Saturday, August 30, 2008

Clearing out

Today I am stuck in the house by choice. Not feeling my best is playing a factor but I probably could get out and do something but WHY?

I need the clear out some things that are not being used nor will be use anytime soon. No I am not giving away my fabric stash! I am always looking for more fabric but I am trying to sell some furniture that currently not in use or soon to not be in use.

I have listed one item on craiglist It is a Dark wood vanity with mirror that my great aunt gave to me. I love this but it is currently in the garage because it is too large to go into my bedroom.

The mirror is very heavy and has the wood backing that is cut to the same shape as the mirror. The mirror is not glued to the wood backing it is attached with brackets.

The vanity is also heavy. It has 7 drawers the 4 lower drawers are very deep the other 3 are regular depth and the one in the middle has a divider in it.

I have had this vanity since she died. I have never fully used and kept it because she gave it to my. I am going to stage a better picture of it and keep it that way. I love this and truly wish I could keep it but every place that I have lived in since being married does not have enough room for it. So I would rather see it going to someone who will use it.

If you or you know someone who would be interest in this just email me.

I also have a wardrobe that currently being used to hold material. But since it has no shelves it is difficult to gain access to my material without taking all the stuff out. I either have to put shelves in it or sell it and use the monies for new shelving.

Don't you just love the way the wood looks!

Please excuse the disorganization. But this is a cedar line wardrobe which i felt is an excellent place to store fabric.

I thought about using it in the garage to store out of season clothes but I pouted like a child until Todd took it out of the garage to put it where it is now.

So I think I will just try to find kind of shelving to go into it.

I also have a sewing cabinet. I do not use it becasue my machine does not fit into it. So it is being use to hold stuff.

If I keep looking around and I sure to find more stuff to clear out!

Right now I will clear out some debris so I can get started on my suit.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Welcome to Suessville!

The following was drawn by J King who claims he does not draw anymore. He made an exception for this party and we were very pleased!

I usually hate using streamers but this was fun to do and it looked great!

The little gold fish who kept trying to get rid of the Cat in the Hat!

North and South traveling Zaks!

The family baker did a great job on the cake. It was a big hit!

I have to work on my photographer skills. I really need to be on eyelevel when photographing children. They look so much better.

Once everyone starting arriving I was so busy with helping getting the games and food stuff together I kind of forgot to take pictures.

They had great fun! Much thanks to all who help make this party and event!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Who knew.

So many times when I see something that I really like and I will try to recreate it.

If somebody does a craft that I have never tried before I pick up a book read it and then do it. Now that there is the internet I can just read about it and do the same.

I decide to do the monthly challenge from Nuts about Needlepoint.

I explain this to my friend, she does a wonderful job of cross stitch. You can see a sample of this here.

So I read some stuff on the internet about cross stitch. I went to JoAnn fabric and bought some aida cloth and needlepoint needles and then I decided that I could use some 2 strand polyfiber crochet yarn to do the cross stitch instead of floss.

I measured a 2 inch square and started the stitch a heart shape in the block. When my friend explained that she would help me with it I told her what I did. She started asking questions:

"Did you count out the pattern?" 'What?'

"Do you have the cloth with the printed pattern on it?" 'No it's blank'

"Okay, then you should have counted the pattern." She then proceeded to explain how to fold the cloth to get the center and how to count it out so that the pattern is centered. "Then you will have enough cloth to stretch when you are ready to frame it."

I told her that way I am doing it will be fine.

She told me I will have to take it apart and do it all over again. No! the way I am doing it will be fine.

So I continue what I was doing. WOE! She was right. I have to take the whole thing apart.

Who knew!

Searching for tutorial

This was sent to me by a friend who is looking to recreate this.

It does not seem like it would be to difficult to create but the worry is how would you fold it so that it look like the above picture.

I have searched and search and camed up with this!

So I am searching! So any help will be greatly appreciated!


check this out I think I found it

Friday, August 8, 2008

Project Runway.

There are so many sites that and explain things so much better than I can.

I have been reading the blogs daily so I actually forgot about the show this week.

I was determined to get all the new Avon books to my customers. The ladys at the Senior Citizens building, the young girls at the Sheetz, front desk people at the YMCA ( while there I finally set up an appointment with a personal trainer!)4 customers individual house, and the ladies at the Dots store in the mall.

I left the house at 7:30 and made it back home by 9:40. Hubby not to happy about that. He said he would prefer for me to come home early when I am by myself.

I just thought one UFP complete. All Avon books distributed early enough to give customers 10 days to look the store and place an order.

So I watched the rerun of Project Runway at 12:00. Click here for a great behind the scenes take on the show.

Dont forget blogging Project Runway!

While watching the show I worked on this month challenge. I am not very good with needlepoint or cross stitch but I am giving it a try.

I also worked on finishing up my crocheting of scrap yarn.I have been making scarfs.

I know my family will not use them. My SIL said I should piece them all together to make a afghan of sorts. I am sure I will see someone cuddled up in that while watching TV.

Family dinner this weekend. So Sunday I should have something to share about the day as well as pictures of my UFO's so I can chart my progress toward the goal of reorganization.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Auntie can you do this?

My little designers gave me a flyer that they received in school about recycling.

This flyer had fashions that looked wonderful.

The clothes were made of telephone books, cans, target bags and crushed glass. Basically trash but they were beautiful clothes.

Take a look at the recycled fashions that this woman made and wore in the fashion show at the little designers school.

So what am I to do when the little designers who honestly believe I can make anything, Ask Auntie can you do this?

To reuse material that would be trash and make a beautiful, wearable dress.

I guess I will give it a try!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

UFO'S or if you prefer UFP'S

Last night I looked around my room and spotted several UFO"s. I know some people deny they exist but I see them all around me. The appear in places that I am sure they do not belong.

In the living room next to my favorite chair.
In the storage bin with the thread and bobbins.
In the closet hanging there waiting for me to return.

All these Unfinished Objects or if your prefer Unfinished Projects!

This is my goal to complete all the UFO in my house this month.
This will enable me to get rid of the biggest UFO: Organizing my sewing studio!

I could just get Data to do it for me. I just can get him to beam down!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Colander and my mind

Colanders are used in a varity of ways. The main object is to drain what is not needed abe have left only what is needed. I wish my mind could work the same way. Unfortuately for me the holes in the colander that is otherwise known as my mind is just as large as the items I want to keep.

Thursday we were almost on our way when I remember all that I forgot! Now since the things that I had forgot were in plain sight I would think that my dear sweet hubby would pick them up knowing it was something we needed. But as I said "think" I need to stop doing that.

I finally got the mp3 ditigal recorder, (forgot the headphones) notebooks, (thought he had the pens), my crochet something for me to do on the road. And made sure all the doors and windows were locked, emptied food garbage and upplugged all things electrical except for the refrigator.

Any how it was about 10 in the evening when we arrived a the hotel. The hotel was nice but of course I forgot to take pictures of it. I was just happy to arrive. I was tired and he was hungry. Off to Eat and Park for the night meal.

Everyday I forgot something at the hotel. day 1 the forks for our salads, day 2 batteries for the mp3 player which I used to record the sessions, day 3 the peaches for lunch.

Our hotel did have a refrigerator but someone (who's name shall not be mentioned) turned up the refrigeration to high and everything froze! including $13.00 worth of cherries. So the second day the salads were totally wilted and you really should not attempt to eat hardboiled eggs that were once frozen. So that day we went to the rasals roadhouse pizza place and had lunch.

Friday Saturday and Sunday the convention was wonderful. It focused more on daily christian life rather than doctrines. We have 2 new publications and 39 people were baptized.

Sunday when we were checking out of the hotel. I thought I had lost my camera! My husband stood back and watched while I went balastic in my search for it. I found it and never put it down until we got home. I was not losing another camera within 30 days of purchase!