Thursday, January 24, 2008

My continued determination

Dinner last night was Shrimp with rice. Simple Yet filling. I added some crabmeat and green beans to my serving. It kept me satisfied through the night. So lunch today was the same as dinner last night. This morning I was hungry so i got a breakfast sandwich. and Dinner today will be some kinda steak. Steak Diane is what the receipe says. I hope its good.

I stillhave not started my exercises yet. but I will today. My computer failed me yesterday so I did not get much work done on my avon business but I am confident that I will get it done today.

I have an appointmet for me to get a MRI of the head. They will find what everyone says there nothing in there. Maybe that is why i get the headaches. Regardless I have to have the MRI done before I can be referred to a neurologist. I know my neuro net has probably crashed. But I have been surviving this way for years why fix it now. Because i am getting to old to get up at 5:30 in the morning while going to bed at 2:00 in the morning. Not enough hours. Maybe I should just cure my insomnia. That may end all problems.

I will attempt to make a dress that my niece drew. She wants me to make all her designs. To night I will make one . I will go over her house and get her measurements that way this week end she can come over for a fitting.

Some of her idea are cutting edge. If I can get a picture I will show you her drawing and then the finished outfit on her.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Determination

My determination to be 20 lbs lighter by March is kind of bittersweet. Bitter because I don't feel like I am going to make it. However I still keep to my determination. Sweet because the plan I put into place are actually working. With my lunches plan and ready in the morning I just grab and go. Yesterday lunch was really good. Southwestern Chicken Salad!

I started with bagged salad it's really quite the best way for me to get it. I dont have to cut it up.
Then I add already prepared chicken breast strips ( not fried chicken strips) These had a southwestern santa fe seasoning grilled into them. I heated them in the microwave 60 seconds and then I added Torilla chips strips also Santa fe seasoning with Thousand Island dressing. It was so good and very filling. So I am having the same thing today but I will be adding some tomatoes to it. I had the tomatoe yesterday but I did not have a knife to cut it up. But I am prepared today. When the 3:00 grazing time came around I had some lite and fit Dannon yogurt White chocolate with raspberries. I was suprise how good it was. But I need to crunch something so I bought a cookie ( chocolate chip not really a favorite but it was available).

Dinner was done so when I got home Tag had taken the porkchops out of the freezer and heated them up in the oven and made some noodles with vegetables. This was also filling. Then at 10:00 pm the second grazing time of the day I had 2 ritz crackers with cheese and Propel fitness water.

This morning I started with a Seasame bagle toasted with butter this was about 8 points
Since I am having the same lunch and snack this will be about 8 points which leaves me 16 more points to use for the day.

I got some new workout dvd. Amped by billy banks it come with the 3 lbs bar to use with the work out but for the first week you are not to use the bar until you get use to the routine. I will let you know how that works out.

Well its lunch time!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

my determination

I have been losing weight and gaining weight at the same rate for years. For the most part I have been stable at 275 lbs for the last 10 years of my life. At some point after joining Weight Watchers I did lose 20 lbs which was great. Then I did as I usually do and stop following the program or switch to a different program.

Well, I know that I did gain weight. I do not need a scale to let me know this I just know it. Recently I have been feeling like I did when I had the 20 lbs still on me.

Dinner is a problem. I finish work at 5:30 and usually get home about 6:30, 6:45. This is only a problem because I like to eat dinner before 7:00. I don’t sleep until after 12:30 at night some nights later than 2:00 am. Its best for me to eat dinner before or at 7:00 so I can snack at 10:00 which is when my favorite show come on TV and I will definitely sit still and watch it and snack.

TAG for about a month cooked dinner each night. But that soon ended. So I have decided that I am going to create my menus for the week and them prepare all the food on Sunday and put them in the freezer. This will enable me to stick with my Weight Watchers program.

This inspiration came to me just as I was trying on a skirt that fit me wonderfully this time last year. I know that it fit me wonderfully because I bought it for a new job orientation. I have now been employed for 360 days and I tried on this skirt and if it did not have 3% spandex in the material it would not have zipped up! When I started this job I was not involved with weight watchers at all. I was more active. I was a courier. I drove all over the city delivering packages. I enjoyed it at lot but it was not safe for me to be out all night in various hoods as well as highway and back roads alone. Now I sit at a desk answering the phone all day. Sometime I go upstairs to the clinic and register patients but I am still sitting all day. I feel like my hips are wider than my shoulders.

So most of my food choices will be recipes from different weight watchers book or magazines and diabetics cookbook. I will make sure the portion sizes are correct for TAG as he gets more points than I do. The salads will be refrigerated and I will also put names on them because I know he will eat my salads before I get a chance to get to them.

I will make individual portions for the week and family size portions for the weekend. Because there are at least 2 times each week that we sit at the table just the two of us and actually have conversation.

I am starting a goal of 20lbs loss by March or more.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Vasovagal Syncope also called neurocardiogenic

After going through a chest x-ray, ekg, and a echocardiogram. The final diagonsis is Vasovagal Syncope which is a medical term for fainting. We all faint from time to time and it is not life threatening. Not fatal unless you happen to be flying a plane at the time you faint. The tilt test revealed it all. His blood pressure drops and slows his heart beat and deprives the brain of blood results is black out, pass out, faint!

Everyoneone has different Triggers for fainting. They cannot determine the reason or trigger for TAG. For whatever reason his fainting trigger has been triggered and needs a beta blocker to stop it from happening.

I am thankful that the beta blocker will help with this. I am thankful to know that his heart is healthy. I am thankful that is was not a TIA or seizure and no brain damage was caused. I am also thankful that in 6 months this will be reviewed to see if he can come off the medication. It's also good to know that he is doing well managing his diabetes.

Thanks for all the friends and family for phone call and any assistance you gave. He is home now still a little shaky when walking around.

See you at work tomorrow.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

circuit assembly of jehovah witnesses

On saturday I went the first half of an all day session at the assembly hall of Jehovah Witnesses. I went to be of help to a coworker who was going for the first time with her children and I thought I could be of help. I would watch over the children so she could listen and concentrate on what was being said. Unfortunately I was not much help. I got so involved with the program I forgot about being of help to her. I apologized to her but I did give her a tour of the building. Showing where the bathrooms were located which is essential information. I showed her where the pool for baptism took place. Where the lunch room was located. Before the second half started I went home excuse me back to TAG job and waited for him to get off work. I felt as like I failed in helping her. Chances are the younger one probably would not stay with me anyway. He is 4 years old. The older one sat quietly where he and follow the instruction to sit quietly. But that is a bit much to ask a 4 year old who has never been in the environment before anyway.

One of the talks was entiled Why give God Glory? this was given by the district overseer , he and his wife served a missionaries in several countries and their missionary service ended within 4 years because they became parents and were sent back to the states. There son is now 39 years old and once he got to be an adult they got involved with the circuit work and then district work. His talk was very encouraging. He started by defining the word glory......I will be going again next saturday and I will stay for the full program on both days. Starts at 9:30 in the morning end at 4:00 in the afternoon.

Since I got married I moved into a new circuit and have not enjoyed an Assembly with friends and family. I enjoyed hanging with them and I know this is the reason I was not of much help to my coworker/friend.

I hope she enjoyed the program and I look forward to hearing what she thought of the whole thing.

Friday, January 4, 2008

stuff in my head

For some strange reason I started back to reading the newspaper for several reason the main reason is I would be following a story to see it fully resolved and the newspaper would stop reporting on it. One time I actually call the newspaper to get the final story. That is incredibly frustrating.

Another reason is it not unbiased reporting. I just hate that.

So this will be short lived I am sure because the only thing I enjoy about the newspaper at this time are the cartoon, puzzles and style pages.


The migraines have made a come back. I don’t know why they returned but I know I cannot wait for them to leave.

The migraines of earlier years were absolutely wicked. Blurred vision, inability to think straight, no tolerance of loud noises, no tolerance to any sounds, loss of time with pain in my head to boot. During this time in my life I felt like I was totally out of it . It was amazing that I was about to do my job at the bank and not make any mistakes and was often called upon to correct other people mistakes.

I have an appointment to go to the doctor and see if we can get this under control.


I am making it a goal to education children about money and finances. You can never be too young to learn to save move and to have a hand in your finances. I don’t want to education them to become rich. I can teach what I have not done for myself. But to teach them how to handle money wisely enough to live comfortably.

This is something that is not taught it is a trial and error learning process. Well in some family it is but now is the time to stop that way of thinking.

Just imagine how much better off anyone of us would be if we did not have to learn by trial and error. If we were taught to not be “I WANT IT NOW!” Instant gratification that credit card enable us causes us to purchase with out thinking. I see it, I want it, credit card enables me to get it. Right now!

In the Pittsburgh tribune-review the money section had an article entitled Piggyback on piggy banks Raising children to be savvy savers is financial self-defense for parents.

Instead of saying this is the guide to teaching your children about money he gives his experiences with his children and his attempt to each them about money. In the opening part of the article he states his reason for teaching his children about money is that they are his legacy, so he wants them to thrive, and remember him fondly. He wants them to be competentn contented managers of their money, so they don’t spend their lives agonizing over their finances and become dogged by foolish mistakes.

I kept the article and plan to share it with my family so they and try to understand the important of teaching our children the skills to thrive. $$$$$