Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Crafting at work!

I have been encourageing coworkers to bring some crafty project to work and we can have a craft at work session during our lunch hour.

One of three is creating cards some of which look kinda nice.

Two of three constantly forgets her cross stitch at home. (She doesnt want to bring it to work!) She may bring her scrapbooking project. She may forget again.

I have been working on my cross stitch at work. This is my first cross stitch project so we will see how I like it and If I will every use it again. It does help make the day less stressful.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Art isn't easy

Art isn't easy is a line in the song from a musical " Sunday in the park with George". Bernadette Peters was in the play which is why I watched it. The title of the song is Putting it together. This has be redone by several people. Barbara Streisand 1985 Broadway CD and this was one of the songs on it.

These are not completely her words I changed some of them so it goes with the designing and sewing that you see on project runway. In fact this should be the song paying in the background when ever they put a compilation of all the project runway season together. Like a highlight film.

Art isn't easy.
even when your hot
creating art is easy
financing it is not

a vision's just a vision if it's only in your head
if no one gets to see it, it's as good as dead
it has to come to life

stitch by stitch putting it together
piece by piece
only way to make a work of art
every moment makes a contribution
every little detail play a part
having a just a vision's no solution
everything depends on execution
putting it together that what counts

inch by inch putting it together
small amounts adding up to make a work of art
first of all you a need a good foundation
otherwise its risky from the start
takes a little cocktail conversation
but without the proper preparation
having just a vision no solution
everything depends on execution

The art of making are
is putting to together bit by bit

link by link making the connections
drink by drink taking any comments as it comes
otherwise you'll find you creation
isn't gonna get much exhibition

art isn't easy
every minor detail is a major decision
have to keep things in scale
have to hole to your vision
what's a little cocktail conversation
if it gets the fund for your creation
everyting you start to feel defensive
Remember fabric is expensive

seam by seam building up the image
strut by strut keeping at a distance doesn't pay
still if you remember your objective
not give all your privacy away.

a little bit of hype can be effective
as long as you keep it in perspective
even when you get some recognition
everything you do you still audition

Art isn't easy
Overnight your a trend
you're the right combination
Then the trend's at an end
you're suddenly last your sensation

all they every want is repetition
all they really like is what they know
gotta keep a link with your tradition
gotta learn to trust your intuition
while you establish your position

Stitch by stitch putting it together
seam by seam working on the vision night and day
all it takes is time and perseverance
with a little luck along the way
putting in a personal appearance
gathering supportive and adherent's

drawing the designs but in addition
editing the part that imagination
with the part that strictly presentation
Balancing the money with your mission
till you have the perfect runway rendition
even if you do have the suspicion
that is taking all your concentration

The art of making art
is putting it together
bit by bit
seam by seam
cut by cut
yard by yard
inch by inch
stitch by stitch
bit by bit
and that's the state of the art.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Welcome to work!

This is a weird day.

I thought it was raining. So When I took my shower I washed my hair and slicked it all back with some hair gel. Put on a scarf and Hat and made my way to work.

The ground was wet but it was not raining. So I figured it was a fast moving rain storm.

The new bus driver does not try to leave us anymore. I guess he is starting to know who are the regular riders. We greet him when we get on and wish him a good day or weekend when we get off. He is starting to do the same. At one point along the route he just pulled over and sat still. He was way ahead of schedule. But no one complained and we were soon on a way.

Usually by the time I reach Oakland the day has started to brighten but not today. It was still dark like night. Which I thought was weird. Had I actually watched the new weather forcast I would have known about the rain storms headed our way because of the hurricanes.

As I made my way to the entrance on Yellow side the building I saw 6 to 8 people in suits standing by the door. I guessed that some meeting had just let out and they were just hanging around. Just as the sliding door opened they all said "Welcome to work!" I stopped and thought " What!?" Then one of the lady said " We are just welcoming you to work. Have a granola bar and some orange juice or apple juice."

I smile and said "thanks" took some apple juice and made my way to my office.

It felt like something out of the twilight zone. I was not sure what I was going to find for the rest of the day.

I settled into my office and got started! 3 bins of work should keep me busy all morning long I hoped. Drat! I was done in 45 minutes.

M came into work and she complained about the rain. When I looked closely it looked like she took a shower with her clothes. Well at least from the waist down. She was happy that she had a extra pair of shoes in her desk.

I went to the back office and put everything in the cart and came back and talked to M. She asked me if I was welcomed to work. She was smiling as she was changing her shoes. " What a nice way be to greeted with all that rain out there." It was a nice way to be greeted and I am truly glad that I missed the rain.

I made my way back to my office to see L sitting at her desk. I guess I looked surprised because she explained she had to come in early because she only had 4 hours of PTO!

After answering calls for about 1/2 hour she asked me who put the cartoon on her desk. I had forgotten about the Palin comic strip that was put on her desk. My response. "It was there when I came in this morning."
"Oh I guess J thought it was funny and left it for me. That's just childish!" She sounded annoyed.

I turned to her and said "It was just fun. J does very little childish things."

Then without missing a beat she said " I brought him 2 bags of candy." no ounce of annoyance in her voice.

" He is off today." I said as I turned back to my desk.

My mind went back to the suits that greeted me at the door this morning Welcome to work! Yea, thanks.

Then she told me the story of the replacing the water heater. She did not come to work because she could not take a cold shower. She would have been too stiff to move. After a while she sounded like blah, blah. I don't know what she was talking about.

Time continues on without much going right or going wrong. However the Welcome to work still rings in my ears. It really was a nice way to be greeted when coming to work.

I wonder if they will be there on Monday.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I am so weird!

I love notebooks, any type of paper, pens, crayons, and markers anything that I can write or draw with or on. I can stay in a stationary store all day. I have several books with my ramblings and rants! Sometimes I still write in notebooks. When I feel the need to be doing something, but I am not focus enough to sew or crochet or create anything I draw, doodle, and scribble whatever takes get it together to get something done.

As a child I kept crayons and markers and notebook and coloring book right beside my bed so when I could not sleep I had them close by so that I could draw, write or color in the coloring book. My mother would get so mad because often I would be using a marker and fall a sleep while drawing and the marker would be all over the sheets. That was fine with me because her taking my stuff away from my bedside was annoying. I could not sleep if they were not there and would spend hours looking for them so I could put them beside my bed before falling asleep. I would find them in the kitchen cabinet in the bucket that was used for mopping the floor. I found then in the basement in a box beside the washing machine. In the linen closet, under her bed in a pillowcase, and in the very back of the storage closet. She stopped hiding them when she found me asleep in the storage closet one day. After that she gave up. I just had sheets with marks from pens and markers on them.

Last night I was sitting in the living room and I looked next to the chair where I always keep my notebooks and they were gone. Now I know that I am the one who moved them because my husband is not that observant to realize that is where I usually keep them. For whatever reason I could not remember where I put them. I went into the sewing room and I just started gathering all my notebooks that I am currently using. Next to the computer I found 3 5 subject college rule notebooks. They were not the ones I was looking for. Under the table I found 2 daily planners. Not what I was looking for. In the closet I found 1 book bound sketch book. Not was I was looking for. In my bedroom I found 3 1 subject college ruled notebooks, and on 3 subject notebook. All spiral bound but also no what I was looking for. I stacked all this in the sewing room on the table next to the printer and just looked at them. I must be crazy! Went back into the living room and looked on the other side of the recliner and found 2 3 subject notebooks sitting on top of my mothers quilted box that she used to store her crocheting.

All I could think of was “thanks for holding that for me.”

I am so weird.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Measure twice cut once!

I have laid out countless skirts, shirts, jackets. I have relaid patterns just to make sure I could get the complete outfit made in the fabric of choice.

So can someone please tell me why I cut the pattern for the skirt out of the fabric before making sure I had enough for the jacket!

So I have the skirt ready to be sewn together but it will not have the matching jacket!

Its my own fault. I usually measure and measure again and then lay out the fabric and put all the pattern pieces on the fabric to make sure everything will cut out properly.

I realize that I have been distracted with fish bones in my throat, and being told that I am premenopausal and then being told my hormones are in balance according to blood test.

Dealing with the never ending cycle.

But as much as that should be enough for daily concerns, my husband not taking his meds correctly so a blood clot in his leg broke off decided to take a tour of his leg. First it visited his ankle and then it visited his calf a day later. After his admittance to the hospital we learn that this was a superficial blood clot and would not travel to the vital organ like the brain, or lungs, or heart.

The suit or skirt now, has all the wonderful colors of fall. Saffron yellow, copper, burgandy, and dark hemlock green. I also have fabric that is just like the saffron yellow perfect for the dress. I am crocheting a belt using the same colors of the suit. I planned to wear it with the Yellow dress and then wear the jacket with the dress. I also had a beautiful flower print to make a shirt out of and then I decided that would look to busy so I decided on the solid cream or brown long sleeved top and I could use the print as lining in the jacket ( which I do not have fabric for).

My plan was to have a mini fall wardrobe by the 21 because the autumnal equinox is on the 22nd. I wanted to be ready for fall.

I still feel the stupid fish bone so I have an appointment on friday morning to get that check out. I also will be getting my hearing check which is annoying.

On the 10 I have the appointment for the sonogram so I can find out what this endless cycle is about.

On the 17 I have an appointment so I can get my shortness of breath issues taken care of.

My sewing is my destressor but i don't have enough fabric to complete my planned outfits for the fall. This fabric was purchased at the craft fair so I doubt that I can just go to the store and get some more.

Crocheting does help since I can do this without thinking and it is relaxing and I still get a feeling of accomplishment because I can see the finish project coming to its completion.

So I am going to do the best I can with what I have and remember to measure twice and cut once.