolverine I know that's now the title but that what I call it.

I clean up the kitchen while I waited and just as I finished he came home. Wonderful timing right? No. He looked at me and stood for a minute then he said. " I know you had plans for the evening but I have worked all night and helped my dad all day I am exhausted so I am going to bed." The he walked down the hallway and went to our bedroom. After about 10 mnutes I heard him snoring.

There is no point going to the movie by myself because he wanted to see the movie. I am sure seeing the moving twice would be great after all we are taking about Hugh Jackman! but our budget could not handle such a simple indulgence. So I went to walmart instead. I needed some kitchen stuff any way.

Everytime I go to walmart I stop at the fabric department sometimes that have what I need. I need new window stuff. When I went to Bet…