Saturday, June 19, 2010

Till Then keep Sewing.

Today I have finished redoing the hems of two dresses from Old Navy for my sister’s coworker. I am starting on pants that my Auntie needs hems. Both of these items need 5 inches taken off. Short people, I love em!

My goal for this week is to complete 3 dresses so I can be finish with my 6 dresses in 6 weeks challenge which turn into “Just complete 6 dresses!”

These 3 dresses I have no idea about except that they will have matching tie for hubby. I am going to make them and hopefully he will wear them. I will not be surprised if he does not.

My allergies are making it difficult for me to type. And I have a headache so I will blog tomorrow for sure.

Till Then Keep Sewing.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Little Designer.

Check out this site.

I am always talking about my little designer this 10-year old designer has already hosted her first trunk show.

I guess it time my little designer truly make up her mind.

She has yet to use the sewing machine.
I made this dress some week ago but I never gave the story. I have nothing new to show so here is the story behind this dress. I searched for 2 hours in my fabric closet because I as determine that I would not have a room that looked like the police has just searched it and left it for me to clean up . At the very bottom of the closet was this fabric that I knew that I had but forgotten. I decided this would be perfect for a graduation party that was semi-formal. It has been hot all that week and I wanted the dress to be comfortable.

Butterick 3516 I love this pattern but this was my first time making it. I also changed my mind about making this dress because I knew the fitting this would be a challenge. I did not change my mind this time and fitting it was a challenge.

The bodice was interfaced with a fusiable medium weight interfacing. Which was much to heavy for the lightweight cotton fabric. But it worked perfectly for the bust area. I got it to fit just right. The stiffness turned out to be an asset!

When I cut out the skirt I made the adjustments to the seams allowances and but somehow it did not work. It was too tight around my upperwaist but it needed to be tight around my upperwaist. After the 4th time I decided that I would wear and Bodyshaper and once I tried on the dress with that as the foundation it look fine.

The gold embroidery I loved. Not a lot to sequins I loved. Matching the pattern of the design I did not love so much. I am not really sure that I did a good job of doing that but that was the least of my worries. Once I got all the adjustments done and the dress looked the I wanted it to look when I had it on I was ready.

The flipflops were worn after dancing for a while. The shoes I worn as I made my entrance were these gold sandles.

Now I have to make the Hubby something to wear next time we go out dancing!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

2:22 and I am awake.

I hate that its 1:18 in the morning and it may as well be 1:18 in the afternoon the way I am feeling. I am not the least bit sleepy and at the same time everything that I would do that I feel would help me to relax and sleep would wake others in the house.

Right now I could be sewing and would be sewing if I had started at 7:00 like I wanted to early in the evening but I had to clean the vacuum cleaner.

What had happen was I started to clean up the living room. I took the dirty dishes off the dinning table and went into the kitchen and started washing the dishes. Once the rack was full of dishes and there were still more to wash I remembered that I was going to vacuum the floor in the living room. I went to the back bedroom to get the vacuum cleaner where I started folding up the clothes that were washed and never put away. Once I had the clothes folded and put into neat piles to put away I went into the living room the clean it up. I picked up the floor pillows and remembered that I needed to get the vacuum from the back bedroom. As I was leaving the living room I saw a drinking glass on the floor by the recliner and I picked it up and took it into the kitchen. I put all the clean dishes away and finished washing the other dishes once that was done. I notice the towels on the floor in the laundry room so I picked them up and put them in the wash.
Then I went to the back bed room to get the vacuum cleaner and vacuum the floor in the living room. I brought the vacuum cleaner to the hallway outside the living room and proceeded to empty the cup filled with dirt. Remove the filters and clean then with warm water and since that part was so dirty I proceeded to remove all the filters and clean them all then they had to air dry before I could use them so ……The vacuum cleaner is all in pieces air drying and I found Mamma Mia on TV so I watched that. Then there was an old Jackie Chan movie on Twin Dragons I found that in the middle and just as it was about to end I decided to get up and attempt to go to sleep.

I never made it to the bedroom because I realized that I did not update my blog. Which I often forget to do because I get sidetracked by something else.

Any how it 1:35 in the morning and I am wide awake and no motivation to do anything but I cannot seem to wind down enough to go to sleep.

My computer has been trying to die on my for a while it 2:22 and I just got it to post this blog!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Broke Vacation

How many times do you go on vacation broke? Before I was married most of my vacation that I took were broke vacations! As long as my hotel room was paid and my transportation to and from was paid I went on my trip and worked the rest out as needed. Since I was single I could get someone to buy be Dinner and if that did not work I always had at least 20 dollars and packed food along with me.

Since I have been married we often plan trips and then something happens financially and we do not go. I then spend the days off that should have been spent relaxing, reworking a budget and trying to figure out what we need to do to salvage the weekend. I also try to find ways to ignore my husband and enjoy the forced porch view vacation.

We had an opportunity to go to Nemacolin, which is a 5 star resort. Of course the same thing was about to happen again. But my response this time was not the same.

I got a phone call on Friday that could have ended our little trip. “I just check the checking account and we are short 200.00” My response; " That problem will be there when we get back." He was quiet and then responded , “ we cannot go away with no money” " Yes we can." Then I ended the conversation. When I got home from work I explained the room at the lodge was already paid for. I had enough money for car to be filled with gas so we are going. No matter what else he had to say I just got our stuff packed for our trip.

So Monday around 3:00 in the afternoon we were on our way. Please understand that we should have been there before 3:00 according to my plan but because he was attempting to cancel the trip I did not care what time we left.

From the time we pull through the driveway on the grounds I began to relax. All the employees we encountered were so nice and helpful in every way. The New part of the hotel was made to look like the Ritz in Paris! We stayed in the Lodge which was the original building and it was beautifully rustic and that suited me perfectly. The main lobby of the Lodge reminded me of a Barbara Cartland novel.

I enjoy the little vacation a great deal and we did nothing fabulous except explore the grounds, looked at everything that the resort had to offer. We had enough money to eat breakfast and Dinner while there. I enjoyed hanging out with some people that we met there, hey it was just great. Going on vacation broke is so much better than sitting at home broke.