Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Grief, I don't have that to do!

I work for a major hospital in the Pittsburgh area. They have been going through layoff and our department is also slated for some of these layoffs.
Because of rumors tensions have been high and caused unnecessary rifts between friends, coworkers and management.
Recently I did start to search for jobs and I applied for a job on line with a local courier company. You would get use of a company vehicle and there are benefits with the position. I checked my email and found 168 emails in it. Mostly was junk mail as usual, some of which I spammed and other just deleted. Finally I see the response to my on line application. A sorry we filled the position response! GRIEF!
I just went through 125 messages searching for this one and they reject me. See why I don't have that to do. Waste of time!
Then I see the offer to become a secret shopper. Cool! I know a friend who became a secret shopper and she loves it. She goes in to a store buys some stuff and then turn in the receipt to the company and they reimburse her and all she does is tell about her shopping experience. I could do that.
I start the process and GRIEF! it's one of these never ending survey's they just go on and on and on and on promising you gift cards and all you have to do is complete one offer, then its one silver offer, then it s 2 bronze offers. I DON'T HAVE THAT TO DO!
What do I have to do is find a new job. But right now I don't have that to do!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

No pictures,

I know it's Tuesday and I do not have pictures. I will tomorrow if I finish the bibs tomorrow.

I have finally finish all the alteration to the dress pants for my BIL. I have given him the first pair of pants only to realize that I forgot the adjust the waist. His waist is 48, the pants are waist of 56.

The challenge in doing this is the adjustment is done in the seat of the pants. And with this big of an adjustment the rear pockets will be right next to each other. Hopefully he will keep his jacket on. If anyone has found a better way to make this adjustment let me know. All suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

Have a great night everyone.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

3 blogs in one.

I had planned to get on the computer on Friday night but that did not happen so I planned for Saturday. I need to stop planning things and just do them so tonight at 11:25 you get 3 blogs at one time.

Friday's Blog

This was the day when everything was to be officially known concerning our jobs. Amazingly enough no announcement was made regarding anything. S and the director went to lunch and she was informed that all was just speculation. Just talk about all different options and how they would effect the running of the department and any changes that may take place probably will not happen until middle or end of march. I believe I am stating it too simply but that is what I get out of it.

I have decided that I am going to carry on as if we are going to the new location until some formal announcement is made to say differently. I have my parking hang tag, and I have signed up or the general orientation so I will get the proper ID that will work in the hospital.

I am not mad at my friend S and I have decided that I not mad at the director but I am very disappointed that he felt it necessary to say anything because of what he said it caused an unnecessary rift between me and S. What other management and supervisor could not achieve he almost successfully did!

At the end of the work day I was emotionally exhausted and all I wanted to do was blow my whole paycheck and go shopping! I took my hubby out to dinner and then we went to Burlington , Target and Kmart. I bought some socks but nothing more just walking through the stores help me a great deal. We still got home before 10:00. Finally I settled on the sofa to watch some old time tv program, I remember the Green Hornet! I wish I could be a kid again and sit and watch my favorite after school show or saturday morning cartoons. The responsiblity of job and work politics left for mom and dad to deal with.

Saturday! I thought I had the flu, I could not stop coughing, my throat felt like it was going to close up because of being so sore. Hubby kept saying get up , get up! I did not even bother to say a word but I also did not get up.

When I attempted to change my position in the bed my pinky toe nail got caught in the cover and it felt like I ripped the nail off. Todd came and looked at and yes I did pull the nail from the nail bed. So I got up and showered and dressed. My cousin had a beauty salon so I went to her. She did not have peroxide but why she thought alochol was a good subsititute is beyond me. Finally after much screaming and hitting of Todd she was finished. Cut it down to the cuticle, it should grown back fine. When I made it back home i put antibotic cream on it and bandage it up and took 3 Motrin and went back to bed.

I got nothing done, no sewing, no blogging, no sleeping. Just laying in bad with a throbbing pinky toe.

Sunday, nothing to blog about for sunday, except you cannot put stocking on a painful pinky toe!

Monday I will have my bibs done and have some pictures to post.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Boring life.

Yesterday I should have gotten my parking pass for the new location. But I forgot! So I decided that I will make a special trip to get it today. The line was extremely long yesterday so today should be better.

I planned to be there at 8:00am but I got up late. I did make it there a little after 9:00am.
I got the permit ,caught the bus home, had the RX for Provera filled made it back home and then waited for the repair guy come to fix the bathroom sink.

I had prepped the sewing studio to finish up some the repair jobs that I had started but I know I do not actually start sewing until after 8:00pm. That is the assigned time each day. Some days it happens some days it does not. Today I am under contract to finish the dress pants because that will put $10.00 in my pocket. My customer needs them Sunday.

I finally did find the right kind of terry cloth to use for the back of the bibs. When I went to the fabric store I was discouraged by the roughness of the terry cloth fabric. So I was very happy when I found the terry cloth knit fabric. It much softer and I can see it being use to wipe a baby face and not the regular stuff. So I pre washed that fabric last night so when I am finish with the pants I can finish the baby bids that I have promised.

I received samples of my fabric designs, I love them but not greatly happy with them. I need to work on working with I also have been searching for 2 days for the design that I had created 3 years ago. I have contact several screen printer in the area and they were all out of my price range and I would have had to order by the bolt of fabric not the yard. I am trying to recreate the image but its foggy in my mind. It was a cartoon drawing of me. I loved it and stitched it on to a white canvas bag that I made which I also cannot find. I have too much junk. But I am sure to find it this weekend not sure why this weekend would be any better than any other but hope spring eternal.

Tomorrow pictures.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New day.

I don't ask direct questions, this is especially frustrating to those around me who need to know some information.

I went into his office and made idle chit chat. Finally he said " Have you talk to S?"

" I left messages on her phone yesterday and I doubt that I will hear from her. Do you have some information for me to relay?"

" Still don't know anything yet."

I just look at him and then I say " Well since you said everything will be happening on Friday I will take Thursday off so I can be here on Friday." He just looked at me as if nothing I just said registered with him. " Remember 4, tens so I will take Thursday as my day off so I can be here on Friday and know first hand what is going on"

" Oh okay just tell C."

New day same ole garbage.

Monday, February 16, 2009

What the ???

My friend whom I happen to work with told me that she thought I threw her under the bus to save my job.

There are a lot of definition in the Urban dictionary to the saying "throw under a bus."

This is one : to sacrifice some other person, usually one who is undeserving or at least vulnerable, to make personal gain.

What the ?? I was shocked and hurt that this thought even came to her mind. Even more so because nothing I could say or do would change her mind.

In order to do this I would have to have known something that she did not. I would have had to know that our jobs were in jeopardy. I found out this information at the same time as she did. Also I would have to figure out a way to make myself more valuable than she. How? She is the one with the friendship and trust of the director. Without her I usually do not have lunch with him and the one time I did the conversation was about what type of training I need to be able to go into other departments. I have had the same conversation with her!

At first I started to cry but I stopped. Because tears have no effect on me when I have made up my mind about something and I feel that is the case with her.

If I threw anyone under a bus it was L. I explained in detail every aspect of what she does that is not in compliance with the job. I share a office with and have friendly conversation with her every day. My friend is aware of that and this is probably what convinced her that I did the same to her.

I cannot change that.

I would prefer to be the one who loses her job but I am not about to volunteer!

I have been researching other jobs since J became our director. I do not like how he feels it necessary to tell stuff that should not be told. He is a good director and things have changed for the better.

I actually stopped looking for jobs when he was able to prevent the loss of any positions when the first round of layoff took place in our place of employment. I realize that there were a lot of other factors that assisted with this saving of jobs. Nonetheless,I started to change my mind about him but now I know that was premature.

I have thought about this and discussed it with my husband, the only thing he said was he know the the director was up to no good. I am still confused about what that is suppose to mean. I talked to my neighbor about it she just said that how some people think.

Urban dictionary defines friend in a lot of different way as well here are two:
1. someone who is kind to you, honest, trusts you and would never do anything to hurt, annoy, anger you, or make you uncomfortable in any way. they love you for just being you. friendship can never be a one sided relationship.

2. An unreachable goal, to have friends

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Inseam of 23

Some people are just short. My husband is tall,inseam 34 inches. My brother in law is short, inseam 23 inches.

When men dress pants are not hemmed the inseam is anywhere between the measurement of 34 to 36 you just measure, cut and sew if the man is tall. If the man is short you must measure cut and taper and then sew.

If you do not taper the width of the leg of the pants then the pants when worn look like full leg pants. Great for women, not so much for men and it makes them look shorter. Men's dress pants have a taper to them so when making adjustments for short men you must remember to taper the pantlegs.

If you forget and complete the pants without tapering them then you will be removing the hand sewn hem, then taper the pants to the correct width and resew the hem by hand.

This took 2 hours too long. Grief!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Lets change the subject for a minute.

I know I have not been blogging everyday. I also realize that I was to only blog about crafting and sewing but today I have something different that is on my mind.

I work at a hospital,in the ENT pediatrics scheduling room. All day long I listen to parents make appointments for their children only to not arrive for the appointment for a variety of reasons, some good reasons, some very, very lame.
For all my complaining about the job it is the easiest and least stressful job I have ever had until yesterday.

There are upcoming layoff due to the budget cuts that need to be made.

The first round of budget cuts in our area did not have any layoff because one of our doctor left our practice to set up his own in Florida, somewhere in the Keys.

This second round of budget cuts will result in some layoffs.

First we are told this will not effect us then we are told get your resume together. The three of us in this scheduling department are basically in jeopardy of losing our employment. There are several options that can take place.

1. All three of use are laid off and then the Adult scheduling area would be responsible to making appointment in our Pediatric area.

2. Two people are laid off and one person put in with the adult scheduling area.

3. One person is laid off and two people are put in the adult scheduling area.

At least these are the three options that I can remember. There were probably different one but I hate listening to stuff that is not confirmed. So right now I have a wait and see attitude.

My hubby and I discussed our options if I do get laid off.

1. Try to get another job right away. Wherever just so we can have health care benefits.

2. Go live with is father who is a recent amputee and will need more assistance doing everyday functions, while I go back to school.

3. I go back to being an independent contractor and become a courier again. ( Which is not that bad of an option. I made pretty decent money doing this job. Most money made in a regular week. 600.00. Most money made with some additional effort 900.00.)

There may be others but this is what I remember. Friday of next week is when all will be revealed.

So in an effort to keep me calm I have been doing some alterations on men's dress pants and working on a design for a tote bag, while watching Project Runway Canada on

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I have 55 spools of thread and not single one is red!

This skirt is my polyester double knit. I love the way it looks on me and today I received several complements on it. I call the print firework flowers.
This should have been my polyester double knit red plaid skirt. But I have 55 different spools of thread and the only one with the right color red has this much thread on it.
Cannot complete the skirt with that and I am too lazy, tired, disgusted to go to the store and buy more. When every I buy thread I buy 3 spool per project because I know will use it all in time.
I have brick red but cannot bring myself to use it. In my mind the fire engine red is the best color to use to complete this skirt. So I am going to work my creating a projects to do list and draw some designs. I finally place an order for some swatches of fabric for the designs that I submitted to sunflower. I check the mail every day.

I did complete my apron and pot holders that match the kitchen curtains.

The maid forgot to wash ALL the dishes.

I do not like this picture of me but it's about time for me to put one up so now you have a face to go with these words. Hello everyone in the blogging community it nice to meet you.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Polyester of yesteryears.

The skirt I was working on yesterday looks good. I am very pleased with what I accomplished. I used the sloper that I created enabled me to create this pencil skirt so that it fits exactly as I want it to fit.

The fabric is a double knit polyester that looks good and will keep me warm in the winter. Which is the reason I used this material. I have several pieces of this material that was gifted to me. I took them because the prints are retro but I love them. The color is black white and yellow. I still have some hand sewing to complete on the waistband and the hemline. I should have that done over the weekend and will have pictures on saturday.

I am also in the process of making a second pencil skirt in a red and white plaid print. This fabric is also a double knit polyester. When I cut this fabric I almost forgot to add the seam allowances.

If I continue on this current sewing trend, by the end of this month I should have all the polyester of yester years sewn and ready to wear.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pittsburgh Steelers Win the Super Bowl!

OMG! I scream and jumped and paced the floor. I was certain that the Steelers would win, then I wasn't so sure then it was confirmed.

I screamed like Ma Harper on Jeopardy. " We Won! We Won! We Won!"

I opened my window and I saw several neighbors outside shouting and screaming and jumping around. There were fireworks blasting in the sky no I am not embellishing!

I texted messages to family and friends. Traci who is a season ticket holder sent me a video of what is was like at the stadium in Tampa! Then I saw on the breaking news. Oakland filled with people, South side filled with people it look like NY on New Years Eve! The main streets in Pittsburgh are closed down. Schools have 2 hours delay.

It's a great time to be a Pittsburgher!

Steelers Fan!

I have nothing to blog about. It Super Bowl Sunday and Pittsburgh is playing. Blog to ya on monday.