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No you will not find that work in the dictionary but it is my my dictionary.

Tonight I have a new client coming to my house for me to make some alterations to her
wedding dress. The wedding is November 5!

I an excited but also a little nervous. I am alway excitervous when I get these jobs.

Excited because I get these job only by word of mouth. So that means something right?

Nervous because maybe the person who referred them think I am better than what I really am.

This is normal everyone feel this way.

Stage fright is an example of excitervous!

Panic Attacks could be another example of excitervous!

This bride recently underwend Gastric surgery and so she has been losing weight like crazy. She felt she started to stablize so she bought her gown size 20 2 week ago she tried on the dress and it was HUGE fortuntely the manager of David Bridal saw this and reorder the dress in a smaller size.

I am praying she stopped losing weight or I just may have a panic attack! Well tonight will be t…

All moved in.

Finally everything we owned at the place in Forest hills has been successfully move to its new location in North Versailles.

Of course now begins the unpacking of everything and setting up a livable space. We lost a lot of livable storage space. I mean like large closets that stored everything you needed and did not need for small closet that can be used for everything you need and the things you do not need as often can be stored in the attic or basement.

As soon as I can find my camera I will be posting pictures.

My Car has been put in the shop and will be ready in a week! We agreed that if the cost was more than $500.00 then we would junk the car and take whatever money we could get toward a new one. The Auto shop called and it will cost 598.14! So the car is being repaired. The hoses need to be redone and then everything is good all over again.

Hubby did something I never thought he would do and that was sell his car for junk. He got $200.00 for his car and he said it does n…