Friday, October 31, 2008

Scrub Skirts?

Today I was reading H&M magazine, which I was able to get from the H & M Store at the Ross Park Mall. It was free so I grabbed a copy.

There is an article title Dress for Success. After reading the article it should be about Power Dressing.

It starts out talking about the year 1988, Dallas and Dynasty was on TV, remember the shoulder pads on those suits and gowns?

Power Dressing in the 1980 meant slim jackets with broad showers, pencil skirts, tight and high-high heels with pointy toes.

One example of a power dresser was Margaret Thatcher. She ruled Britain with an Iron hand; I loved the suits she wore.

2008 Winter RTW from the catwalk Power dressing is very much on display. The article mentions the trendsetter Maison Martin Margiela.

I prefer the look of Akris.

This is power dressing to me without the football shoulder pads.

I think Akris is more in line with Cashmere Mafia and Lipstick Jungle which are also mentioned in the article.

Of course we must not forget the women of today’s politics that have an influence on the Power Dressing of 2008.

“The fact the power and fashion are once again being talked about has everything to do with global politics. A variety of strong women are currently making waves, and a new approach to power dress is growing forth. The look is distinctly more feminine than the angular androgyny of the 80’s.”

The power dressing of 2008 allows low heels or flats, milder colors and soft feminine side.

This article reminded me of my love for suits. I always had some new suit in my wardrobe. I was working at the bank during the 1980’s and suits and straight skirts and high heels were the norm. In 2008 I am now working in a children’s hospital in a scheduling room and my wardrobe does not require a suit and any time a suit is worn by anyone in the scheduling room the questions is “Wow! Why so dressed up?”

Medical shows have everyone in scrubs with the exception of a few people in management. It seems that everyone in scrubs dislike those in suits because they are so anal about the rules.

So what would be considered Power Dressing for a telephone scheduler stuck in an office the size of a large closet.

I am happy to hear any suggestions because a pencil skirt made from the same material as scrubs just does not seem right at all.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Its possible, not probable.

I went to my doctor appointment today and He explained the procedure for getting rid of the polyp. It's a simple D and C with hyperscopy ( not sure of the spelling). Then I explain that I did not want the ablation because my husband and I would still like to have a child.

Please note when I explained this to the nurse who put me in the room to wait for the doctor she looked at my chart twice before replying "your 46!" As if my age was not known to me. I told her I was 41 when I got married and its 5 years later. If I was 21 when I got married and it was 5 years later and decided to have a child that makes sense doesn't it. So I got started late in life. She decided that I was a saint and bowed as she left the room.

The doctor when on to explain the reason why this prospect was improbable. He asked how were my cycles before this constant bleeding problem started. "You could create a calendar based on my cycles" he nodded his head, he asked if my husband had any children. " Yes from a previous marriage " he nodded his head and said you have a slight chance but is not probable.

He then went on to explain that all the stars in Hollywood have babies late in life were on some type of fertility treatment. Or they egg is not their but the sperm may be the husband or may not be and my ADD kicked him totally blanked on what he was saying. Smiled and nodded and said I understand.

I left the office and went to big lots and then to Micheal's and then I went home. I am not sure how 2 hours past but that is what I remember. I explained it all to my husband and he said its not impossible so lets give it a try.

So forward we will go.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My discovery!

As a little girl I did not play with dolls, did not play house. I climbed trees and explored how things worked. Tried to make my bike do things it was not meant to do. My mother complain when I was a toddler she would dress me in frilly dresses to play and I would prompty find mud or dirt.

My mother and father had a loving relationship but I really did not see my father much. He worked the night shift. I had a close relationship with my mother. She taught me to crochet and make clothes. She kept a beautiful home and was a great cook. I felt that my father did not appreciate her enough so I decided that I would not get married and deal with someone who did not appreciate me.

When my mother died it totally crippled my father. I realized just how much he appreciated her. When she first died he would just sit in a chair and just stare for hours. Finally I started talking to him and he revealed just how much he needed her. Then I decided that I should not get married because I would hate for my husband to died and leave me all alone.

When my father was sick he told me that he was blessed to have loved a woman like my mother and have 4 wonderful daughters. He wished he could stay with us forever to give us a little bit more of what he learn from her. Then I decided that I should get married because I wanted a relationship like they had. They were friends who just happened to be married. They laughed together and cried together and work hard to make a good life for their children.

We were not rich and did not have enough at times but we were happy and felt the security of having both parents in our life as we grew up. I was 22 years old my mother died and 33 when my father died. After my father died I decided that I would get married. I would try to develope the attributes that my mother had or at least attempt to.

After several dates with people who were not worth my effort I had stop looking. When a family friend spoke of Todd,I was not really interested in dating someone who was married before. But we met on the Gateway Clipper during a dinner/dance cruise. That was in November. He did not call me until January I had by that time forgotten all about him.

We dated, we got married. He is a great friend, we laugh together, stuggle together and 4 years later still quite happy together. This November we will celebrate our 5 wedding anniversary. And we have decided that we should try to have children. This is simply amazing for me because I have never wanted to have children.

Usually any thought of children was quickly dismissed after a visit from the nieces and nephews. But recently that just makes me want them more.

So my discovery is that I want the life my parents had children and all. I am starting all this a little late in life but on well. It is the best time for me. I was 41 when I got married and I am 46, trying to concieve.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Recessionista, Who me?

I was reading the NY Times online in a vain attempt to understand what is going on with the stock market. When my ADD kicked in and I notice an article "A Label for a Pleather Economy" this article was about finding things like the designers fashions but at a cheaper cost. Because of the recession.

It make sense to try to find a way to still be fashionista with less money.

I was recently in a Simons Mall and they have up scaled the stores in it. For the first time in my life I saw a Micheal Kors Store. The sales girl told me that it was a lifestyle store. Fill with some of Micheal Kors favorite items. Shoes, Handbags, Watches and a lot of other accessories. I fell in love with this bag.
Its only $348.00

I began a search for a look a like. A Patent Pleather should be easy to find.

So this article in the NY Times is right in line. As the article continues I find that there is a recession chic movement. "Mary Hall started a blog to chronicle her cheap and chic choices."

This mean that I have been a Recessionista all my life. Everything I buy is on sale and if I cannot buy it I make it. It has always been just the simple for me. I have learn this way of shopping from my mother. Who always had the current designer clothing but never and I must state this clearly NEVER paid designer prices.

When she died some of her clothing still had the price tags on them. The price mark downs were amazing. She always bought a new suit each year so it was not surprising to find a new suit hanging in the closet at the time we were clearing her closet. What was amazing was it was a $400.00 designer suit that was marked down to $60.00. A beautiful silk dress price at $160.00 marked down to $20.00.

I have never been quite that successful in my finds. So far this year best buy was when i was in Kentucky and they had and Talbots outlet I acquire 3 pairs of pants for 35.00. When each pair was regular priced at $50.00 each. That was pretty good.

As the article continues it becomes a lesson in the play on words to get people to do something that they currently are not doing. BUY! Used examples of the Sears Catalog from 1930 the beginning of the great depression. Phrases like smart and thrifty with coat priced of $9.75 to $25.00. 1987 Stock market crash designers came out with lower price line of RTW

Then the article continues it study of the word recessionista and how just adding ista to the end of the word give it a more positive outlook.

I like clothes, I love fashion. I buy when I can but MK I will not spend more on a handbag that I plan on carrying in that bag. So I will find one similar for a whole lot less. If that makes me a recessionista so be it. Because for me it just the way I was taught to shop.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Is Charlie Brown and the gang going to be there?

Its Friday and once again I am left with the coworker who loves to tell stories.

Today however it just one story. OVER AND OVER AGAIN! If she gets interrupted during the course of the story she has to start over from the begining.

"We had made plans to go the the pumpkin patch on saturday but I am changing it to sunday because there is less chance of rain on sunday. It's already cold and I do not want the kid to get sick. Plus it will be all muddy."

The phone starts ringing and after twenty minutes of answering the phone and making appointment there is a break and she starts the story from the begining. So reread the begining part of the story. This is the next part of the story.

"My son does not want to go on sunday he is mad at me because we changed the plans. He said for three months we had the plan for saturday and now it time to go and you want to change the plans. Lets just go on saturday because it may not rain. I said there is a 60%change of rain on saturday and only a 3% chance of rain on sunday. He said just bundle every one up and go on saturday because if it rains on saturday its still going to be muddy on sunday. Then I think is there a ballgame on sunday?"

The phone rings they need coverage for lunch upstairs. So away I go! While I am there I am hoping she tells the story to someone else. Lunch over back downstair to my person prison. When I get back we just have general conversation about the different quotes of the week and new possibilites. Then she remember she did not finish telling the story. She she begins at the beginning again laughing as she tells it. This is the continuation:

Yes there is a game on sunday. I told him it would not kill him to miss a game all he has to do is record it. blah blah blah (I totally tune out this part. I don't know what she was saying and I was looking at her while she was saying it.) So we are going to the pumpkin patch on sunday from 12:00 to 4:45 he will still be able to watch the second half of the game. ( Then she talks about the rides and games sounds like a pumpkin festival.)

My only question was " Is charlie brown and the gang going to be there?" She just looked at me.

I am learning Needlepoint.

I have been reading Janet's blog Nuts about Needlepoint. I try to read it every day. Since I am switching from Comcast to Verizon Fios my Internet connection is temporary disconnected.

You never realize how much you use the Internet until it not available at your every whim. So I have been following my blogs at work which is frustrating because work gets in the way.

I love Janet blogs because she is always encouraging. One time she wrote about how Needlepoint is thought of as a craft and not a work of art. You should read it because she is right.

Take the time to do a little bit of research and you will find some amazing works of art.

Each time I see and amazing needlepoint, I would say I wish I could do that.

SL does beautiful cross stitch and she was always telling me to get a counted cross stitch kit as a start.

One day we were in Pat Catan and I found one in the clearance section. So I started!
I was excited until I opened the kit. It had the thread separated on a chip board card. Each thread was in a circle cut away with the corresponding number beside it. The graft of the picture. The Aida cloth. The cloth had nothing on it! It was totally blank so where do I start? Do I have to count all those little squares?

I read the papers and I guess they assumed if you bought it you knew how to do it. But I did not know how to do it. Susan explained that I needed to start in the center. Fold the cloth to find the center and then use the graft of the pattern and find the center and start from that point. Ok got it. So I started?

I had miscounted some stitches and had to pull those stitches out and redo that. start again?

After a while I decided that I will not pull any more stitches. I don't know if that is a good idea or not but it was no fun pulling out stitches because you thought you had done something wrong only to find that you did not do it wrong or thinking everything is okay only to realize that 3 color changes ago you should have stitch 3 yellow and you did 5. It was not fun. I am sure that you will agree with me who wants a stressful hobby.

Despite that I still want to finish this cross stitch. I want to learn how to add hand work embroidery to the clothes that I make. I have and probably will continue to use the iron applique but its a goal o mine to hand stitch something and then put it on a jacket or skirt.

Back to Nuts about Needlepoint she is showing me how to take a design and transfer it on the canvas and how to needlepoint the design!

I am learning Needlepoint. She give great direction on the type of picture to use for the design. Lots of link to different web sites. I think I am going to take her information and create my Saffron flower so that I can Needlepoint a makeup case.

I am learning Needlepoint. Thanks to Janet for being my virtual teacher and to SL for getting me started!

Friday, October 17, 2008


Why, I am I work today? So far one of three has told me 3 nice little stories. I can't remember what they were about because they sound like...blah, blah, la la blah blah. Blah? That last one is her asking if I was listening. I know she knows that I am not!

She has just left the office with the promise of yet another nice little story.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

I would love to win this.

Pigtails and snails is giving away a beautiful quilt.

I thought of a friend who was dealing with some life altering medical problems. I have been considering what I could give her that would give the feeling of comfort. So I hope I can win this quilt because she would love it.

She loves all things natural so I just have the best feeling that this is it. Even if I do not win it I would to make it for her.

Gifts of comfort are hard to find and we all need comfort at times.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So now we wait!

Today I had my biopsy.

Dr S.S. explained the following to me. My hormone level are just were they need to be.

I am not perimenopausal in any way. Not experiencing hot or cold flashes or any other symptom.

The amazing thing is that with all the blood loss I am not anemic either.

Even the thickness of the uterine wall would not be of serious concern. . . . if not for the polyp I would not have been there today.

Usually they are benign but rare times they are malignant. The purpose of the biopsy is to find out if it is benign or malignant.

This is what I hate.

It takes about 1 week for the results to come back. Sometimes they comeback sooner. If it is malignant then they will call me. . . and wherever I am I must stop doing whatever I am doing and come in right away to have the D&C!

If not malignant then the D and C will still have to take place but we can schedule it when it is convenient.

If I do not received a call by Tuesday then I will call them.

So now we wait!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rain Rain go away!

This morning I had breakfast with Todd. We had a productive conversation about our budget. This is a daily conversation because if it is not the budget restriction will no longer be in play according to his mind. So to stop family stress we talk about it daily. Just the make sure we are still of the same mind and notate all transactions.

Then I dropped him off at his dad's house. He then did his daily routine of takiing his child to work and taking his dad to a doctors appointment.

I picked up CB and we made our way to the KH where we meet for FS. The group had 15 people in it which is good. I think the normal number is some where about 6 to 10. We were in the Forest Hills Area and the hills are a nice work out. I knew their was some moisture in the air because I felt like I needed my inhaler.

We did some door to door until it started to lightly rain. I think the time was 11:00 am we had been out for about an hour already. We continue to finish the street and by 11:30 the rain was at a nice steady pace. So we got into our different car groups and made our way back to the KH. We made some RV's onthe way so by the time we made it back to the KH it was 11:30. I had planned to stay out untill 1:00 and really wanted the rain to just go away!

CB reminded me that there was Evening FS meeting at the KH at 5:30 this evening. So that is my plan for the rest of the day.

I will fix some lunch and some dinner for Todd when he wakes up and visit my cousin from MS and take my Auntie some food for breakfast during his visit. Make some plans to go out with him while he is in town.

I am still working on my fabric designs and I think I messed up my crossstitch but I am just going to make adjustments as I go along. I am not removing stitches anymore.

Check out this! I read this blog about Needlepoint called Nuts about needelpoint reading this and encouragement from two of three is what started me doing a cross stitch which I am sure I have not done exactly right. But I love this blog. I will attempt one of her monthly projects called a twinchy it is the perfect craft at work project!

It's lunch time and I am hungry. So I will blog at you all later! Hugs

Monday, October 6, 2008

I got my invite!

I got myt invite to spoonflower. I am taking the time to understand the directions to prepare file for printing on fabric.

My internet connection is not working correctly but I will get it together in the next couple of weeks. So I have been using my husband's laptop just to get on the internet.

I am putting my health concerns on the back burner for right now. I am not ignoring them but I will follow doctor instuctions and just do the best I can with what I have.

I have and idea stuck in my head for a balloon purse. Not that its made of balloons it just looks like an inflated balloon. of which should be made of my signature fabric.

thanks so much for the invite I will be sending the contactsheet to you shortly.

Sending prayers

Right now there are many people in my life that are dealing with hardtimes. Some life altering some not so much. I am sending prayers and hugs and kisses to you all.