Thursday, December 27, 2007

Check your facts and step right

I am usually a calm person. I take a lot and say nothing. One thing that will always get me going is when you question my integrity. If you do that you better come correct.

I take pride in my ability to do the job assigned to me whether I like it or not. I do not love this job but I know I can do it and I do my best.

Today Buddha got an email from S. asking why no one was there to answer the phone on Friday December 21 @ 3:30. A call went to overflow and the overflow person ending up making the appointment for us. This was prompted by Rob who sent the question to S.

Now we all were at work and on the phones Friday. There were no overflow calls. So she responded that we all were on the phone and did not leave until it was our scheduled time to leave.

Monday December 24, Dr C gave us the all clear at 1:00.

Buddha checked through her email messages and said that there was an over flow for Monday at 3:30 not on Friday and that Rob had the wrong date.

Dr C, then call Rob and reminded him that she had told him that she gave us permission to leave on Monday at 1:00. It made no sense to have people sitting around waiting on calls that were not coming in. She stay until 3:00 and there was nothing going on so she left as well.

Dr C came in to our office explain that she had taken care of it and she herself stated that Rob needed to check his facts before he accuse anyone in the department of any wrong doing. She also explained that she feels they want us to fail so they and merge Peds ENT with General ENT which is crazy. Some people come to us because they have been going to a general ENT and they refer to a Children’s Hospital specialist. Also Children’s hospital is known for specializing in children. The majority of Dr’s here deal with children everyday and I can guarantee they see things that a general ENT Dr would not encounter every day or week or month.

I am offended that he should question that we would bail on the job when we did not have permission to do so. He should not let his private agenda alienate himself from us because as I see it he will need us more than he wants to admit. If changes come about and we have to deal directly with him I will not be intimidated. I will leave with no other job waiting for me but I will not work with and idiot who does not get his facts straight before he goes around accusing people of some wrongdoing!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

just another day!

Friday we received a get out of jail free card and was able to escape the emprisonment of work at 1:00 in the afternoon. Which was great I had guest coming to my house for dinner because My little girl is coming in from KY. It started out as a small dinner party and then before I realized what I was doing I have invited all of the family who did not celebrate the holidays. I knew they would be busy preparing for December 25th.

Needless to day everyone showed up. My father in law fell down in the driveway and roll all the way back to the street when TAG stood. It was the weirdest thing to see. I just happen to look out the window to see him do the tuck and roll. I guess he is so used to falling that he just goes into a tuck and roll instead of bracing for the fall. He was in such a hurry to show that he could make it up the driveway without any help that he fell. TAG said that he was on his day was on his way up the drive before he could even get out and when he did get out all he could do was prevent him from rolling into the street. He claims he is alright but I did find the little first aid kit that I had and put some antibotic cream on the scrapes.

Ok moving on. The food was out and looking wonderful and every one was in the house and I could not delay dinner any more it was 6:00 and My little girl was not here yet. But we had to say pray and eat so that people who had to take medicine would be able to do so.

After eating and doing my best the keep the kids from trashing the office and trying to enjoy pleasant conversation regardless of how loud it was. I found myself feeling like I was losing control. TAG must have seen it on my face because he joined in helping me with everthing and Monique was a great help as well. We played Taboo, did some line dances ( we did not even need to move any furniture it was great!) and lots of conversation. I felt left out of the conversation so I guess I will have to do a lot more visiting.

Around 7:00 my little girl finally showed up but she did not look well to me. I wish I had seen her when she first got her I would have known that she would be sick on sunday. She stayed the longest and we had wonderful conversation and she enjoyed her trip to italy but she decided that she would have enjoyed it more if she spoke the language. She explained to me the in 2009 she would like the live in a spanish speaking country she is just deciding which one. She is definitely leaving the united states. I advised her to learn more than just spanish if she knows more languages she could work as an translater where ever she worked.

She is just the sweetest young woman who use to be my little baby. I came into her life when she was 4 years old and hope to remain a part of her life until she is 144 years old. She had over come so much and I am just so proud of her.

Tuesday comes I did not get up and go the the kingdom hall like I should have. I can come up with a hundred excuses but they would be boarderline lies so why bother I did not go. I took TAG to work and brought him lunch. Hung out with him until he got off from work. Got home and took his father to see various family members and finally I got home and finally my little girl come over and she was sick, sore throat and body aches. She sat on the sofa with lots of pillows and blankets. Made sure she had some meds. I washed her bag of clothes. Gave her a heating pad and we watched the stupid movie Balls of Fury. I know she needs to sleep for at least a day before heading back to KY. Unfortunately she need to be a work on thursday. So if she is not without a fever by lunchtime today she will be going to the dr office.

Well Buddah just came in to the office showing all her gifts. it is 9:51am and she just arrived!

Have a great day every one!

Friday, December 14, 2007

what looks like crazy on an ordinary day.

I got up showered and dressed no time for exercises I had to make a mad dash to the bank to avoid a 33.00 overdraft charge on .78! This will be my morning exercise. Its raining! Cold rain did not make this enjoyable exercise in anyway. I couldnt find the 5.00 bill and you can't or shouldn't deposit coins so I deposited 1.00. Just as I completed that that called me to see where I was. By the time I explained where I was and that I was trying to get my bus to get to work on time. I looked up to watch that same bus drive away before I got to the bus stop.

I told him that he need to come and take me to the busway. Why? Because if I have not been talking to him I could have made it on time. It is impossible to carry my bag, put away the atm card and carrying an umbrella and run to a bus stop at the same time. TAG came along and drove me to the busway.

I hate the busway. Lots of people crowded under a shelter that is way too small. Only to climb on a bus the does not have enough seating and barely any standing room. When you cram a lot of people with wet coats and hair in a small space the smell can really knock you out. This day was no exception! Relief as I climbed out of the bus on to the cold wet rainy street.

Made it to my office 20 minutes before starting time. 2of3 was already there as usual. "Guess who call off!" The beast strikes again. We discussed this for a little bit and the problems she caused. She should have gone to the Dr last week when we still had some sympathy for her.

Like any other ordinary day I went to get a bagel at the deli counter. Back in my office logged on to the phone and started putting Jelly on the bagel which is alittle different because it is usually just butter. Then 2 of 3 says " I think I am having a heart attack." I could not see her face but something in her voice let me know she was serious. She comes out of her office and stands in the hallway with her fingertips tapping on her chest. The phone rings I answer and make the appointment. She tries to dismiss it but the pressure on her chest has her worried as it would anyone. She googles Heart attack symptoms and relaxes at bit when they do not match everything she is feeling. Still she feels that something is not right, She feels like she is dying. The phone rings which is getting annoying. I know that the job but it is interferring with life right now.

Okay, who do I call, what do I do, how can i help her. First she need to keep calm. The phone rings She answers and make the appointment. Well what happens next is that 2 of 3 calls Nurse Betty. First she tells her she is probably coming down with a chest cold and she doubts that it is an heart attack. Since these feelings continue to get worst Nurse Betty finally comes from the clinical floor with a bp cuff and proceeds to examine her. The phone rings. "log off " I tell her and I continue answering the phone and making appointments. Her bp is up a little but Nurse Betty says its not a heart attack it's an anxiety attack. I am answering the phone and make appointments while the discussion continues in the office next door. 2 of 3 keeps saying she feels like she is dying and then she starts to feel shaking all over her body. She is breathing a little harder but not wheezing. She continues to self diagnois with the aid of google. Which really upsets her more. Nurse Betty calls around to see who has any adavan, valium, anything calming. The phone continue ringing and I continue answering the phone and making appointments. ( why are these people calling here!).

Finally 2 of 3 gets intouch with her Dr who calls in a rx for her and tells her if the symptoms get worst go directly to ER. Nurse Betty feeling that 2 of 3 is not dying goes back to clinical office to finish work up there.

Finally the calls stop coming so frequently and we try to discuss where these feeling are coming from. During lunch 2 of 3 picks up the medicine she feels better for a while but then the pressure on her chest comes back again. She refuses to take the medicine at first but then she does and she feels more relaxed. "my toes are numb!" She laughs and finishs out the day.

Please note the while this was going on The big boss lady comes in the office and sees Nurse Betty with the bp cuff and just looks but continues into her office like it just an ordinary day. The little boss lady is more concern with lunch times since the Beast is not here that day. When 2 of 3 tells the little boss lady that she has to leave early tomorrow for a dr's appointment considering all that happen to her today. Little boss lady says that depends on if the Beast shows up for work tomorrow.

Today, I got up, did my exercises, showered and dressed. Thankfully it was not raining. I looked at the clock my bus will be here in 10 minutes. I start to leave and TAG is opening the garage door so i decide to leave the house by that exit. I run down the stairs. Give him a hug and kiss. Run down the driveway and down the cury street and make it to the city steps just in time to see my bus drive away from the bus stop before my arrival. So I catch the downtown express which comes about 5 minutes after I missed my bus. I got off the bus at the busway and waited for the EBO to take me to work. I actually got a seat on the bus this time. Arrived at work with 15 minutes before start time. So I went to the caf and got a bagel and yogurt and made my way to my office. 2of3 was already there as usual. " Guess who's not coming to work today!" The beast strikes again on just another ordinary day.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Spectators point of view.

Thursday after work was the typical office party. There was food and drink and not much else. All they did was talk, eat, and drink. Oh yea and go outside to smoke.
Some got drunk but I think that was the plan to begin with.

I sat with my coworkers and friends and talked had one drink and as soon as I had eaten I was ready to go. So many people I did not know. So many people not introducing themselves just staying in there own little comfort zone. I had planned to go around and talk to every one but after getting there I was so ready to leave? The place was too large for the amount of people that were there. It was kind of fun.

The following are some of the things that happened while I was gone on vacation. The names have been changed to protect the stupid.

Friday I was not at work but a party was planned because Michelle, one of the clinical staff, had found a new job and was leaving. The party cake was brought out and the gift given. Then Michelle comes to the realization that she never had a job interview with the people at the new location. Go ahead say DUH. So Donna, a supervisor here, calls over to find when Michelle is to start and then finds out that there never was a job listed. This time you can drool while you say DUH.

Why did the girl think she had a job? It turns out that her sister was leaving that position and told the office manager that her sister, Michelle, would love to take the job. It was a grant funded job. The Michelle never actually applied for the job. Never had an interview, a position was never advertised, Pitt did not plan to fill the position. So Michelle thank everyone for the party, arranged to keep the job here in our office and took the gift and went home! WHAT THE?

She is buying Pizza for everyone on December 14 thanking them for being so kind.

Another coworker who worked the front desk was fired for a variety of reasons. She actually thought she could apply for a job at another job within UPMC. What part of fired do you not get? Consider this a burnt bridge and swim to land.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Don't sing Praises Just yet!

On Monday November 26, 2007 I went to the Dentist. He was going to finally do the root canal that I needed. I say finally because of scheduling conflicts this was my third attempt to have this done. If it was not done this day I was going looking for a different dentist.

The procedure was done painlessly and everything felt great. Tuesday morning no swelling very little pain. I took IB 400 mg. Wednesday once again no swelling very little pain. Thursday morning I thought it was starting to swell. I convinced myself i was being an alarmist and nothing was wrong. As a matter of fact I thought I should sing the praises of a Dentist who could do this procedure with no complications what so ever. Friday, PAIN, SWELLING. What is going on why is this happening now it should have happened Tuesday not Friday. Saturday, I looked like someone punched me in the face. No bruising just lots of Swelling and Great Pain IB 600 mg every 4 hours. I wrote down the times so I would not over medicate myself and on Sunday I call the Dr.

He call in a RX for 500 mg of Amoxicillin. I started the med right away. Today My face is still swollen the pain is more like pressure. So I call the Dr.'s office and got an appointment for tomorrow. They are going to remove the temporary filling and clean it out and then put in a new temporary filling.

The office girl told me not to press on it. DUH! that would hurt. I do not hurt me! If all goes will I will start singing prasies that the pain is gone but if not. Just watch the news!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

conversations, Lunch, and bathroom visits

What do these have to do with each other. They all take place at work and can be used to cause unnecessary problems.

While at work I often conversate with a friend. This does not interfer with the preformance of the job. It gets done.

Respecting other people conversation is key in working in a close environment. To stay out of someone else's conversation unless invited into the conversation. This is essential.

If you overhear a conversation that has nothing to do with you , STAY OUT OF IT.


It is necessary to respect each other time to have lunch. When it is time for someone to go to lunch you do not leave your post under the gise of going to the bathroom. Also if it takes you 15 or more minutes to return from said bathroom visit, you are sick GO HOME! Noone else wants to catch your illness. If you are not ill. Save the type of bathroom visit for your lunch break.

Bathroom visits

It was already detail in the above.

Oh well. We will have to deal with all these problems in a professional business manner. If that does not work we will have to figure out something else.

2 of 3 I gave the baby clothes today. She absolutely loved them. Noah is such a cutie! We'll talk later. :)

Friday, November 30, 2007

Another Day

No matter what happens in life we hope and pray to live another day. No one I know has died recently. This is not about that. Is is about surviving the troubles and stresses each day.

Another day promises something better. Today could be so terrible that we cannot wait for another day.

Its like a new begining only instead of a new year it just a new day. An chance for things to get better just because we were rewarded with life another day.

Another day could mean that is just like any other day. "Yesterday the grass was green today is just another day."

Somethings do not change. Regardless of what we do we cannot change them. Noone wants to change the grass but even those who do cannot get the green out of grass.

So what do I mean by another day. I have not got a clue. It was something that popped into my head so I decided to blog about it.

Hopefully we know the things we can change so we do just that, and the things we cannot. We ignore.

Monday, November 26, 2007


I have never been devoted to any television program. I am loyal to some and other I care less about. But even the shows that I watch loyally can be dismissed without a second thought. But I am devoted to Project Runway.

This show starts out with 15 designers’ ends with 3 who will design 12 outfits for a Fashion show at Bryant Park in NYC. The judges, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, Heidi Klum ( who is also the host of the show ) And a guest judge which changes each episode. And we must not forget TIM! I love the way he talks.

So far 2 episodes in and I can’t wait for the next one. I know I have watched these 2 episodes at least 6 times (Thanks to BRAVO TV) and each time I see something a little different.

I have been a seamstress of sorts for over 20 years. However any photos of past accomplishments were lost in a fire of the family home several years ago. I have contacted several people that I have made gowns for in the past in the hope of rebuilding my photo album.

I am reminded and inspired to start again! I do not want to become a rich person from the garments, quilts, soft furnishing, curtains and such that I make. I just want to be the best I can be. Accomplished!

While watching the show I watch how the constants construct the garments. How true the actual garments is to the sketch drawn. How they convey ideas into an article of clothing. How to pitch your design to an up and coming fashion icon.

I actually have a note book with me and make notes as I go along. This notebook will end up getting lost in the sea of notebooks that I have. Notebooks, with dates I constructed something for myself and what adjustments I had to make for it to look right. Notebooks, of things that I actually gave up and because I fixed them too much. Once it was a gown but the hem was not straight. So I cut it so straighten it but it still was not straight, so I cut it again, and again soon it was a mini dress that just looks horrible because it was meant to be a gown. Or a jacket pocket whose welt is not quite right so the fix it meant now it had patch pockets. Notebooks, with designs drawn to perfection but wrong fabric used to complete the look. I keep them all and look at them from time to time and remind myself what I should do and what I should not do.

While watching the show you have the people whose attitude you just cannot stand but give them there props when it comes to the art work. So far Christian is all talk he is so annoying. He either needs to truly produce something that knocks the wind out of us or just shut up.

I love Romi’s work. The gown is simple beautiful. It looks like it would feel like a goddess to wear that dress.

Elisa and Sweet Pea should have won the second challenge. It looked like something you would find in Steve and Barry’s.

Victorya’s dress and vest, I don’t know they did not look right together to me. But Hey I’m not going to wear it

Simone was the first to go. Loved the color combo and actually if I would have been the judge Elisa would have gone. But She did complete the one seam garment beautifully. Even if it was a bit on the heavy side about it showed more skill.

Marion was the second to go. What happen to him has happen to me before. It was a beautiful knit mini. I hung it up and just over night it had stretched to a skirt that was mid calf. And you could see through it. Simply amazing what the wrong fabric will do.

Anywho, I am waiting to the 3rd espisode and taking note of it all as I continue in my endeavor to MAKE IT WORK!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Family Traditions

Every family have traditions. Some revolve around pagan holidays or worldy traditions and some happen by accident.

One year for what ever the reason we all found ourselves over my cousin/Aunt Polly's house, since we were all together and everyone was off from work or school the next day some one suggested " lets watch movies all night".

Who knows, it could have been a challenge to see who could hang (stay up all night) and then go out in Field service the next morning. So we went out and rented movies and stayed up all night watching movies and eating snacks.

The next morning, Bridget would get up and go out in field service the next morning, of course she is one of the first to fall asleep.

Those of us who did stay up all night continued watching movies into the next day and then would go home around 3:00 or 4:oo to sleep because we had to work in the tomorrow.

We have been doing this for at least 20+ years and none of us can remember what started this family tradition. None of us are ready to give it up either.

We are much older and often look for more comfortable ways of laying around watching movies. Thick workout mats, air mattresses any thing that would make watching the movies more comfortable.

Through the year we have had several children added to the family. Latisha was about 8 or 9 when we started. She the first grand baby in the family then came nashawna, she is now in College, then Jazimine, Jaylssa they are young teenagers this year and then Taylor and Taian have join this family tradition. Oh Yeah, this tradition is only for the girls. We also have adopted people into our family who have participated in our family movie night. Felicia, Terri, both of whom are not here this year. Felicia dropped out long time ago. Terri was in Italy otherwise she would have been here. Danita, Atina, and Drena came one time but never show up again. Charmine join our family about 8 years ago and she has been apart of the family every since and she keeps with the family tradition faithfully. She is the only one who ever brought a male to our movie night but it's okay he was nursing at the time. Jayden is the only male to come to movie night. I don't remember her bringing Little Lee or Keelyn to movie night. But I know Jayden was there overnight. Stacey lives in seattle, she acts like that is an out. She come some time but she had missed quite a few. Brenda's illness prevented her from coming this year otherwise she would have been her as well. Domonique claims to keep forgetting when it is. She claims that she will be there next year, we will see.

We are getting older and it's funny watching after sitting on the floor watching a movie getting up is funny. We are all a little unstable and those who are near one of us as we get up and ready to lend a helping had rather the feel the weight of a sister falling on us.

I say all this becasue these are fun times we laugh and talk and if we have seen the movie before we talk a little more. Sometime we get snappy with family and usually there is not reason for it. But we love each other and soon that is over and forgotten.

Debbie and I are usually the one who survive all night long and into part of the next day. That has even changed a little this year.

So continuing our family tradition we are at movie night. We scream and jumped during "Disturbia". Most feel asleep while the rest of us tried the figure out what "Catch and release" was about. Laughed during "Surf's up". Suprise how good "Man of the Year" actually was.
For one reason even though we watch a lot more movies i can't remember them.

Anyhow I plan to have next year off so I can be more involved in the planning of everything. The cake decorated like a box of popcorn was fantastic.

I love my family traditions.

Friday, November 2, 2007

In my own little corner.

As I started to think about writing this I was reminded of my favorite part of the Cinderella play that aired on TV when I was a child. While her stepmother and stepsisters were getting ready for the ball. She sat in a little chair and sang a song of all the imaginary places she would go to and all the things she would do while sitting safely all alone in her little corner in her own little chair.

November 8 is the 4th anniversary of my marriage to Tag. Three months before this date we made our plans, first of which was to make sure we had to whole week off from work. We talked about the places we could go, the people we could visit, the things we could and how much it would cost. Redid the budget so bill would get paid and we could still vacation.

We talked about visiting Terri in KY. She had been having some difficult times being alone and I just wanted to reassure her that she was close enough for us to get to her and just hang out with her for a couple days.

We talked about visiting the Murphy is SC. It had been a while since we heard from them and so it would be nice to visit them and see Debbie and Michelle. They have boat like the gateway clipper fleet here in the city so it would be fun to try out there and have dinner or a lunch cruise would also be nice. I was sure that we could do this and visit Terri.

We talked about visiting his sister in TN. She just bought a Condo and the pictures are very nice and it would be fun to hang out there and pretend like we lived there. At least until she came home from work every day.

But not of these were very romantic vacations and focused on us just being together.

SL at work gave me a great idea for a vacation. I talked to Tag and he agreed that it was more like what he wanted to do. It was a beautify resort in Myrtle Beach. Big hotel rooms some had Jacuzzi tubes. It was confirmed that we would do this. However the money was not there for us to make the reservation. I wanted for him to let me know when to set it up. That day never came.

The problems with plans are that they are always changing so those are imaginary until they happen! Because while you are planning you are imagining all the things you will say, do etc.

So Monday October 29th I learn that he made plans to do work on the weekend of our anniversary vacation. I asked how this is to be. It was explained to me that we were not staying the whole week. Oh, then he said we have to use your pocket money for the trip.

My pockets are empty with my pocket money in it. O, please man! So no anniversary vacation. So should I just sit all alone in my own little corner all alone in my own little chair? Yea, right!