Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Switching subjects

Life is so mean! With my FIL in the hospital, and me being a great caregiver my time is being sucked away. I am trying hard but keeping the doctors on point can be draining. Even if I am not in the hospital I am on the phone. As of right now his foot has been removed. He should be in lest pain that he was before. He compare the pain to have an operation without any anesthesia.

When I go to see him later today I am praying that he is in good spirits and has a more positive outlook for 2009. But what a way to start the year.

Switching subjects

I recently helped my friend move from her house into an apartment. I was also happy to give her a housewarming gift of a bread maker. She loved it. Until she started using it. She follow the recipe that came with the maker and the bread was.....well not a good as expected. She made me a banana bread and the smell was wonderful. It just made your mouth water. But it was a little dry. She was so disappointed.

She did not give up and re gift. She search and found a recipe that worked!

I smells wonderful and taste delicious! I have enjoyed a piece each day since she gave it to me. I love giving gifts that I can enjoy!

Switching subjects

I do not make New Year resolutions because, well for me it is the same as lying to myself.

You know the phrase " Just do it!" Stop waiting for the beginning of the year, or Monday, or tomorrow and just do it! Do it now.
There is so much going on in my everyday life that I have decided tonight I will be in my sewing studio and I will be creating something as the New Year comes in. My hope is that I can be creative all year long if I start the year this way. This does sound like a resolution but I prefer not to think of it that way.

This past year I have made several clothing items but not nearly as much as I have in the past.

I have made some gifts for babies
and I have had lots of ideas on how much I can earn with my crafts. I just need to be more productive.

So that is the plan to be more productive, active and creative.

Switching Subjects.

I think that I need to finish all the Avon training again. My paperwork is all over the place and I am not really paying attention to all the details. How many hours are there in a day? 24 right, so why does it seem like all the successful people have more time? Don't we all get 24 hours or do they get more? I know I am using too many hours sleeping right? oh grief!

No more switching of subjects because I have run out of things to say. But my brain just does not stop.

Be Safe everyone do not over indulge!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Still trying to stay focused...

Sunday I got all the avon prepped for delivery. I was proud to be able to get items to customer in time for them to have them gift wrapped and ready for the holiday.

Life is very distracting.....

My father in law called at 4:15 am on Monday morning to say he was in a lot a pain an needed to go to the hospital. He has a major infection in his foot. He may lose his foot. I love him dearly and it difficult to watch him go through this knowing that it could break his spirit or will to survive. It's even harder watching my husband deal with the same thoughts and memories of when his mother went through when she had her leg amputated. He links it directly to the dementia she had in the later years before she died.

So I am determined to use my nervous energy and stay focused.

I find it hard to concentrate on my sewing so instead I clean the house.
I organize papers.
I cook.
But I do not enter the sewing studio. (I just named the room a studio recently. Thought it sounded better and would motive me more if it was a studio.)

Tonight, after my visit to the hospital where I make sure that the nurses and Dr.s are doing everything they can. I will finish my cleaning and organizing and then I will, in an attempt to stay focus enter the sewing studio and finish Jewerly travel pouch, or envelope.

The voice in my head keeps telling me " get it together, get it together" right now is just a whisper but its getting louder.

Hugs to everyone.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Avon arrived in time.

I had several people order avon for Christmas. I had to have the order sent by the 19 online. Which I did but I did not have confidence that it would be received on time.

Sunday Morning 11:26 there is a knock on the door. Avon has arrived on time.

Now I have to put it together so it gets to the customers on time. PRESSURE!

Friday, December 19, 2008

A great meal and wonderful day off.

My husband asked me to change my day off from Wednesday to Thursday. He also took Thursday off. I asked him what he had planned and he kept saying don't worry about it. So I didn't. However I was wondering what he had planned. After a while i decided that it was nothing.

Wednesday after work we went to Sam's Club. I love warehouse shopping and the fact that everything is package with store owners or restaurant owners stocking needs in mind, it is bulk shopping for us.

What did we buy? Colossal King Crab legs! They were huge and cost 12.00 a pound. One bag has two legs in it and cost 25.00 the second one 3 1/2 legs cost 35.00. I have never seen crab legs this big before. I decided that these must be the crabs that the show Deadliest Catch catches.

Thursday Todd and I cooked them together. He put too much water in the pot but I correct that and explained way. The we made a giant salad with shrimp in it and then dinner was done.

It was great! Because the crab was so large you did not have to keep breaking shell to get to the meat. It was a great meal and a wonderful evening together.

Monday, December 15, 2008


I was reading the entries of this blog and have decided that I have gone far off course. Since I am easily distracted this does not surprise me at all.

It is time to refocus. Get the eye examined and new contact in place and stay on the right road.

What is the right road? Right now it will be sewing and getting the Avon business up and running again.

2 goals. Work on some kind of sewing , crafting project everyday and the second rebuild my customer list. It has been one year in business as an Avon representative and I have face some unexpected expenses that I will keep my eyes on from now on.

I will work on these goals right now and see how things go.

Tonight I attempted to create a jewelry caddy of sorts. On my second anniversary my dear sweetie bought me a pearl necklace and it was in envelope sort of holder. This is the design that I am attempting to create. I have lots of necklaces all over the dresser and I hate the jewelry rolls.

Tonight's attempt failed because I missed several steps but I will try it again tomorrow and I am sure to be successful then.

Tomorrow I will have a picture of my finished project.

I guess the third goal is just to stay focused.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

One of the little designers

My sweet little neice had her audition today for Rodgers Creative and Performing Arts School. The thing is Rodgers before it became a Creative and Performing Arts School was a regular grade school grades k through 8. Everyone in my old neighborhood went to Garefield and then to Peabody High School. My favorite teacher was Mr. Mark Moore and yes he was the art teacher. Very tall handsome man with red hair. He is still an art teacher but I am not sure which school he is in.

Tay had several completed works of art to bring to the school and while she was there she had a art project to complete. She said she was nervous at first but everyone was so nice and they liked her work.

Check out her self portrait.

This pictures is mixed media, watercolors and pastels

This one took her 2 hours to complete.

I think this is most impressive considering she had no formal training and she is only 10 years old. If she is not accepted to the school then I am sure her mother and Aunts will find her the all the training possible.

Friday, December 12, 2008

What we need is a sabbath year!

There are lots of possible solutions to the current economic problems. My solution is simple its time for a Jubilee year. As I explain this to several friends I said it was the cancellation of all debt. Everyone get a clean slate. I thought about this while doing my cross stitch and watching TV. I decided to look it up.

After a little research on this and I am wrong it’s actually time for a Sabbath Year or a year of release.

The Jubilee year shares some features of the regular seventh-year Sabbath, but there are marked differences. As to the Sabbath year, according to Deuteronomy 15:1, 2, there was a releasing from debt: “At the end of every seven years you should make a release. And this is the manner of the release: there will be a releasing by every creditor of the debt that he may let his fellow incur. He should not press his fellow or his brother for payment, because a release to Jehovah must be called.” The expression “at the end of every seven years” is understood as meaning ‘in the seventh year

This releasing from debt did not cancel the debt just allow you to not pay the debt for 1 year. This was a loving provision, especially since the land was not cultivated during the Sabbath year and, with no crops, there would be no income for the farmer during the year.

This is how this could work to help our economy. Everyone is release from debt for about 6 months to a year. This way you have your full paycheck to spend as you see fit. If you want to continue paying bill fine if you decide to spend it on food, clothing shelter fine, if you decide to spend it on big screen TV, game consoles, jewelry fine whatever you decided is fine. I feel this would stimulate the economy.

Or we can be released from all taxes; federal, state and local. By having the gross pay we will definitely be able to pay our regular bills and have money left over to buy the stuff listed above. This could also stimulate the economy.

On the internet site when you type in the search How to Stimulate the Economy through your own efforts it list 6 different things you can do. has a video by Matthew Lesko, very funny I really like it...

I think my solution is just a viable as any other solution that is offered. Personally if I had no taxes taken from my pay I could have most of my debt paid in 1 year and I would then save some in an interest earning account and buy some things as well. What would you do?

Who did this?

Friday Why oh why!

This morning getting to work was not as much of a challenge as I thought it would have been.

I decided to leave by the garage instead of the front door. This is the usual when the ground is covered with snow. HEAVEY WET SNOW. So I shoveled the steps and spread some salt.

Made it to work on time. J came in with chips on both shoulders. He explained that he was irritated and we needed to have full books on christmas eve and news year eve. He also knew that one of three would give him a problem about it.

No sooner than he went to his office did the phone start ringing. Normal stuff but here is the good part one of three calls she is sick. I snap at her "the phones are ringing you do not call me to call off call J." She told me she call C and told her she just wanted to know if c told me. " No" Then she say she was feeling better and would be in late. I get back to the phones.

J comes in to and says " Oh she not coming in? coming in late did she call anyone?" I explained the conversation I had with her he just walks out of the office.

It's 11:00 and she just walked in.

I really do not like that I snapped at her but I guess I am in a mood!