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Weight Lifted......

I was employed with Cole National and worked in the Optical Department. I started as a receptionist/front desk person and was about to become an optician in training

In time I was the front desk person, the person training patient in the insertion and removal of contacts. Maintain the stock of the eyeglass frames I even created a system use to keep track of what we have to display. It was a great idea because the district manager presented the idea at a corporate meeting as if it was his own. I did the ordering of the eyeglasses and processed all the paperwork. Prepared all the figures for the staff meeting to encourage staff to sell the add on.

At first I really liked this job. I worked like I was working for a parent who was going to give the family business to me one day. I truly enjoyed the interaction with the people and felt important. Since I live in the neighborhood many of my customers were also my friends and neighbors.

In time it became clear to me that I would never …

What is ......

What is the purpose of having an appointment only to be told that you do not have one when you arrive at the appointed time?

What is the purpose of receiving a confirmation of that appointment only to be told you do not have one when you arrive at the confirmed day and time?

Why does the front desk person then want to make what was their mistake my mistake?

What is the point have attempting to continue a conversation with someone who was employed only because she is the Doctors daughter?

Why ask why? I need a beer.

Sisters can be a pain.

Especially when they think that their time is to valuable to do something as simple as drop off her daughter to my house Saturday.

When we talked in detail about how his is going to work it was decided that T.B and I would work together on weekends. One weekend on a Saturday next weekend on a Sunday. On Saturday's my sister will drop her off around 1 in the afternoon and I would bring her home around 5. On Sunday I will pick her up around 3 in the afternoon and she would come and get her around 4 or 5.

Somehow after we decided this either she or her daughter's schedule suddenly was full. Saturday T.B. had to go to the beauty shop to get her hair braided. If I wanted I could pick her up around 3 and then bring her home after we were finished.

See I know my sister if I gave in to pickup and drops off at the very beginning then I would be doing it all the time. Sunday her family was going to visit their dad's grandmother. So two weeks went by with no work being done on her clo…


What was the cause?

That is the 10,000 dollar question. My FIL had 3 pints of blood removed from his stomach and they could not find a bleeder. Once he is released from the hospital he will be getting the capsule endoscopy which is basically a pill shaped camera that will send the photos to the doctor in hopes of finding the course of his bleeding.

While in the hospital they did to endoscopy but found nothing. Well the first endoscopy showed blood with lots of clots still in his belly. They thought one big clot was blocking the source of his bleeding but since it had clotted they did not want to move it for fear of starting the bleeding again. The next day they did a second endoscopy and there was no blood in his stomach and nothing that looked like the source of the bleeding. The next plan is to do the pill shaped camera.

The doctor explains that even after doing this procedure they may not find the source of his bleeding.

His breathing is labored because his body is retai…

Thanks so very much!

Thanks you all so very much to sending pray and good luck to my FIL. This is very much appreciated. Some how appreciation does not seem to be the right word but I hope you realize how good this made me feel.

Thanks Betty, much love.

The Doctor did a second endoscope and they found nothing. The clots had broken up and were suction out of his stomach thru the tube in his nose. There was no active bleeding, no place in his stomach looked like it was the source of the bleeding.

The tube was removed tonight and if there is no more vomiting he will be place in a regular room. Since he had not vomited since last night tomorrow I am confident he will be in a regular room.

Today was difficult for a number of reasons. First I had to go to work. Todd had to be there to reassure his father and daughter and keep it together himself. I kept calling because I knew I could tell by the sound of his voice if I need to drop everything and get there. Betty was on stand-by with the cobalt engine r…


We were awakened at 6:40 with the ringing of the telephone. Usually when the phone rings my Hubby turns to me and says " Are you expecting a call?" This time he just got up and answered the phone. His daughter was calling to tell him that her grandfather was vomiting blood. We immediately got up and dress and was at the house before the ambulance was there.

I just stood back and stayed out of the way. But that did not last long because Hubby did not know what to do. His father started with the " I don't want to bother anybody?" crap that he says when he thinks he is about to die. I just asked some questions. When did you start vomiting blood? 4:30 How many times did you vomit? Once maybe twice Where were you when you vomited? In the bathroom it's in the garbage can you can look at it. I went back into the living room and waited by the door for the ambulance to arrive. I told Todd tell the ME exactly what he said about vomiting.

ME arrived and went to work. H…

Invisibility Shield Surrounding me.

Saturday I attended a circuit convention which is really what I needed to hear. I will not give you details but it was about safeguarding your spirituality.

I felt so much better coming home from the special session. We went to Denny for dinner. I had the Prime Rib sizzling skillet and coke to drink. Hubby and I had wonderful conversation and my sister join us while we were there.

They were nice to each other for a change and it was a beautiful evening and I was feeling good.

I need to get some tights to wear tomorrow so Hubby took me to Target. It was the closest store. I doubted that they would have what I needed but why spoil a wonderful evening by complaining about the store we went to.

As we entered the store Hubby saw 2 females who were close friends. They were so happy to see him. Me they ignored. I became totally invisible.

The older woman looked to be in her 50 or so and the younger looked to be late 30’s. They hugged started talking about old times, asked about hi…

My computer is dieing!

I am so stressed. My computer is dieing, it looks all weird. I call the tech support people for verizon since I was playing one of there games when everything went kabluey.

I was so upset my hubby asked me what was wrong? I told him so he ran a cleaner program on the computer but it still not it normal healthy self.

I will be back online soon I hope. I am just no good without my computer.


Unnecessarily Cool a clothing line by T. B.

Unnecessarily Cool by T. B. This is the name of my niece’s line of clothing she wants to design. She is working on the logo and we will be getting together in the next week or so to choose fabrics and colors. She is still trying to figure out who her models are going to be. I talked her down to 5 models with each model having 2 outfits.

I thought her fashion show could be at my house. My living room is rectangular in shape and there would be enough room for the family to watch the fashion show. Our family total about 20 people. Afterward we could have some light food afterward. I would create a scrapbook of the whole event and that would be it.

I called my sister to see what she thought my ideas and to set up a schedule for us to get together regularly to accomplish this. Before I could tell her my ideas for the fashion show she told me hers.

She was going to rent a center near her home. Create flyers so T could pass them out to her school mates and friends so they coul…


My niece, T has decided that she is a fashion designer. Her mother wants to encourage her so she asked me to make some of her designs. The first couple of her fashion designs were much too old for her. She is 11 years old she thinks she is 21 so there is the problem.

I told her that she need to designs clothes for her age group. Look at the way her friends dress and they clothing her mother allow her to wear and then design fashions in this manner.

She should think of where they would wear the clothing; School, Kenny wood, the mall, movies or just hanging our with her friends. She said she would try.

Friday she showed me a notebook with some fashion designs in it and they were perfect for her. She did a great job so we will make these designs for her to wear.

Saturday I received a text from her mother saying she wanted to do a fashion show of T’s designs.

She is currently working on more fashions and a name for us to launch her line of clothing.

She has 10 friends who wi…

"If you take responsibility for yourself you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dreams."

I am ready to make the necessary changes in my life to better my life style. So that I can be a better person. What make this time different than any other time or any other goal I have set for myself. To be honest I don’t know.

I do know that I don’t want to die overweight and out of shape. I know that I am not stupid, or lazy or ignorant, I need people to see smart, strong, determine and hardworking person when they see me. I want to be able to make a difference in the lives of the people I am around. I need to be a better role model for my family and people that I meet and most importantly for myself.

Recently I have been thinking about what I could have done, should have done and then I come to know that since I am not dead I still can accomplish each of the, could haves and should haves. I can work every day toward accomplishing each of these things and a lot more.

I should be more Zealous in my ministry.
I could have read the bible from Genesis to Revelation
I should read …