Thursday, October 22, 2009



Regardless of what happens I will be back to sewing!

So tomorrow I will have something worth while to post.

Today two people I know had their tires cut while they were at work!

I hate this system of things!

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

At this point...

At this point I should have pictures of a completed or almost completed winter jacket. But as you can tell this is not the case.

We are entering flu season and because my position in the hospital clinic I have direct contact with patients so I get the flu shot. Even when I did not have direct patient contact I got the flu shot.

This is the first year that 3 weeks after getting the flu shot I got sick. I know I did not get sick from the shot I was infected because sick people do not stay at home when they are sick.

One Clinical staff come in sick, stayed 1/2 day and then when home because she could not work she was so sick.

Another Clinical staff came to work so sick she was walking into the walls. She had to be sent home.

My supervisor came to work sick and worked for 2 days before someone told her please go home.

My Coworker who shares my office space started getting sick on Tuesday, Wednesday she came to work but she said she was ok. Thursday she was having a hard time working Friday she left work early.

Friday I had a sore throat at 1 or 2 in the afternoon and by the end of clinic I knew I was sick because I was cold and nothing could warm me up. I was drinking hot water, not tea, just hot water. I had a heater at my feet and I could not get warm.

By the time I got home I was ill! My sewing weekend was ruin because I could not hold my head up.

The headaches were very intense, the congestion was all in my sinus. I was lightheaded and could not sleep because everytime I laid down the pressure build up in my head.

Finally I made a wedge of all the pillows I could find and slept sitting up.

Monday I was still having dizziness and congestions so I stayed home.

This morning I was no longer dizzy and did not have a fever so I went to work. I was not sneezing a coughing all over the place but I was not totally cleared of my illness. I went to work because one staff member was off this whole week.

It was explained to me that if I get worst and have a fever then I am to go to any of our hospital ER and show my ID badge explain that I have direct contact with patient and they will test me for the H1N1 virus.

It will take 3 days for the results to come back and I am to take PTO for thoses 3 days. If the result is Negative then I can come back to work.

If the results are Positive then I have to inform my supervisor of the test results and I am not to return to work for an additional 5 days using PTO for that time off or don't use PTO just don't get paid. Then I can return to work.

Actually I am more upset that I did not get to do my sewing. Well the weather is to be in the 70's tomorrow so I will not need a coat for tomorrow. Maybe I can start sewing tomorrow after work.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Nov 21, 1976

I am often asked when did I start sewing. I felt like I have been sewing forever so I really did not have an answer for them. Most times I would just say I was 14 years old.

Turns out I was right.

Sister Gladys O Christian was a close friend of my mother's. She was at least 20 to 25 years older than my mother so we treated her like a grandmother. She probably was the one who got my mother to teach me to sew. She visited us just about everyday.

I remember making a yellow pant suit. When I finished I proudly show it to her and she inspected each and every seam and then she had me model it for her. It fit great and I really loved that suit. She told me that I did a very good job.

The next day she came to the house with a book I was not at home at the time but she left it for me.

Inside she wrote To Lavon From Sister Gladys O Christian November 21, 1976.

I had completely forgot that until I found this book again. I remember going to her apartment in the senior building and thanked her. She said it was given to her by an aunt. Since I was doing so well she thought I could complete some of the projects in the book.

Did I wear that suit in November? Yes I did and I got lots of comments about it. Gregory said it was a nice suit but I should have waited until Spring to wear it. He said I was a chick that hatched early.

To the project at hand. My winter jacket. I should have a lot more done but I don't. I got a little distracted when a close family friend had a death in her family and we went to offer comfort and support.

I did get the interfacing done.

These are fusible interfacing. The grey interfacing = Suit Shape which is a canvas interfacing. The Black interfacing = Shape flex this is also a canvas interfacing but it is much stiffer and I am guessing that this is the best use in the jacket that I am making.

I took my time with the fusible interfacing because if the iron is too hot it puckers and if the iron is too cool the bond is temporary at best. So tomorrow is a non sewing day so I may cut the lining then and start sewing on Wednesday because Thursday is Project Runway day.

Do something creative every day!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Winter Jacket

I need a winter coat. I have been talking about a winter jacket for a while and Last night during Project Runway I laid out my pattern for my coat.

I chose this pattern because 1. it is easy and 2 the adjustment that needed to be made would be easy.

This is what I did; to the jacket front and jacket back pattern pieces
I added 1 inch to the bust line; 1.5 inches to the waistline;2.25 inches to the hip; finally 7 inches to the jacket length.

Then I added 1 inch to the sleeve width. Add 3 inches to the sleeve length.

If I need to make any additional adjustments as I go along I will just notate them in my project notebook. I have some other wool fabric that need to be used so this jacket pattern will work for those projects as well. Once this is completed I hope I love this jacket so I can make plenty more.

The fabric is chocolate brown.

The texture is like crepe fabric and it does feel pretty good for a coat. This is a wool Crepe fabric but I will have to put lining in it.

Since the pattern has a yoke at the top my lining will be the pattern pieces for the front and back without the yoke. I will quilt the lining with batting for baby's quilt. I know it is machine washable batting but I believe it will dry clean well. I am still determining if the sleeves will be lined or not. I am pretty sure that they will be.

Tonight I will be fusing the interfacing on the yoke and collar and facings.
Tomorrow I will be quilting the lining
Sunday I sew the yoke and collar and possibly work some the of the main construction of the front and back.
Monday I will post a new entry.

Have a great weekend and Be creative every day.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Thinking is not a requirement, but it better than this.

Stop me if you heard this one before.

I need stimulating conversation at work. Now that Betty is gone and has moved on to better things I am stuck trying to have conversation with my current coworker who rarely listen to what I am saying or just give me a blank stare.

Here is an example:

Me: Hey coworker, what do you think of purpose of philosophy could be?

Coworker: silence

The way our office is situated she sits behind me. So I turn around to make sure she heard me and she is reading her facebook page.

Me: Hey!

Coworker: Uh! What did you say?

Me: Philosophy……..what do you think about it?

Coworker: What?

Me: Ya know the study of general problems like existence, knowledge, values and such.

Coworker: turns and looks at me with a blank expression. “What?”

I turn back to my desk “never mind”.

Coworker: “No really I am listening what about it now.”

I start talking but not about anything in particular just rattling something that has very little to do with the question raise. Quite simply put I am not a great debater. I just felt the need to talk about something more cerebral. After a while I realize I have not gotten a single response from her and I turn to see her reading her face book page again.

I think I will buy a book.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Today was not so bad but whatever. Whatever just means that what I am feeling is nothing to shout from the mountain top nor is it anything to cry about it’s just whatever.

We received our new lease when I read the note enclosed with the lease it says that the rent increase was going to be 20 percent. I love this place but a 20 percent increase was beyond what we could afford. I told hubby that we should look into one of the apartment complex but he nixes that because he wants to stay in the neighborhood close to his father. I can understand why, his father is ill and often deal with depression that comes with long term illness and dependence on others for everyday things that he would do for himself if he could. Whatever he thinks we still have to move. He starts in on owning his own home.

I don’t want to own a home I like calling the landlord when something is wrong and it gets fixed right away. I like having the freedom to live like a nomad if I wanted to. So after 15 minutes of me telling him all the reason why I don’t want a home I have to listen to 40 minutes of reason why we should own a home and then I am shown all the houses in the area.

However he has no follow through in doing what is necessary to own a home. So just to help him in his dream I have started the process of getting our credit information and credit scores. This way we can strengthen our credit by dealing with any credit disputes or delinquencies, take the necessary steps to strengthen our credit history. Since this takes time and will not be done overnight we must decide what we want in a house and where we want to live etc…….

While this conversation is going on I look at the note again and it actually says the increase is 2.6% which calculates out to 20.00 more each month. So this is our last year here. I am still hoping for an apartment complex but I will get things in place for us to get a loan for his house. That includes getting rid of stuff that is not being used so I don’t have to move it into our new place and it continue to not be used.

So he looks in the home booklets and I am searching for the next perfect rental place for us to live in, which all amounts to whatever.