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baby shower gifts

A coworker is going to have her first baby and she will be leaving on the 31 of this month. So I wanted to make a gift set of 4 burp cloths and 4 bibs.

These are the burp cloths

These turned out nice

I made 4 of them which was the suggested gift amount.

I should not have attempted to make the bibs just yet I was very tired.

The neck opening is to large and the bib is then to small.

I dont have any more of the fabric. So I will have to search for something different for the remakes

made 4 of these also. I am still getting the hang of the new camera so I have to figure out how to fix the orientation of the last 3 pictures. Tomorrow will be better.
I read a great deal of creative blogs and one of my favorite is She has some great ideas and helpful tutorials.

Thanks Jill

sewing marathon

A house dress= a dress made of simple design used to doing house work.

That is what I thought of when I saw this dress. Did I do that?

Yes I did want something simple and this is what I got. So I thought put a jacket with it.

A house dress with a jacket! Regardless I will be wearing it.

I like this skirt. I used a black circle skirt as the pattern for this one. Not my best work but I can still wear it.

Do you just love the pattern of the print!

Sweater top. I wish I was the size of my dollie but I am much larger and one day will upsize my dollie and she can be my twin. I always wanted a twin.

I made a necklace to go with this outfit.

I had to make it over again.

I still have to make another dress as well as some items for a gift for a baby shower.

So much for my blog break going back to work.

14th Annual Blues Festival

I have been in the sewing room most of the weekend and all day Friday. Some of it spent actually sewing and some of it thinking through what i was going to be sewing.

My friend came by the house with 2 tickets to the Blues Festival. Great opportunity for me to take and break and spend some time with Todd. I actually delivered avon as well.

It was at Hartwood Acres. It took us a while to find it but we were determined.

It's a 3 day festival on the first day if you bought a bag of food for the local food bank you got in free. I heard they had 3 truck loads that night.

There were a lot of people there. But it was not overcrowded. It was a very laid back feeling.

This group is called Homemade Jamz. The young man is 19 and the girl on the drums is 9. They really can play.

The also have a older brother who play the guitar he is 19 and the father play the harmonica.

Joanna Connor Band.

I really enjoy this a lot. It started getting crowded when it was time the the Headline TajMa…

1 of 3 makes me angry!

Somethings just don’t faze me. But those same things can make others very angry. One thing that always, always makes me angry is to feel like someone is taking advantage of my kindness.

Today, 1of 3 comes into the office, LATE as usual. I did not make any comments when she did. My usual comment is “what time do you start?” When she does get to her desk she sits and recounts her whole weekend but does not log on the phone to answer any calls. You are not officially here unless you are ready to do your job. Had she been logged in so that she could be in a position to answer any call but no calls came in, fine. How many times do I have to answer the phone before you realize that you should be working also?

I believe she worked a grand total of 45 minutes for the whole 2 and ½ hours she was here this morning. Then she took lunch early. It’s her birthday and they had a cake for her upstairs in the clinic. I changed my lunch to later lunchtime so she could enjoy herself. Some peop…

Project runway was started its new season!

I found a most wonderful blog

It is conforting to know that I am not the only one who think about this show daily.

This is the best resource I have found in connection with Project runway. It was not advertised very much but I also have not been watching much TV lately.

I have been trying to organize a sewing room, trying to complete project that have been abandoned, trying to complete 3 dresses for an upcoming weekend away, trying not to lose my mind. I gave up on the mind part. I think I left it in the sewing room but eventually it will show up.

Project runway as given me one evening a week that is all about me. I don't care who you are just do not bother me. Proof of this was when Wednesday night when I took the remote from Todd and changed bravo channel just the set up the reminder. When he saw what the program was he just got up and went to bed.

Cool with me as long as I get to watch my show its all good!

Iced refreshing!

It summertime and one of the favorite drinks during the summer heat is and glass of Iced Tea!

There are times when Todd makes is home early enough for us to have breakfast together before I go to work. Thursday was one of those occassions.

We went to Eat N Park as is our custom. Marjorie was the hostess this morning and she took us to the usual place we sit when we come in. Todd went straight for the Breakfast buffet and I order a veggie omelet. He had a large orange juice and I had Ice tea. We were talking for a while and Todd had completed his first plate of food. I sat sipping my tea which was the perfect temp. I had sweetened it just right and it was so refreshing. I did not want to drink it all because I wanted to have it with my breakfast. Which we were still waiting for. Finally it came and because it took so long I started eating right away. (i eat kinda slow so I did not drink by tea at the same time.) I finally finished my omelet and the waitress came by and fille…

Avon, the non paycheck

I have not talked about avon for a while. Yes i am still in business but I have slowed my roll considerably. If you remember the blog Schedules then you know that overworked and no pay really means you are in business for yourself.

In time the skills of a great salesman can be mine. Of course I have to work for that. I am reading books by topsalesmen who now roam the circuit as motovational speakers. Think about it you really have to be a great salesman to sell yourself so effectively that people will pay you to listen to your life story and the lessons you have learn in the hopes that they to may gain your skills. While some believe this can be achieved by osmosis I believe that I will have to do it the old fashioned way. Hard work.

I am taking the training courses on line and reading all recommended reading. Then actually doing the things learned!

I was recently contacted about a networking group being formed in my area. So I will check into that and see what that cost as wel…

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Here are some photo from my cell from the Gallery Crawl on Friday night:

Most of the galleries were serving wine or beer with some light refreshments.

The PA Culinary Institute served Chichen Penashe, pasta salad without or with meat, chocolate over pretzels, Chocolate chip cookies at the cost of 1.00 each. I over heard one person say that it should have been better than very good because it was prepared by chefs!

I was good enough for me. I enjoy it.

There were a total of 22 different participants and I think we saw about 1/2 before it was over.

In Katz Plaza there was a salsa band from New York. So there was salsa dancing in the plaza. I video taped it on the cell phone but still have not figure out how to convert that to show on the computer.

Saturday I thought the Bridal Shower was today and was getting upset because I sitting in the hair salon and it after 4:00. I arrived at 1:00! Fortunately the shower was actually on Sunday.

I took Todd out on a date. We went to Red Lobster…


Pittsburgh has many museums and I love them. They are great sources for inspiration.

I have not been to a museum in the 5 years that I have been married.

The Festivals here can also be inspiring.

The Arts Festival----- Missed it
The 3 Rivers Regatta-------Missed it
The Country Music Festival(not the correct name for it but that is what I call it ) ---Missed it.
The big Butler Fair ------Missed it
Squirrel Hill Arts Festival ------ Missed it
Chinese Boat Festival -------Missed it
West Moreland County fair ------Missed it
Community Days in Forest hills -----Missed it

There are a lot more but I have missed them all.

Tonight I am going to:

I wished I had a camera so that is on my wish list. I will use the cellphone camera and hope for the best.

This may enable me to get out of the slump that I find myself in right now.


When I take the time to think about why I am so tired lately:

5:30 am Wake up

During this time if I actually get up. I prep all the materials I need to distribute brochures as well as making sure I have a complete kit of material ready for the new prospect should they decided to become Avon representatives. Shower, dress and make breakfast so that when Todd comes home breakfast is waiting for him (the breakfast part depends on if I am hungry if not he will make is own meal when he gets home.)

7:39 am
Catch the bus to get to work at children’s hospital. During the bus ride reviewing my calendar and call customers to set up times for delivery of products

9:00 am

Life in a scheduling room can be most uneventful but every once in a while something exciting happens.

12:15 pm lunch time 45 minutes

I call my up line to review any prospect she is referring to me for the weekend. Return any calls that left messages on the voicemail.

1:00 pm

Life in a scheduling room can be most uneventful but eve…

What do you think?

This is one of the ideas I had for fabric. It is still not completed, a work in progress.

When It tried to copy it so it could be black and white I got this.

I will actually have to draw it again to get the true black and white effect I want.

Let me know what you think?

Amazing and Amusing!

It rain most of the day and was generally gray all day.

My husband and I just laid about watching Spike TV marathon.

To my amazementment he made some lunch, a shrimp salad and ice tea. He made enough for both of us.

Just as he was about to sit down to eat. He misjudge the table and his tea fell straight to the floor.

This picture does not give the full impact. But this is exactly how the tea spilt. Straight up.

He was not looking when the glass fell so he thought the damage was to the carpet only. He got the biggest towel he could find and covered the tea stain on the carpet.

I told him he had the clean the whole thing up. He said I know and I am doing that.

I said look at the wall, the ceiling, the printer, the plant stand. He looked at all the places I pointed out to him and he looked like a little kid staring in amazement.

Then he actually clean it up. The ceiling, the wall, the carpet, the table that had the plant on it the printer. and He was just about finish when he kno…

Tribal clothing styles.

I thought this was very interesting.

Personal style is usually developed to enable us to stand out as different from everyone else.

For some of us despite all this effort we often laspe into a particular style that does not set us apart at all. In fact we become apart of a tribe.

Diane,a Shaded view on fashion had this video on her blog. I love this blog because it exposes me to so much more and helps to expand my mind further in the world of fashion.

Thanks again for something to make me think!