Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I just cannot stand it when someone feels they have a right to something just because the other person has more. I cannot understand the mentality of just because I have 2 apple and you have none, I owe you an apple just because I possess more that you. What the?

L is still expecting Harry’s father to pay for half of a wedding that she just cannot afford. She actually had to nerve to tell Harry that he’s father love was conditional and that he was loved less because he did not meet all the conditions to be worth his father’s total love but he did give that love to his brother. How dare you! She had the nerve to not understand why he got mad at her! What the?

Harry’s father money is his to spend as he wants to spend and no one has the right to dictate how it should be spent! Harry and Sherry are adults and if they cannot afford to pay for the dream wedding she wants then she will either wait until they can or they will make due with what they have.

The problem is she heard what Harry’s father did for the other son and she immediately thought of how she could spend 50,000 on a wedding.

I finally told her I am aggravated to no end that she feels the right to say something like that to Harry. How could she questions someone’s love for their child because one gets more than the other. Does she even know what the relationship with the other son and the father. And most importantly what does it matter, it has nothing to do with you!

She sent Harry an email of apology and cannot understand why he has not responded to it! What the? How dare you question my father love for me in my face and send a faceless email to apologize Are you and idiot?

I told L I do not want to hear about it anymore. OMG!! I have a headache if I luck it will be a tumor!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I will be glad when this wedding takes place!

First, Melvina is getting married on Saturday. She is very happy and excited about it. There is definitly more to the story because he will not be coming to Pittsburgh right a way.

Second, 1 of 3 is trying to manipulate the wedding. I over heard a coversation where she actually tells her daughter to take the engagement ring and get a jewerler to remake the ring because the diamond is surrounded by too much gold! She is also trying to get her daughter to get married ina tradition wedding gown and not a sari. She is also getting mad because her daughter is not doing it.

They also got a second letter from the insurance company threatening to have their house sold for sheirff sale. I told her to just give it to her lawyer, you know the one have paid a retainer. She tells her husband that he said he was just going to ignore it. She just about screamed! So she is going to get a copy of the letter to the lawyer.

You proably will just have to listen and she will reveal all.

See you friday!!!

the ramblings of an absentminded blogger

I am currently reading a nonfiction book entitled One Drop my father’s hidden life- A story of race and family secrets, author Bliss Broyard.

This book is about her father and his family secret that he is a black man. His mother and father were light skinned Creoles from the French Quarter in New Orleans (1920) when they moved to Bedford-Stuyvesant a neighborhood in Brooklyn NY they resorted to Passing in order to get work.

This is interesting in one aspect, comparison. I do not know why but when I biographical books I find myself comparing my life with what I read. I do this regardless of the subject.

When I read Kimora Simons autobiography I understood what it meant to be the tallest kid in the class. Hated the fact that I was taller than the tallest boy and on class picture day I was always standing in the back and head taller that all the boys. I hated to be tripped and hear someone yell TIMBER! Sometimes I could think back and laugh. I also remember going to a photo studio to get pictures done for my mother who was very sick at the time and my graduation picture was stolen, I was repeatedly I would be a great model.

In the book she talks about feeling that something was missing. So much so that she actually snoops through her father things looking for what she was not sure she just felt there was more to know. When she and her brother learned the fathers secret that he was black they were not shocked or appalled by the fact but she wondered why it was just a big deal for her dad. I am still reading the book it is not as interesting as I thought it would be but maybe it will pick up.

While growing up we lived in East Liberty on Rippey Street. My father and mother and I lived upstairs and Aunt Henrine and Minnie lived downstairs. My Cousin Lucille lived with us. Her mother died and Dad took the responsibility of raising his niece. I never met my grandmother or grandfather. My father parents lived in Yazoo City Mississippi. One year my father took my 2 younger sisters to see the little shack that he lived in as a child. He was the youngest of 13 children. They tell me it was very much like little house on the prairie. He did not have any pictures of his parents. He told a story that when his mother died, 6 months after I was born, all the children came back home and just took stuff. He got nothing barely got the information of his mother death. He talked to you the month before she died and if it was not his custom to call each month he would have not found out from them. He went to the funeral and then to the house to find it was stripped bare and left abandoned. Since he was the youngest of all the children some of his other sibling he had never met. That is the one thing that really confuses me and my cousin who still lives in Mississippi our parents where part of a large family , 13 kids even if each child only had one child and so on our family on my dad side should be massive! I know of Uncle Doug, he was in WWII. He has died childless. Uncle Bennie, he still lives in Mississippi. He has 3 kids, Peaches , the oldest of the three had 2 boys. Buttons, his real name is James, has 3 boys each of who have 3 of their own. Jackie the youngest (she and I were born a year apart) she had 2 boys. Aunt Minnie, she has no children. Aunt Henrine, She has no children. Lucille’ mom, she had 2 children, Lucille has 3 children and Leonard has 1. My dad who had 4 girls. 2 of which have children Stacey 1 boy and Jodanelle 2 girls Brie and my self childless. No one else can be tracked down or traced back to our family line.

My mother born in Moultrie Georgia. She is the youngest, I know she has brothers and sisters but the only time I ever saw them was when she was on her death bed. Would not know who they were if they came up to me. The only sisters I knew of hers were Aunt Polly and Aunt Lizzie. I found out later that they only grew up as sisters. They were in fact cousins. Polly and Lizzie were sisters but my mother Sally was not. Her mother died 2 or 3 weeks after childbirth. Had a fatal reaction to some post natal medicine. So my mother’s grandmother was raising both her and Polly. Polly’s mother who I always thought was my grandmother is actually my great aunt. Please pay careful attention to this. Grandmother Elisabeth Brown was actually my Great Aunt Elisabeth Brown who had a child, my Aunt Polly from a marriage that did not last long. Since she was still young she continue to live her life and Polly and my mother Sally were raised by my Great Grandmother whose name I do not know. At some point Great Aunt Elisabeth Brown got married to Mel Brown. They had a daughter Lizzie and raise all three girls like they were sisters. Polly Mae the oldest, Sally Mae the middle, and Lizzie Mae the youngest. Polly found out about 2 months after Grandma Brown died that she has brothers and sister from her father side. She is the oldest of 5 siblings that she knew nothing about. That is a whole different story. So when my mother was losing her battle with cancer her brother showed up to visit her. They were tall and thin, so I guess that I get my height from

What is the point of this? I forget, truly, I have read over everything that I wrote and I do now know that point was attempting to make. The ramblings of an absentminded blogger.

I know that I will come back to this and when I do it will make sense then.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Good bye Sweet pea!

I really felt sorry for Sweet Pea. 2 people were to be eliminate but she was the only one to me that is worst than being the first person eliminated. She smiled bravely through it all but that had to be horrible feeling. The only one of the 5 not worthy of Bryant Park!

I really want Chris to win because I am sick of Rami!

It will be and interesting contest between the two of them. Looking forward to it.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I love snow!

It isn’t winter in Pittsburgh if you do not have at least one day of winter storm warning that actually causes concern for the Pittsburghers.

It takes more than and light dusting of snow the shut down this city. But when it shuts down you should heed the winter snow advisory.

The snow came silently as it always does. If you do not watch the evening or morning news which is my custom then you just go through the motions like nothing is amiss. Then when you open your door to start you day and are greet with the cold breeze blowing snow into the threshold of the doorway. (This has happen to me several times before) However this time I knew the snow was coming. When TAG left for work last night there was a half of inch of snow on the driveway. After watching him successfully slid the car down the driveway and miss the utility pole I knew that I would be playing in snow in the morning.

I was up early and took my time. Why rush to play in the snow? Please note if you will I love playing in the snow. Some people do not like shoveling the snow, I love it. Some people do not like sweeping the snow, I like discovering how dry the ground is under the snow. If there is Ice. With the right shovel I can get that as well. I remember spending hours cleaning the show off the steps and sidewalk of our house as kids. No one ever had to wonder who was cleaning off the side walk I always got up early to get it done. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I still enjoy it. This morning however my back was in pain and sweeping the snow was truly a chore. Did that stop me? No I still enjoyed it despite the pain. 20 minutes to clear the snow, 10 minutes to salt the driveway and then off to catch the bus. Yes! Caught the right bus at the right time, arrived at work 7:30 am. Cool all went according to plan.

Typically when it snows in the city various neighborhoods are impacted differently. The further you are away from the city the more snow you get. So if downtown has a light dusting of snow ½ mile to 1 mile outside of downtown area you have at least 1 ½ inches of snow. Today downtown had at least 3 almost 4 inches of snow and Oakland where all the hospital were located had enough snow to cover my shoes completely.

It is approximately 4:10 and in the administrative offices the personal has dwindled down to Sharon . 1 of 3 is gone because she is afraid she may fall. That would be a sight. I am still here answering the phone! Which has stop ringing at 3:30!

My adventure ahead, get home in one piece, without the aid of a prat fall!

Tag will not be coming to pick me up because his father attempted to back over a tree! The tree won almost sent him over the embankment. He was sitting in the car try to figure out what happen when the police came up to him. They explained to him that he hit some ice and a 360 like an ice skater. So now Tag had to take care of him right now. I am assuming that nothing physically is wrong with him since the police brought Pap to his son and not to the hospital. Of course this just adds to the adventure of getting home.
I still love the snow!

Friday, February 8, 2008


I have been sewing clothes for 30 years or so. My mother was not a great seamstress but she is the one who taught me to sew. I should say she is the one who sparked my interest in sewing. My interest grew in to a love, an almost obsessive love or sewing, designing clothes, fabrics and the search for something entirely new and fab.

I remember sewing with my mother; she did not complete high school so sometimes she had some difficulty in reading with comprehension. As I reflect on this she may have had this comprehension problem on purpose to help me learn to work it through.

We would take the time to read the instructions on the guide sheet and follow all the directions carefully but at some point in the construction of the garment she would suddenly not understand how the complete something. I felt good and being able to teach her something.

She had fantastic ideas about how to deal with the most complex things in life. Eventually I was completely on my own sewing my own clothing and making changes to the patterns to make the clothing uniquely mine. I use to have note books of all the drawing of designs unfortunately they were thrown away along with a large stash of comic books. My same wonderful mother had an evil streak called cleaning up. These things were stacked neatly in an Avon box. This box sat next to the head of my bed and sometime I would read the comic books before going to sleep or draw a new picture of whatever entered my head. Sometime I would draw clothing, sometimes flowers just whatever entered my head. She decided this box that was not torn or tattered in the least was cluttering up the place and needed to be thrown away.

I was mad at her for at least a month when I realized they were gone. Came home from school late because I was hanging out with my art teacher Mr. Moore, I love all the art supplies he had and I could draw whatever while he work on stuff at his desk. I came home dinner was on the table. I went upstairs to my room to put my new drawings in the box and the box was gone! The rest is a blur. The end result was I did not get to eat dinner that day and was stuck in the house for the rest of the weekend.

What was I talking about again? Yes my love for sewing. There was one point in my life when everything I wore was hand made by me for me. Then I started sewing for other people. Which is exciting and a pain, because people always wanted to change things right when the garment was complete. Or they did not listen when told not the change their weight. They would gain weight “it does not fit you don’t know what you are doing! “ They would lose weight “it’s to big didn’t you measure me right!” So after a while I decided it was not worth it. So I just sewed for family or my self.

Since most pictures and drawing were lost in a fire that happened 5 years ago. I am in the process of getting pictures of the clothing that I have created for my sisters. I am going to create a new scrapbook.

Now my niece is drawing clothing and bringing her designs to me for me to create for her to wear. She is nine years old and she is creating clothing for young adults. Of course I have to edit them to make them fit her age. But she is excited where ever she comes over for a fitting. Her sister is also interested but she copies everything her big sister does and so time will tell who get tired of this first.

I will be getting a camera so I can post the pictures of her drawings and the completed garments. I hope to encourage these little designers.

Monday, February 4, 2008


Okay, I hate days that start like this. I woke up on time. Which I did not think would happen because I went to bed so late. Before I knew it was 3:00 in the morning. I was at the bus stop on time. My co-riders were also at the bus stop on time. However the Bus driver decided that, that time was not the correct time and came 20 minutes later. This does not bother me so much. So instead of arriving at 8:30 like I usually do I got here at 8:59. Still on time so this does not bother me. I clocked in right away came into the hallway where the offices are located and 2 of 3 is not here! OMG!!!! I WAS TO BE HERE AT 8:00 AM!!!! I forgot. I hate this! I came into my office and someone had the changed the temp to 40 degrees! It was colder in here than it was outside! I hate this!

I was on the phones so fast! I was expecting it to ring as soon as I log on. But it did not! About 2 minutes later it rang! Okay. Then I checked my email 8 OVERFLOW calls. It’s Monday I expected 16 overflows calls. But 8 not bad! 1 of 3 came in on time and could not wait to tell me how sick she was. I really do not want to hear about it! I count myself fortunate that there were not more overflows and that this is a weird Monday because the phones are not ringing off the hook.

I sent and email to Big boss lady and supervisor lady so that they were aware of what happened to day in the event that my not being there at 8:00 causes a problem. This way they aware that 2 of 3 did tell me she would not be here and it is totally my fault.

How did I forget? I was rearranging my office/sewing /guest room trying to find a proper place for everything. A futile exercise at best considering I have nothing to store everything. So my date book was not open showing all the things that I needed to complete that day. I am not sure exactly were the date book is located. My sisters came over to watch the super bowl game. In my determination to sick with my eating plan. There was fresh vegetables and dip, a baked chicken, and giant salad of iceberg lettuce, carrots, green, red, and yellow peppers, hard boiled eggs, and seasoned croutons. My other sister brought and spiral baked ham. She made the ham in a roaster that she had borrowed from me and decided the only way I was getting it back was to prepare and ham and bring it to me and leave me with all the left over ham and a dirty roaster.

Taylor and Taian came over as well. We got our crafting stuff out and made some stuff Taylor made a pencil jar and Tai made a gift box. We got on the computer and played games. I was tired before they were ready to leave so Old Auntie just sat and watched them play as I watched the game. I took their measurement so I can make some of the designs they created for me. I will make the necessary modification to the clothing so it will be wearable. I am creating a new scrap book. For every drawing there will be a picture of the complete outfit as they wear it.

Give me a minute to read what I wrote because I know I got off the subject I was talking about. ……………………Oh right. I also hate that since the office was below freezing when I got in there I am now sick. I have been sneezing and I cannot get warm. The ultimate thing that I hate is 1 of 3 has not stop talking. First about how sick she was, second about the ring her daughter is going to get for her engagement, third about the wedding dress her daughter likes that she hates.
This is all I can bear I can’s bear anymore. I guess I am just cranky because I feel sick. NOT FAIR! This is my third cold this year! I have to take care of my self a lot better than I have been.

Enough about me.