Friday, January 30, 2009

Skirt draft

I have completed my drafted pattern of my skirt and it fits wonderfully. I did not have much to change on the completed skirt. I had to add and dart in the back for the waist to fit better but that was about it.

The fit is comfortable and its the right length. Why am I amazed that it turned out so well. Usually I take the time to do all the measurements and still have lots of changes to make.

With the aid of I was able to complete drafting the pattern and creating the skirt in about 1 and 1/2 hours.

Now I will sketch some skirt ideas for myself. But tomorrow I will make several Pencil skirts with turtleneck sweaters or shirts. I should have pictures by Sunday afternoon.

Good night I actually work up enough energy to sleep tonight.

I love the snow.

The falling snow prevented me from going to the fabric sale. Stephanie was not going to drive for an hour in the snow. My guess is that her husband perferred that she did not do so. Acutally if Rose would have just said we could go later, like after the snow stopped that we all would be shopping right now.

This is my snow tracks going to get the mail

The front of my apartment. It looks pretty good covered in snow.

I don't even bother to use these steps when they are covered.

No snow plow just yet. Hope they have not run out of salt!

I did clean off the drive way. Now its time to nap!

My Addiction

Everyone has a weakness. Mine is well known amongst all my friends.

Fabric! Last night after a long day at work I receieved a phone call from a friend who has not talked to me in 6 months. She called to say that Stephanie and Jackie and I were invited to come to her sister's house who is having a fabric sale. Top quality fabrics for a really reasonable price. What was I doing Friday? Do I have to go to work?

My addiction to acquiring new fabric is strong and I have called off work for less that what this invitation now put before me. I had already made arrangement to have lunch with my youngest sister Friday afternoon. Now just the thought a getting new fabric I have a hard time remembering my sister.

" Just come by my house around 10:30 and we will all ride with Stephanie. My sister lives about an hour away. So will we see you?" First reaction Yes! But I did not say anything at first. " Sound great I would love to do that but I am not sure that I can get to your house in time. " Her response was her usual response to anything " Well if you can make we see you then. Call me in the morning." End of conversation.

My pulse quickens as I walk by my sewing studio, which is still in a mess from a couple of days ago. I look at the stash of fabric that I promised my self to use before making any more purchases. But none of that mattered because my stash did not have the colors I want to wear for this spring and summer.
Fushia, plum, saffron orange, honey colors were absent from the stacks of fabric that were mine. This could be my justification for purchasing more fabric.

Arent these color just beautify.

My sister is used to being usurped by a fabric sale. I could see her after she got off work and I could also see the little designers as well. Its 8:50 Friday morning and I still have not made my decision yet. Buying fabric is like eating chips you could eat just one but why when the flavor is in your mouth and the bowl is full of chips. If I go and buy just one piece of fabric I can then justify purchasing more because nothing in my stash matches what I just bought.
Oops I have to go. Jackie is calling me right now so I guest I have to make up my mind. She is going to need a ride.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sewing Atrophy

You know the phrase if you don't use it you will lose it. I need some sewing exercises.

When I was sewing everyday I could make a dress without the aid of a paper pattern. I was able to see a designer dress and then decide that It should be mine and then make the dress for myself.

I had stopped doing this not really sure why. So I need to get some exercises done so that I can cure my atorphy.

Fashion-Era is a great website and excellent tool. I discovered this website 2 years ago when I was researching fashion styles through the years.

Would you believe it has directions for making a sloper? A sloper is the American term for basic pattern block. I have made them in the past so its time for an update.

This will be my exercise for February. I need to create sloper for myself and get back to designing my own clothing.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I hate carpeting!

I have been making baby gifts for coworkers. They did not take much time to make, I spent more time searching for the fabric to create these gifts.

I bought a bunch of flannel so I made a couple of burp clothes and then made some baby bibs. This time they are the correct size. The first time I made them they were small and turn out to be drool bibs.

The floor is full of trimmings and thread. I hate the carpet in here. I would take up the carpet but I rent this space and I have no place to put the carpet if I take it up. Bare floor is the best flooring for a sewing studio. You cannot vacuum threads because they get tied up on the roller brush. You can use a broom but that is a serious workout and when you think you are finish and everything is clean you suddenly find the straight pins you dropped because that are now caught in the nap of the carpet and are standing straight up so your foot gets stabbed a couple times before you actually find the pin.

I also hate cleanup! I would pay someone to clean it but my idea of a clean sewing environment is not the same as everyone else's. I cannot begin sewing in a messy space. It's like trying to cook in a messy kitchen. I just cannot do it. So I have to clean up the space so I can finish these sewing projects and start making some jumpers and turtlenecks for the remainder of the winter.

Another reason I hate the carpeting in this room is that i put area carpet over the carpet that was in the room when we rented it. Because I know that I would never get it back to the way it looks when I first moved in so I put a carpet down to protect it. But the one I put down does not lay flat. I would have to remove everything in the room and put it down again. I did this twice already and still it buckles.

I hate carpeting!

I just realized that I left the camera in my fil's car and my sweetie took it to work with him. So I have no pictures to show you. I need to add these gifts to my completed project book.

Monday, January 19, 2009


I arrived at S ( my friend) Apt around 1:30 which is a big difference from 10:00 am. All in attendance, my friend , her nephew and me. While he played games on the PS2 she showed me how to work the Cricut.

Her husband makes wonderfully sweet Ice tea!

This the best tool ever and the time just flew by. It was 4:00 when we clean up and look what I was able to finish with her help.

This is my youngest sister and her hubby and the little designers

This is my sister and her family who lives in Seattle.

These had just been laid out so you can see what we did. They are to be on pillows which I have yet to make. They will be done by the end of the week and they will have eye and smiles by that time.

S. gave me a wonderful idea for a quilt. I could make appliques to represent different family members and put then on a quilt. Then I thought about putting photos on the quilt as well.

S. said the quilt could be framed by the photos and the appliques could be the center part of the quilt.

I love the idea. Keep a look out to see if I complete it. I really enjoyed my time there and look forward to the next trip over.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Scrapped memories

While working on this crazy quilt I find myself sitting and remembering more and more. Some of the scrap fabrics that I have go way back to when I shared an apartment with my sister who now lives some 3 thousand miles away in Seattle.

Each fabric scrap bring a memory. Dresses that were made for semi formals for my youngest sister. Her husband at the time worked for Time life and every year in the summer his company had a formal dinner on the Gateway Clipper line. The black one with sheer side panels, The silver short sequin one. There were others. I really wish I had kept pictures of them in a scrapbook.

Scraps from dresses that were made for work. Usually these dresses were made because I was too lazy to do laundry. Here is an example. It would be 10:00 at night and I'm trying to figure out what to wear to work. "No not that I don' t really want to wear that. This needs to be washed, that is worn some much now people probably don't think I buy clothes. " Then the fabric would catch my eye . "This could be a wonderful dress." I'd give the clock aglance, 11:30 " That more than enough time." Pull out the patterns for the dress. Find one that was closest to the look I want. Lay out the material cut it out and make the dress. I would get finish about 2:00 in the morning. I would go to sleep get up at 6:00 and on the bus in a new just made dress.

Scraps from skirts, t-shirts, toys, blankets, curtains, pillows, etc. Lots of UFO as well. And some projects that just went terribly wrong but I kept because I was sure I could fix the problem. Example, I was making a dress and the pattern needed to be altered to fit me just right. I measured twice cut once and had basically completed the dress it just needed finishing touches so I try it on or shall I say attempted to try it on. Does not fit at all. Looked like two pigs fighting under a blanket. I would keep it because I was sure I could fix it. It took me 2 days just making adjustments to the pattern.

So in putting these scrap of fabric together I decided that I would make blocks in the style of a crazy quilt and them frame them in a solid color. Since this is going to be for the guest room I will have to make some pillow shams as well. This is going to take a little more time than I thought it would so I will be working creating a line of clothes for me this spring/summer. There by creating more memories to be scrapped!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hard to get good help.

When I saw the weather warning was for the whole state of PA, I was not too worried. Snow, Ice and rain , hey if you lived here for 1 day you know we get true winter weather here.

So when I left work on friday and it was snowing I decided this would be a weekend where I would be stuck in the house. No big deal, since the maid is too lazy to work I could use the time to clean up the house.

I woke up this morning at 8:00 which would have been great if I was actually going somewhere. So I go started doing the laundry and started cleaning up the bathroom. Once I was finished with the bathroom I could do no more cleaning because the stupid housekeeper did not buy more cleaning products. What I had I was enough to clean the bathroom and no more.

I received a call from my hubby who was complaining that the cook does not get up in enough time to cook him breakfast before he goes to work and was hopeful that there would be dinner when he came home. He was in a mood. I realize that the cook did not have breakfast ready for me either. Since it was up to me to have dinner ready, I got dress and had to walk to the store because the chauffer was missing in action.

I came home to find the driveway and steps covered with ice because the groundskeeper did not spread the salt. So after finally making it into the house with the groceries I realize that I forgot to get more cleaning products.

So I cooked the dinner, did the laundry, salted the driveway and steps, finish cleaning what I could, and just as I was about to go into my studio to do some sewing. Hubby comes home mad at something. As he started eating his dinner, I started flipping channels on the TV which he complain about and finally when I took the time to listen to him I see him walking to me saying " just turn it off, just turn it off." Just as he turns to walk out of the room the telephone rings and it is the hospital. His father is refusing to eat! He is sugar level was low and someone need to make him eat. So off he went.

I finally come into the sewing studio and am not longer inspired to do anything. So I am going to fire the help and go eat some icecream sandwiches. Maybe then I can get some sewing done!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Craft Party @ familyoftwo place!

My friend, S is have a crafting party. Well it was not her intention to have a crafting party it sort of happen when we found out she won a Cricut on ebay.

In her excitement she explained the great deal she was able to get on the price and the additional cartridges. She has been tracking the location as it travels its way closer and closer to PA. Expected arrival Monday.

When she mention on her blog about making magnetic paper dolls for her niece. I thought great I want to do that also. And then I found out her sister was coming to her house on Monday Jan 19, 2009 which happens to be a day off for us I decided that I was coming over as well.

Then S was telling W about the Cricut and I discovered that she wanted to get one and has just been waiting for the right time to get it. So when S explain how I just invited myself over and everything is turning into a crafting party. W just smiled and said " Well I don't invite myself to people's houses I wait for an invite." Then she crossed her legs and waited. S then invited her, like she had a choice!

So the crafting party is on Jan 19, 2009 at S's new apartment. We all are bringing over all our scrapbook papers and great ideals. Drinks , Snacks , Pizza and a Salad and its a crafting party. S is the host and the guests will be A, S's sister, W, and Me. I am sure that since it is a week away we can probably add 2 more people to the list if that is okay with S. This also gives me enough time the think of some snack to make and bring over. I am so excited.

When she told me that someone used the Cricut to make appliques, how? She used Heat and Bond on the back of the fabric and left the paper backing on it and then use the Cricut to cut the shapes out of fabric! So I have 1 week to prep some fabric for appliques as well. They will be embellishments on my crazy quilt.

I have to make sure the camera is ready and with everyone permission I will post pictures!

Since J, S's husband has to work that day his only request is that the craft party should be over by the time he gets home from work.

We're Having a Party! Yahoo!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

piece by piece

Last night after going to deliver the last of Avon for this campaign and visiting father in law who was on so much pain meds that I doubt he will remember that I was there, I went through my bag of scrap fabric.

This bag is a cargo bag I got while driving as a courier. It stands about 4 ft high when filled. As I started going through it all the memories of what was created with the fabric came pouring back into my mind.

The V- neck sleeveless shirt that I just completed. I could not for the life of me explain why I did not look here when I needed fabric to correct the error in cutting our the necktie.

So many T-shirts. So many skirts, pants and things that just did not work, fit or look right. Gifts for new born children, barbie doll clothes that the little designers had to create with my help. Gifts for friends and family.

After about 45 minutes I put them all back in the bag. I am thinking of a quilt, a crazy quilt because none of these fabric go together but it should be fun to attempt it. This way I can sit, watch Project Runway, sip hot tea and be covered in my all sewing accomplishments.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Never wait too long.

I am a great procrastinator. Unfortunately this usually gets me into some type of difficulty.

I said that I was going to sew in the New Year! Okay at 6:00 in the evening I was in Wal Mart crafting section looking for fabric. It's not like I do not have fabric, I have a wardrobe full of fabric but I just was not feeling any of those just now. Nor did I feel the need for any fabric in the store either.

So I looked at the yarn to see if I could find the right color for the comfort shawl that I was to crochet. Nothing looked right. We left the store with my purchases of, a 20 oz bottle of Mt. Dew ,batting for a crib sized quilt and 3 magazines.

Some friends came over to watch House of Payne but they were all old episodes, I guess the new season starts next week. By 10:00 they had went home and My sweetie went to work. I went into the sewing studio and searched for the perfect fabric .....after a while the fabric just had to be nice .........and after a while longer I was just searching for something to work on.

11:00 I finally decided to finish a blouse that I had laid out and cut out back in June, 08 M4591

Since everything was ready I read the guide sheet and I got started and soon was totally into what I was doing. Here are some reason why you should never wait too long to finish something that you are making to wear.

1) If there was extra fabric after cutting out the pattern you now have no idea were it is.

This pattern is single salvage and the neck tie has two pieces that are sown together. A right side and a left side. I had cut two left sides. I had no idea where the extra fabric could have been so now I will have a v-neck sleeveless blouse.

2) If you are making something for you to wear you should not have gain any weight between the time you cut out the pattern and the time you actually make the blouse.

When I tried it on just to make sure it fit I was surprised. It did fit, but it was a little tight. So I took out the side seams and re did the seams with a small seam allowance. Tried it on again, more incentive to lose some weight.

3 )Why did I think this pattern would look good in this material is beyond me. But I have a V-neck sleeveless shirt which I will gladly were with a jacket!