Sunday, May 17, 2009

I don't know

I have been searching for my USB cord for days and still cannot find it. The one I did find does not fit my camera so I still have no pictures to share.

I was visited by the newlyweds, they are 20 years younger but we had a fun conversation just the same. Then One of them asked me why did I marry my hubby. I said "I don't know." she looked at me and laughed like I said something funny. The two of them had been talking non stop which was fine with me I was entertained but I did not have much to say and after a while I was ready to end the day with them. So when I was asked why I married Todd that I was my immediate response.

The reason I married Todd was because we clicked with days of meeting. I talked and he actually listen to what I said. We had a lot of similar interest that most men do not like in their females.

I love football, not so crazy about baseball or basketball. I love Nascar, I love all the old American made muscles cars and will watch the auction on SPEED TV. I interested in computers and programming but not enough to pursue more than reading a magazine. Most guys do not want to talk sports with females or shall I say most of the men I was meeting at the time. Todd thought all that was cool. I love action drama movies and occasionally a chick flick but I love all the comic book movies and action hero type stuff. and I will watch Sci Fi channel. Love all animation movies and Amine.

When talking to Todd it like talking to a friend who loved the same things that I love and we just clicked. If we had not gotten married we would have been the best of friends and people would have thought we were a couple anyway. Which would cause problems if either of us did get married to someone else and they were insecure. He became an hanging buddy overnight so Why not get married and live a happy life with your best friend.

Which is what I explained after I took the I don't know comment back.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Project completed.

I started not to write this blog because I have no picture to show.

Well I have a picture but I cannot find my Cord to connect to the computer.

So I wore my completed pants and shirt to work today. It was very comfortable and one person said she really liked my shirt or blouse. That made me feel good.

I will have to make the pants longer next time. The lenght I have in this pair is a little shorter that I would like it.

Tonight I have gathered all the summer knit fabric. I will have lots of dresses and weekend wear by saturday.

Have a good night. Pictures tomorrow if I can find that cord.

Friday, May 8, 2009

I am going to get a beer!

This is the weekend when I hide out! This way total strangers will not ask me " Are you a mother?" I have several responses to this depending on how I am feeling.

1. I just say no. They respond well it's never too late.

2. I say Maybe one day. To which they say " Well happy Future Mother's Day" I want to slap this person.

3. I have a step daughter. Some respond Oh and just walk away and others say Well you are a mother then.

4. This is a favorite response. " WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?" both hands are now fist and I am Glaring at them. They slowly back away.

I know this weekend I am staying in the house. So tonight I plan to go and get some WILD BLUE. A six pack will do.

I am hoping the sun is shining so i will sit on the porch and drink my blueberry beer.

If the sun is not shining I will drink beer while sewing. That is not a good combination.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New project.

I have been so tired since we have moved to the new building. Since I am in front of people all day there is little to no downtime. It does make the time go so much faster but I lose track of time.

Saturday I laid out a pattern for dress pants for work. Butterick 3371
I choose this pattern because it was to be a after 5 look for whenever I go out to a high end resturant. That is not likely to happen anytime soon so I decided the pants would be great for work.

I am not committed to this because pants have always been a difficult fit. But I must get restarted sewing because if too much time laspes I will not be interested in sewing.

I will have to review my completed projects folder to see how many projects I have completed so far.

I found a tutorial for a pyrimad wristlet. I plan to make some changes in the measurements to get a little bigger pyrimad to make a purse for evening wear. Prom season is coming up and I think this would be a great item to sell. I should have had these done already.

At least I am headed in the right direction starting with the pants!

One of the little designer has some artwork on display at the childrens museum. I love art shows especially when my little desigers are a part of it. I will have pictures of this tomorrow.

Have a good night.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Walmart's Fabric is 50% off

Friday when I got home from work. Hubby was not there my plan was for us to go to the movie Wolverine I know that's now the title but that what I call it.

I clean up the kitchen while I waited and just as I finished he came home. Wonderful timing right? No. He looked at me and stood for a minute then he said. " I know you had plans for the evening but I have worked all night and helped my dad all day I am exhausted so I am going to bed." The he walked down the hallway and went to our bedroom. After about 10 mnutes I heard him snoring.

There is no point going to the movie by myself because he wanted to see the movie. I am sure seeing the moving twice would be great after all we are taking about Hugh Jackman! but our budget could not handle such a simple indulgence. So I went to walmart instead. I needed some kitchen stuff any way.

Everytime I go to walmart I stop at the fabric department sometimes that have what I need. I need new window stuff. When I went to Betty house and I saw all the new stuff she did to her windows it reminded me of what I planned to do but did not do.
So new window sheers and windo scrafs are needed. Plus I hate the fabric I covered the sofa with.

To my suprise the fabric department was a little smaller and all the fabric was 50% off on a liquidation sale. They would no longer sell fabric and would have a party and craft department instead.

I need fabric for the windows ( measurements escape my mind ) I need fabric for the kitchen (curtains, table scraf, towels, potholders and towels)

So much fabric has gone already but I was determined not to go crazy. I got 4 yards of a peach sheer, 2 yards of a fabric for the scraves, 4 yards of a knit print that just screams summer dress 4 yards of black and yellow that would be a great panel skirt and 4 years of interfacing. $16.00! I am going back once I measure the windows if I do not have enough material.

Once all the fabric is gone the only place in Pittsburgh to get fabric will be JoAnn's.