Thursday, July 23, 2009

My dress form had changed!

I decided that it would be easier to make the changes to the dress if I had a body double so I made some changes to my dress form.

I started with one pillow but that was not enough to get the measurment that I needed. So I used two pillows. This gave me a waist measurement of 42 inches. This is okay because when my client was here she was 40 inches.

Then I covered it with the batting. I pulled the string from the dress form through the batting which elimate the uniboob effect.

I put the clean white sheet on the floor and put the dress on the form. It is so much easier to remove the last stitches in the top of the dress once it was on the dress form.

The piece that I add will be shaped like a wedge. 2 inches wide at the top, 6 inches wide at the waist and 8 inches at the hip. To keep the dress easy to walk in the bottom of the wedge will be about 10 inches wide.

I am also thinking that I need to add more inches for additional growth. I have no idea how big her waist will become. So room for growth is essential.

I listen to Teena Marie while I worked this time.

This will work out fine. So I am going to prepare the fabric that she gave me to work with. I need to cut 4 wedges 2 for the lining and 2 for the dress. I am pretty sure that I will need fabric.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I have been sewing since I was 14 years of age. It was mostly out of necessity, I was tall and nothing fit. My mother was always right by my side but by the age of 14 she just no longer were there. She was busy with other stuff and left the sewing to me and if I had a question she would help.

I would spend hours listening to my music and sewing. After a while I started making things for other people.

After 5 cocktail dresses,
Prom dresses,
Mother of the bride dresses
Maternity dresses
Maternity shirts
Clothing for little girls and lots of other things as well

I have been called to replace zippers, change the hemline of skirts or dresses and pants, and at times called to make this smaller and or make this bigger.

I have recently been hired to make alterations to a bridesmaid dress.

By the time of the wedding she will be 5 months pregnant. Right now her waist is 40 inches.

I have seam ripper in hand and it is time to open up some seams! She will return on August 1st and we will do additional measurements at that time. August 28th is the wedding. My plan is that everything will be done the week before!

The dress has several workable seams. It is an A line gown, there are 2 in the front that I can open and add fabric there. On each side of the gown are 2 seams and I can open and add fabric there. I do not want to add to the back of the gown but I can increase the size here as well just by reducing the seam allowances.

It is a lined gown with netting between the fabric and the lining in the skirt portion of it. So the netting will be removed temporarily it will be replace after the final fitting. Since the netting is used to add fullness to the dress she may not want the additional fullness once everything is done.

So today I am removing the netting and tomorrow ripping out some of the stitching for some of the side seams.

I has search through all my thread and guess what! I have the right color so I just have to get more thread of the same color and we are set to go!

This is going to be fun!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sewing projects

Here is the before picture.

You can see how big the armhole is and although it may not be clear the dress just hangs on me. I started my reconstruction of the dress by removing the side seams stitching and based on my measurement resewed the seams with a 1 ½ inch seam allowance on both sides. Checked the fit again and it felt so much better.

I could not find the right color ribbon in my notions to give the dress the empire waist look so I just decided to put that on hold. One day I may add that ribbon.

Here is the after picture courtesy of hubby who did not want to take the picture!

Just looking at the pictures you really cannot see a difference in the way it fits but it does feel better and the little designers like it.

A friend at work saw this outfit and asked if I had made the blouse.

This picture was also taken by an unwilling hubby.

I said that I did and she ask if she could borrow the pattern so her stepmother could make one for her. I told her I would bring it to her on Monday. Not really sure why I was okay with lending her the pattern but I will keep to my word and bring it to her on Monday.

Today, I decided that I need 2 more blouses from this pattern before I would lend it out. So I made this today.

Its difficult to see but I will wear it tomorrow with a black skirt. I will get the unwilling photographer to take the picture again.

I am now in the process of making View E of this pattern.

I am sure that I will get the pattern back but if not I will just buy a new one. This is a great pattern for summer blouses. I really enjoyed this one a great deal and when I get it back or buy a new one I will be making more.

Have a Great Night!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Still not happy with this dress.

Auntie and Crazy Cousin made it to the airport and arrived in Chicago. I was relieved when I got the phone call because they worry me. Now they are on vacation for 14days and I have 14 days to get my car back on the road.

I did not take them to the airport my sister did. This enabled me to stay in bed until 12:30. I am so glad that the house was clean so I did not feel guilty being lazy.

Today the sewing room in clean enough to be messed up again. I got started on making some changes to the dress. I took the sides in 1 and ½ inches and redid the hem. It’s a little shorter but not really too short, I do not wear minis.

I searched for ribbon in my stash of trims to see if Betty’s suggestion would work. The ribbon trim would give it an Empire Waist look which you see a lot of this summer. So I guess I will give it a try.

I guess the real problem I had with the dress is that I did not like the way I felt when I had it on. I think that, Dresses should make you feel pretty. Suits should make you feel confident. I could not get a idea of how I felt with the dress on. Maybe It not the dress maybe I just don’t like it.

I googled “mood reflected in how you dress” and found this.

And this _

When I saw the print on the fabric that I used to make the dress I thought of the tropics. I wanted a dress that I could wear here and have people think I guess came back from a cruise. That’s not how I feel when I tried it on so it just went in the pile of UFO.

But now is completed and I will probably wear it tonight when hubby and I go to Red Lobster for dinner. I will take a picture and post it after dinner.

Have a great and dress beautifully.