Friday, April 1, 2016

Journal Workshop monthly Challenge.

I had great hopes to complete the monthly challenge.  But I still see UFOs everywhere.

We moved into our new home  4 months ago and I still have boxes to get unpacked and stuff to put away.

The sewing/crafting area is still incomplete.  Sigh!   There is so much stuff  still everywhere despite my best efforts.

This month was the busiest month I have ever had.  Sewing jobs kept coming in and I still have 3 jobs  yet to complete.  

I searching for my supplies I did locate of lot of items and put them into their proper place.  When I found all the different zippers I also found a dress that I had laid out and cut out and I thought oh I can finish this..... but the reality is  it was only the back of the dress...  who,, what... how did it get separated from the rest of the dress... I put it in UFO bin of incomplete clothing...

 Four skirts were shortened....  I have to work on my hand stitching.  I JUST VALUE A WELL DONE HEM.   Three dress had zippers replaced.....    4 pants shorten..... 1 pant waist enlarged.
1 pairs of pants with holes in the crotch  repaired....2 swimsuit cover ups completed.  I also got a dress made for myself but I feel like I need to redo some of it.  I should not rush job items that i do just for my self.  I am my own advertisement.

I am in the process of making my first swimsuit  so i started something new!

 So today when I get off work.  I will finish setting up the sewing studio.   Hopefully I am not playing a practical joke on my self.  

Enjoy the day!