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October 1, 2010

I will return to blogging once I have moved into my new little house.

I hope we fall in love with each other because I am not moving again unless we are buying!


If I have not said let me explain that we are in the process of moving from our current space of a 3 bedroom , 2 car garage duplex to an 2 bedroom 1 car garage house.

The house smaller than the space we have now but it is also 200 dollars cheaper. So we have plan to move on the first and I am still in the process of getting boxes to pack everything up.

My husband is clueless to what needs to be done in order TO MOVE FROM PLACE TO ANOTHER.



This was to be the weekend that was to get at least 10 purses completed. My total so far is 1!

I have made patterns and made sure I had enough fabric and interfacing but I need some purse findings: closures, D rings, purse hooks, chain handles, spring loaded openings.

I do not want to make velcro the closure and I do not want everything to look like tote bag!

In the Fall fashion magazines I have seen some fur purses and the type of fur I just happen to have so I will make some of these as well.

After a weekend of nonproductivity I need to get it together and start getting some work done.

World Fest 2010

Friday I left work around 1:00, went home to finish packing up the things we would need for the weekend and we were on the road. My hubby decided he would come with me, of course this was because I explained with him or without him I was going and I told he that while I was on hold with the greyhound bus terminal getting a price on a round trip ticket.

We arrived at the hotel around 12:30 midnight I am so glad that I called and told them of a late arrival. The Marriott Louisville Downtown 3.5 stars! I Love price line 60.00 a night sweet deal! The room was paid for in advance so check in a breeze and checkout was the same.

The World fest was within walking distance 2 maybe 3 blocks away. The park is call the Belvedere but if you call it by the name none of the people who live in Louisville know what you are talking about but if you ask for the location of the World fest “It’s the park at the end of Fifth Street once you cross main you are there!” Once you get there you see signs that cal…

Wasting time Sleeping

How many hours are there in a day? I think I am wasting too many sleeping. I cannot get a free moment.

I have been running back and forth to the seniors building that my Aunt live in because I have several customers there.

Making adjustment for skirt that are too long, too loose, occasionally too tight. The problem is when the are awake I am at work and when I am finish with work they are getting ready for bed. So pickup and delivery are usually on Saturday.

Right now the intercom system that lets you into the building is not working properly. I attempted to contact my customer in the usual fashion by dialing her apartment number on the touch pad and it did not even ring. The display just said try again. Which I did and the display said “ Try Again”. So I called my customer on my cell phone to tell her that I was at the front door but the intercom system is not working. She however is hard of hearing and heard that I was at the front door and began pushing the button on her…