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The deconstruction is over.
AUGUST 1, 2009
The fitting went well. I really feel bad having to make people stand still for an hour but that is about how long it took. I pinned the pieces in place and she said it felt comfortable and there was enough room to grow into. I searched for my footstool. It is so much easier the pin the hemline while it is hanging off the floor. My footstool was gone and I know which sister took it. (She claims she is not short so I can imagine why she would take my footstool but I know she has it!) So I had to it pin the hemline off the floor. I am always never quite sure when I do it like this.

After she was gone I put the dress on the dress form and put running stitching in it fabric by hand this will mark the seam allowances. Once that was done I pinned notes the left side and noted the front and back sides and did the same on the opposite side. Now I was able to unpin the pieces and know that I would be able to sew them in place with no major problems.