Monday, December 28, 2009

Back to work.

I have not finish my winter coat as a result I have been going without a coat. Which is much easier than I thought. My car is parked in the garage and I hubby lets me out at the front door to my JOB.

But since it has started snowing, the need for the coat has arisen again because a fleece is not enough when cleaning the driveway.

My Sewing studio has been cleaned bare but not set up to workable conditions. And the coat that I was working on is somewhere in the unorganized closet. I have somethings that need to be finish in the space to make it completely workable.

The fabric which has been stuffed into the wardrobe and taped closed has to be organized and put on storage shelving. I really do not want to store the fabric in plastic bins out of sight means I need more fabric. I need to see the fabric and inspired to create.

I have to then get rid of the wardrobe that the fabric is stored in. My sewing table has to double as a cutting table which will be a challenge because the sewing table height is at least 25 inches high and the cutting table i need to be at least 30 t0 35 inches high big difference.

Since the sewing room was also to be a guest room I have to have space for a futon or day bed to be in the room.

I need to give my home business a real attempt and my sewing room is key to all of this taking place. Plus I need to step up my clothing style and I have always done this by making the clothes myself. Lots to get done. So its time to get back to work.

Friday, November 13, 2009

almost abandoned.

I have almost abandoned my blog. I have no reason.

I have almost abandoned my winter Jacket. I am crocheting right now and the jacket does not seem to be urgent.

I have almost abandoned my budget. I am the only one who stick to it and it requires both of us to make it work

I have almost abandoned my car. I just had a new cat converter put it so I will be keeping it a little longer.

I have almost abandoned hope. I have faith in a lot of different things but I don't have much hope.

I have been on vacation this week to celebrate our 6th anniversary. To commerate that day that my life changed direction.

It has become a custom to take off. My hubby has two jobs and he was off from one and working the other. Which means that we did not go anywhere. I had abandoned thoughts a of real vacation 2 days after putting in the request to be off from work.

I missed getting the information for open enrollment at work. Since I was not at work I had forgotten all about it until about 30 minutes ago.

I have almost abandoned my weight loss program but I realized that I did lose more weight so I am sticking with that.

I am wide awake and full of energy and I have abandoned any hope of falling asleep tonight.

Thursday, October 22, 2009



Regardless of what happens I will be back to sewing!

So tomorrow I will have something worth while to post.

Today two people I know had their tires cut while they were at work!

I hate this system of things!

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

At this point...

At this point I should have pictures of a completed or almost completed winter jacket. But as you can tell this is not the case.

We are entering flu season and because my position in the hospital clinic I have direct contact with patients so I get the flu shot. Even when I did not have direct patient contact I got the flu shot.

This is the first year that 3 weeks after getting the flu shot I got sick. I know I did not get sick from the shot I was infected because sick people do not stay at home when they are sick.

One Clinical staff come in sick, stayed 1/2 day and then when home because she could not work she was so sick.

Another Clinical staff came to work so sick she was walking into the walls. She had to be sent home.

My supervisor came to work sick and worked for 2 days before someone told her please go home.

My Coworker who shares my office space started getting sick on Tuesday, Wednesday she came to work but she said she was ok. Thursday she was having a hard time working Friday she left work early.

Friday I had a sore throat at 1 or 2 in the afternoon and by the end of clinic I knew I was sick because I was cold and nothing could warm me up. I was drinking hot water, not tea, just hot water. I had a heater at my feet and I could not get warm.

By the time I got home I was ill! My sewing weekend was ruin because I could not hold my head up.

The headaches were very intense, the congestion was all in my sinus. I was lightheaded and could not sleep because everytime I laid down the pressure build up in my head.

Finally I made a wedge of all the pillows I could find and slept sitting up.

Monday I was still having dizziness and congestions so I stayed home.

This morning I was no longer dizzy and did not have a fever so I went to work. I was not sneezing a coughing all over the place but I was not totally cleared of my illness. I went to work because one staff member was off this whole week.

It was explained to me that if I get worst and have a fever then I am to go to any of our hospital ER and show my ID badge explain that I have direct contact with patient and they will test me for the H1N1 virus.

It will take 3 days for the results to come back and I am to take PTO for thoses 3 days. If the result is Negative then I can come back to work.

If the results are Positive then I have to inform my supervisor of the test results and I am not to return to work for an additional 5 days using PTO for that time off or don't use PTO just don't get paid. Then I can return to work.

Actually I am more upset that I did not get to do my sewing. Well the weather is to be in the 70's tomorrow so I will not need a coat for tomorrow. Maybe I can start sewing tomorrow after work.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Nov 21, 1976

I am often asked when did I start sewing. I felt like I have been sewing forever so I really did not have an answer for them. Most times I would just say I was 14 years old.

Turns out I was right.

Sister Gladys O Christian was a close friend of my mother's. She was at least 20 to 25 years older than my mother so we treated her like a grandmother. She probably was the one who got my mother to teach me to sew. She visited us just about everyday.

I remember making a yellow pant suit. When I finished I proudly show it to her and she inspected each and every seam and then she had me model it for her. It fit great and I really loved that suit. She told me that I did a very good job.

The next day she came to the house with a book I was not at home at the time but she left it for me.

Inside she wrote To Lavon From Sister Gladys O Christian November 21, 1976.

I had completely forgot that until I found this book again. I remember going to her apartment in the senior building and thanked her. She said it was given to her by an aunt. Since I was doing so well she thought I could complete some of the projects in the book.

Did I wear that suit in November? Yes I did and I got lots of comments about it. Gregory said it was a nice suit but I should have waited until Spring to wear it. He said I was a chick that hatched early.

To the project at hand. My winter jacket. I should have a lot more done but I don't. I got a little distracted when a close family friend had a death in her family and we went to offer comfort and support.

I did get the interfacing done.

These are fusible interfacing. The grey interfacing = Suit Shape which is a canvas interfacing. The Black interfacing = Shape flex this is also a canvas interfacing but it is much stiffer and I am guessing that this is the best use in the jacket that I am making.

I took my time with the fusible interfacing because if the iron is too hot it puckers and if the iron is too cool the bond is temporary at best. So tomorrow is a non sewing day so I may cut the lining then and start sewing on Wednesday because Thursday is Project Runway day.

Do something creative every day!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Winter Jacket

I need a winter coat. I have been talking about a winter jacket for a while and Last night during Project Runway I laid out my pattern for my coat.

I chose this pattern because 1. it is easy and 2 the adjustment that needed to be made would be easy.

This is what I did; to the jacket front and jacket back pattern pieces
I added 1 inch to the bust line; 1.5 inches to the waistline;2.25 inches to the hip; finally 7 inches to the jacket length.

Then I added 1 inch to the sleeve width. Add 3 inches to the sleeve length.

If I need to make any additional adjustments as I go along I will just notate them in my project notebook. I have some other wool fabric that need to be used so this jacket pattern will work for those projects as well. Once this is completed I hope I love this jacket so I can make plenty more.

The fabric is chocolate brown.

The texture is like crepe fabric and it does feel pretty good for a coat. This is a wool Crepe fabric but I will have to put lining in it.

Since the pattern has a yoke at the top my lining will be the pattern pieces for the front and back without the yoke. I will quilt the lining with batting for baby's quilt. I know it is machine washable batting but I believe it will dry clean well. I am still determining if the sleeves will be lined or not. I am pretty sure that they will be.

Tonight I will be fusing the interfacing on the yoke and collar and facings.
Tomorrow I will be quilting the lining
Sunday I sew the yoke and collar and possibly work some the of the main construction of the front and back.
Monday I will post a new entry.

Have a great weekend and Be creative every day.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Thinking is not a requirement, but it better than this.

Stop me if you heard this one before.

I need stimulating conversation at work. Now that Betty is gone and has moved on to better things I am stuck trying to have conversation with my current coworker who rarely listen to what I am saying or just give me a blank stare.

Here is an example:

Me: Hey coworker, what do you think of purpose of philosophy could be?

Coworker: silence

The way our office is situated she sits behind me. So I turn around to make sure she heard me and she is reading her facebook page.

Me: Hey!

Coworker: Uh! What did you say?

Me: Philosophy……..what do you think about it?

Coworker: What?

Me: Ya know the study of general problems like existence, knowledge, values and such.

Coworker: turns and looks at me with a blank expression. “What?”

I turn back to my desk “never mind”.

Coworker: “No really I am listening what about it now.”

I start talking but not about anything in particular just rattling something that has very little to do with the question raise. Quite simply put I am not a great debater. I just felt the need to talk about something more cerebral. After a while I realize I have not gotten a single response from her and I turn to see her reading her face book page again.

I think I will buy a book.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Today was not so bad but whatever. Whatever just means that what I am feeling is nothing to shout from the mountain top nor is it anything to cry about it’s just whatever.

We received our new lease when I read the note enclosed with the lease it says that the rent increase was going to be 20 percent. I love this place but a 20 percent increase was beyond what we could afford. I told hubby that we should look into one of the apartment complex but he nixes that because he wants to stay in the neighborhood close to his father. I can understand why, his father is ill and often deal with depression that comes with long term illness and dependence on others for everyday things that he would do for himself if he could. Whatever he thinks we still have to move. He starts in on owning his own home.

I don’t want to own a home I like calling the landlord when something is wrong and it gets fixed right away. I like having the freedom to live like a nomad if I wanted to. So after 15 minutes of me telling him all the reason why I don’t want a home I have to listen to 40 minutes of reason why we should own a home and then I am shown all the houses in the area.

However he has no follow through in doing what is necessary to own a home. So just to help him in his dream I have started the process of getting our credit information and credit scores. This way we can strengthen our credit by dealing with any credit disputes or delinquencies, take the necessary steps to strengthen our credit history. Since this takes time and will not be done overnight we must decide what we want in a house and where we want to live etc…….

While this conversation is going on I look at the note again and it actually says the increase is 2.6% which calculates out to 20.00 more each month. So this is our last year here. I am still hoping for an apartment complex but I will get things in place for us to get a loan for his house. That includes getting rid of stuff that is not being used so I don’t have to move it into our new place and it continue to not be used.

So he looks in the home booklets and I am searching for the next perfect rental place for us to live in, which all amounts to whatever.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

It does not pay to wait until the last minute.

Yesterday I decided that I needed a dress to wear, today. I did make the dress but I was not happy with it.

I designed a shift dress with ruffles around the collar.

I hated the ruffle. It did not lay the way I wanted it to. Because the fabric was really too thick for the type of soft ruffle effect that I wanted. So I removed the ruffle that I put on. I searched through my stash of fabric and of course I did not have the right type of fabric in the right color.

When I removed the ruffle I stretched the neckline in the front of the dress so I need to make some more adjustments to it.

When you wear a jacket with it no one can see the mistakes or the dress. So once I have fixed it to look the way it really should I will post it correctly.

It does not pay to wait until the last minute.


In the evening I have been crocheting Tri-Color squares for the guest bedroom. Two shades of blue the other color is white. I have so much yarn its time for me to start creating afghans to use it all up.

I starting connecting the squares as I go along. There will be 10 squares in each row. This row is almost done. 2 more squares to go.

After I complete this row I will start sizing my Motif for the Motif Afghan features in the Crochet Along on the Lion Brand Notebook blog. This time I will start and finish it. and not wait until the last minute.

My sister does not have a computer. I kept telling her that the Little Designers are going to need it for school work. But she did not get the computer dispite several great sales last Christmas time.

One of the Little Designers is now enrolled in a performing arts school. I was teasing my sister and told her that soon she will be bringing home a note saying she needs a laptop computer. She laugh it off.

Friday the Little Designer brought home the note, She needs a laptop for school starting monday. I thought it was funny. My sister was not so amused. So all the Aunts are pitching in to get her a laptop. I still think it funny. It does not pay to wait until the last minute. If anything it cost more!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Crochet A Long

Lion Yard Is doing a new Crochet A-long. I was not successful with the last one. I went to the store to pick the color yard and nothing appealed to me. So It was a project that never got started.

However I should be better with this one. Since I was already crocheting it should be easy to start something else.

These are the square I am crocheting in the evening after dinner and before bed. I should have a lot more done but Oh well.

The yard you see at the beginning are the colors I will use for the New Crochet A long. Will be interesting. I have never crochet this Motif before. I am looking forward to it.

My White Pizza is heating in the oven. Hubby should be asleep so tonight is as good as any other for crocheting.

I still have not started my yummy chocolate brown coat. Soon I am sure.

Do something creative every day!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hello Again.

I have not used the blog in a while. But I have decided to return to blogging. I guess the blog is like my sewing momentum. I can get started and sew every day for days, months years and then suddenly I stop. No reason I just stop. So I guess I’m back again.

Okay so the winter coat that I want to make is chocolate brown and the lining is the same color. I have decided the quilt the lining with the batting that I use in making baby blankets. I am going to do the stitching by hand. I will be using gold metallic thread and I want the center of the stitching to be my name. In a graffiti style that I created years ago in a poster that was destroyed when my family home was involved in a fire.

After thinking about it I changed my mind and decided that it say “a mere saffron of the valley” the reason this works for me is because if I ever had a clothing store it would be called “Amere Saffron”.
I have not drawn the perfect lily for this sign so it stays in my head. But having the saying “a mere saffron of the valley” stitched into the lining of my coat is heading in the right direction. Maybe if I every get and embroidery machine I can make beautiful embroidered lining in all my coats and jackets. I am sure some designer line has this already but I can’t remember who it is at this point.

I am back to getting up at 5:00 in the morning and this is when I will do my sewing 5:30 to 6:30. 4 days a week. In the evening before going to bed I will plan out the morning work. 7:00 to 7:30 will be my exercise time. I will be showered and dressed by 8:30 and ready to walk out the door. On the days when I am not working on my sewing projects I will be preparing dinner for 2 days and cleaning.

I am also back to sketching again. I am by no means an artist but this does relax me and hopefully will enable me to sleep before 2:00 am.

My little designer has been busy designing clothes so I will have her in my sewing studio on Sunday afternoons. I will be busy creating these for her and helping her to learn to sew them for herself.

That’s it for now. Remember to express yourself creatively everyday!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Moving on to the next project!

First let me apologize for not updating anyone who actually reads this blog with the exception of my self and Betty occasionally.

The dress is completed. The wedding is over and she loved the dress. The final fitting was the week before the wedding and it looked beautiful. I am actually proud of the hem. It was the correct length.

I was prepared for it to be off a little the sewing machine was up and read to go but when she put it on with the shoes she was to wear for the wedding you could see it float across the floor as she walked. I was very happy and extremely relieved.

Hems can be scary things. I could tell you about the summer dress that was to be a Maxi that turn into a summer tunic to wear with leggings. Sounds laughable but believe me when I say the tunic hem was lopsided but at that point I just left it as it was just so I could wear it. I need something to show for my effort.

My next project is a winter coat for me. Chocolate Brown! Yummy!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


The deconstruction is over.
AUGUST 1, 2009
The fitting went well. I really feel bad having to make people stand still for an hour but that is about how long it took. I pinned the pieces in place and she said it felt comfortable and there was enough room to grow into. I searched for my footstool. It is so much easier the pin the hemline while it is hanging off the floor. My footstool was gone and I know which sister took it. (She claims she is not short so I can imagine why she would take my footstool but I know she has it!) So I had to it pin the hemline off the floor. I am always never quite sure when I do it like this.

After she was gone I put the dress on the dress form and put running stitching in it fabric by hand this will mark the seam allowances. Once that was done I pinned notes the left side and noted the front and back sides and did the same on the opposite side. Now I was able to unpin the pieces and know that I would be able to sew them in place with no major problems.

AUGUST 3, 2009
The fabric that I am using for the lining is not the same color of the dress. It’s black! This is the best choice it will not show through the fabric. I would have loved to have had the same color of the dress but I could not find a match at the fabric store. Any additional shawls of the same color were out of state. So I used what I had and that was black.

The black was a silk that I had used in lining before. It feels really great against the skin. I had enough of the black fabric for both sides of the dress. What I had to do for one side to be the correct shape to fit the dress correctly was to take pieces and sew them together. I took the opportunity to get rid of some of the bobbins that had small amounts of black thread remaining on them. 4 bobbins later I had the finish piecing the lining together and now it was time to add it to the dress. I put the lining in place and that was enough for that day.

AUGUST 6, 2009
The left side of the fabric was put in to place. This took two hours. Not sure why but it is in place. Enough for that day.

AUGUST 8, 2009
Sat looking at the dress trying to figure out why it took two hours to put the left side in. I am really trying to avoid that if I can. One hour passed and I have decided that I will do it tomorrow. Right now I will look for a pattern for a dress for me and lay it out so that when I am finish putting the right side in tomorrow I can start sewing on a dress for myself.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My dress form had changed!

I decided that it would be easier to make the changes to the dress if I had a body double so I made some changes to my dress form.

I started with one pillow but that was not enough to get the measurment that I needed. So I used two pillows. This gave me a waist measurement of 42 inches. This is okay because when my client was here she was 40 inches.

Then I covered it with the batting. I pulled the string from the dress form through the batting which elimate the uniboob effect.

I put the clean white sheet on the floor and put the dress on the form. It is so much easier to remove the last stitches in the top of the dress once it was on the dress form.

The piece that I add will be shaped like a wedge. 2 inches wide at the top, 6 inches wide at the waist and 8 inches at the hip. To keep the dress easy to walk in the bottom of the wedge will be about 10 inches wide.

I am also thinking that I need to add more inches for additional growth. I have no idea how big her waist will become. So room for growth is essential.

I listen to Teena Marie while I worked this time.

This will work out fine. So I am going to prepare the fabric that she gave me to work with. I need to cut 4 wedges 2 for the lining and 2 for the dress. I am pretty sure that I will need fabric.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I have been sewing since I was 14 years of age. It was mostly out of necessity, I was tall and nothing fit. My mother was always right by my side but by the age of 14 she just no longer were there. She was busy with other stuff and left the sewing to me and if I had a question she would help.

I would spend hours listening to my music and sewing. After a while I started making things for other people.

After 5 cocktail dresses,
Prom dresses,
Mother of the bride dresses
Maternity dresses
Maternity shirts
Clothing for little girls and lots of other things as well

I have been called to replace zippers, change the hemline of skirts or dresses and pants, and at times called to make this smaller and or make this bigger.

I have recently been hired to make alterations to a bridesmaid dress.

By the time of the wedding she will be 5 months pregnant. Right now her waist is 40 inches.

I have seam ripper in hand and it is time to open up some seams! She will return on August 1st and we will do additional measurements at that time. August 28th is the wedding. My plan is that everything will be done the week before!

The dress has several workable seams. It is an A line gown, there are 2 in the front that I can open and add fabric there. On each side of the gown are 2 seams and I can open and add fabric there. I do not want to add to the back of the gown but I can increase the size here as well just by reducing the seam allowances.

It is a lined gown with netting between the fabric and the lining in the skirt portion of it. So the netting will be removed temporarily it will be replace after the final fitting. Since the netting is used to add fullness to the dress she may not want the additional fullness once everything is done.

So today I am removing the netting and tomorrow ripping out some of the stitching for some of the side seams.

I has search through all my thread and guess what! I have the right color so I just have to get more thread of the same color and we are set to go!

This is going to be fun!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sewing projects

Here is the before picture.

You can see how big the armhole is and although it may not be clear the dress just hangs on me. I started my reconstruction of the dress by removing the side seams stitching and based on my measurement resewed the seams with a 1 ½ inch seam allowance on both sides. Checked the fit again and it felt so much better.

I could not find the right color ribbon in my notions to give the dress the empire waist look so I just decided to put that on hold. One day I may add that ribbon.

Here is the after picture courtesy of hubby who did not want to take the picture!

Just looking at the pictures you really cannot see a difference in the way it fits but it does feel better and the little designers like it.

A friend at work saw this outfit and asked if I had made the blouse.

This picture was also taken by an unwilling hubby.

I said that I did and she ask if she could borrow the pattern so her stepmother could make one for her. I told her I would bring it to her on Monday. Not really sure why I was okay with lending her the pattern but I will keep to my word and bring it to her on Monday.

Today, I decided that I need 2 more blouses from this pattern before I would lend it out. So I made this today.

Its difficult to see but I will wear it tomorrow with a black skirt. I will get the unwilling photographer to take the picture again.

I am now in the process of making View E of this pattern.

I am sure that I will get the pattern back but if not I will just buy a new one. This is a great pattern for summer blouses. I really enjoyed this one a great deal and when I get it back or buy a new one I will be making more.

Have a Great Night!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Still not happy with this dress.

Auntie and Crazy Cousin made it to the airport and arrived in Chicago. I was relieved when I got the phone call because they worry me. Now they are on vacation for 14days and I have 14 days to get my car back on the road.

I did not take them to the airport my sister did. This enabled me to stay in bed until 12:30. I am so glad that the house was clean so I did not feel guilty being lazy.

Today the sewing room in clean enough to be messed up again. I got started on making some changes to the dress. I took the sides in 1 and ½ inches and redid the hem. It’s a little shorter but not really too short, I do not wear minis.

I searched for ribbon in my stash of trims to see if Betty’s suggestion would work. The ribbon trim would give it an Empire Waist look which you see a lot of this summer. So I guess I will give it a try.

I guess the real problem I had with the dress is that I did not like the way I felt when I had it on. I think that, Dresses should make you feel pretty. Suits should make you feel confident. I could not get a idea of how I felt with the dress on. Maybe It not the dress maybe I just don’t like it.

I googled “mood reflected in how you dress” and found this.

And this _

When I saw the print on the fabric that I used to make the dress I thought of the tropics. I wanted a dress that I could wear here and have people think I guess came back from a cruise. That’s not how I feel when I tried it on so it just went in the pile of UFO.

But now is completed and I will probably wear it tonight when hubby and I go to Red Lobster for dinner. I will take a picture and post it after dinner.

Have a great and dress beautifully.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I know I said this before but here I go again.

Trying to have a child as I enter the age group of 50 is completely asinine! I just turned 46 this year. This is the main reason for not seeking meds to help with fertility. That is a lie! That is not my main reason for not seeking meds to help with fertility. The main reason is that I don’t want to be deemed infertile. I have never had children, I have never been pregnant. So I could just be a barren woman.

Yesterday a co-worker was telling my that her daughter felt the fluttering of her child. She is about 5 months along in her pregnancy . “ You know the fluttering feeling you feel when your pregnant.” She could tell my the blank expression on my face that I had not a clue. She then put her finger tips on my arm and lightly and quickly fluttered them. “ It feels like that .” I just nodded my head. She then changes the subject.

My belly has never grown as a child grows within and all my stretch marks are because I gained too much weight too quickly.

For me having a child meant having a husband. I married my husband when I was 40 I am now 46. My husband has a daughter she is 20. So I feel that he is not the problem. When I turned 42 we decided to try to have a child. It has been 3 1/2 years.

Since I turned 42 my cycle started playing tricks on me. Please realize that when I was in my 20’s and 30’s my cycle was regular and I was so in tune with the way my body worked I could tell what time my cycle was going to start. I felt healthy and my regular cycle was my indicator that I was healthy.

Now my cycles are irregular and I feel out of sorts most of the time. One doctor told me I was premenopausal which only made me sad because I felt I could not have a child because of this. Due to insurance changes I went to a new doctor who told me I was not premenopausal giving me hope again. But my cycles never became regular and at times I had to take Provera just to start the cycle up again.

It is really time to go back to the doctor get the blood work done to see where my FSH , LH, and prolactin levels are. If they are too high this could be a sign of menopause. I will have to make sure to include progesterone levels as well.

I guess the first step is to get to the doctor’s office.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I was inspired by this blog SEW MUCH FABRIC, SEW LITTLE TIME.

She is using her fabric stash to create a basic wardrobe. I just love all the T’s and skirts that she has made, so I have decided to work on doing the same.

But first (no I am not putting it off) I have to finish this dress that is making me angry.

I had a wonderful tropical print fabric which would have been the perfect summer dress. I kept the fabric for several summers and did nothing with it.

I finally decided the make a dress; unfortunately it was not a summer dress. Well it is a summer dress but its not the perfect summer dress.

I have decided to go back to not making decision when I am on my cycle. (ironic, huh!) Granted when you have not had a cycle for two months the PMS that usually sounds the warning bell is not so loud.

Never make decision to cut your hair(I'm wearing a wig her name is Oprah) or use perfect summer fabric on a non summer dress.

So my project is to redo this dress and create the perfect summer dress or at least as close to a summer dress as I can get it.

I have to do something to the sleeves and it should fit closer to the body.

I could just put the zipper in the front of it and make it a cover-up for a swimsuit.

Although when I look at it in this picture it’s not so bad.



I just happen the find this while browsing through youtube. I thought I would find something to show how the storm affected us but I did not know I would find one done by a neighbor.

Of course now you know what city I live in.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

What to do?

I have consider shutting down this blog but as usual before giving up and I will give it one more try.

This will be the first of 30 days so see if i can blog for thirty day. Part of the problem is that I do not like to talk about me very much. I am a great listener and try to understand other problems and life situation and what they deal with but I never successfully share this information with other. So my blog suffers. I talk about work not really a major part of my life. I put in my hours and go home.

I talk about home but not extensively because I was taught home was like Vegas; what happens at home stays at home. I think Vegas got the slogan from my dad.

I have never been completely open with my thought feelings hopes and dreams. Even with my closest friend not completely. I have tried to think of the blog as an online journal and I used to write in my journal daily but even that did not get all my clearest thoughts. So what to do?

Should I blog about my lack of children and desire to have them. No really because I have resigned myself to the fact that I will never have children myself so I will have to adopt. Hubby is not on board with that so I will just borrow other family children and live like a mother for short periods of time.

Should I blog about my place of employment and any endeavor to advance. I really don't care enough. Back when I was working for the bank and going to school and trying to get ahead that is when it was a major concern for my so i talked about it a lot and it would have been a perfect time to blog about that.

Should I blog about my attempt at creating a fall line of clothing. I think this might work but when I get involved in what I am doing creatively I really do not talk about it I just do it. Also once I get started I should not stop because It is nearly impossible for me to keep the drive going. I perfer the highway or turnpike driving when I am creating and sewing not the stop and go driving of the city. When I was single this was easy to do I coud just ignore everyone and concentrate on what I was creating until it was done. And everyone knew just leave her alone. Hubby not so much. So I have to devise a way to work everyday and still make time for others, especially hubby.

Should I blog about my determination to get rid of unhealthy aspects of my life. Should I blog about my search for....... I don't know. What to do? What to do?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nothing much to blog about.

I know that I have not had anything to say in a while. Most of what I write is just rambling anyway so I am trying to change that aspect of this blog.

Since I rarely express myself well when talking to people you can guess that is even more difficult writing down what I want to say.

Right now I listen more than I talk.

Everyone seems to have some problem that they need to talk about and I guess that my calm exterior says talk to me. I am amaze that they do not notice the blank look on my face. Maybe what I think is a blank look that should say “ I don’t care.” Is a look that say “ and what happen after that? “ Oh well it is what it is.

I have focus in on my exercise and eating habits. But I don’t blog about that.

I have been taking pictures of different wall art wherever I happen to be. But I don’t blog about that.

I have been sewing but recently broke my sewing needle. But I don’t blog about that.

I have been sketching new clothing designs. But I don’t blog about that.

I plan to get some St. John Wort because I maybe I am a little depressed. But I don’t blog about that.

Today is the first day in 4 days that I actually turn on my computer. When I get home from work the first thing I do is turn on the computer. But I didn’t do that for 4 days.

Perhaps tomorrow I will have something to blog about.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I don't know

I have been searching for my USB cord for days and still cannot find it. The one I did find does not fit my camera so I still have no pictures to share.

I was visited by the newlyweds, they are 20 years younger but we had a fun conversation just the same. Then One of them asked me why did I marry my hubby. I said "I don't know." she looked at me and laughed like I said something funny. The two of them had been talking non stop which was fine with me I was entertained but I did not have much to say and after a while I was ready to end the day with them. So when I was asked why I married Todd that I was my immediate response.

The reason I married Todd was because we clicked with days of meeting. I talked and he actually listen to what I said. We had a lot of similar interest that most men do not like in their females.

I love football, not so crazy about baseball or basketball. I love Nascar, I love all the old American made muscles cars and will watch the auction on SPEED TV. I interested in computers and programming but not enough to pursue more than reading a magazine. Most guys do not want to talk sports with females or shall I say most of the men I was meeting at the time. Todd thought all that was cool. I love action drama movies and occasionally a chick flick but I love all the comic book movies and action hero type stuff. and I will watch Sci Fi channel. Love all animation movies and Amine.

When talking to Todd it like talking to a friend who loved the same things that I love and we just clicked. If we had not gotten married we would have been the best of friends and people would have thought we were a couple anyway. Which would cause problems if either of us did get married to someone else and they were insecure. He became an hanging buddy overnight so Why not get married and live a happy life with your best friend.

Which is what I explained after I took the I don't know comment back.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Project completed.

I started not to write this blog because I have no picture to show.

Well I have a picture but I cannot find my Cord to connect to the computer.

So I wore my completed pants and shirt to work today. It was very comfortable and one person said she really liked my shirt or blouse. That made me feel good.

I will have to make the pants longer next time. The lenght I have in this pair is a little shorter that I would like it.

Tonight I have gathered all the summer knit fabric. I will have lots of dresses and weekend wear by saturday.

Have a good night. Pictures tomorrow if I can find that cord.

Friday, May 8, 2009

I am going to get a beer!

This is the weekend when I hide out! This way total strangers will not ask me " Are you a mother?" I have several responses to this depending on how I am feeling.

1. I just say no. They respond well it's never too late.

2. I say Maybe one day. To which they say " Well happy Future Mother's Day" I want to slap this person.

3. I have a step daughter. Some respond Oh and just walk away and others say Well you are a mother then.

4. This is a favorite response. " WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?" both hands are now fist and I am Glaring at them. They slowly back away.

I know this weekend I am staying in the house. So tonight I plan to go and get some WILD BLUE. A six pack will do.

I am hoping the sun is shining so i will sit on the porch and drink my blueberry beer.

If the sun is not shining I will drink beer while sewing. That is not a good combination.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New project.

I have been so tired since we have moved to the new building. Since I am in front of people all day there is little to no downtime. It does make the time go so much faster but I lose track of time.

Saturday I laid out a pattern for dress pants for work. Butterick 3371
I choose this pattern because it was to be a after 5 look for whenever I go out to a high end resturant. That is not likely to happen anytime soon so I decided the pants would be great for work.

I am not committed to this because pants have always been a difficult fit. But I must get restarted sewing because if too much time laspes I will not be interested in sewing.

I will have to review my completed projects folder to see how many projects I have completed so far.

I found a tutorial for a pyrimad wristlet. I plan to make some changes in the measurements to get a little bigger pyrimad to make a purse for evening wear. Prom season is coming up and I think this would be a great item to sell. I should have had these done already.

At least I am headed in the right direction starting with the pants!

One of the little designer has some artwork on display at the childrens museum. I love art shows especially when my little desigers are a part of it. I will have pictures of this tomorrow.

Have a good night.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Walmart's Fabric is 50% off

Friday when I got home from work. Hubby was not there my plan was for us to go to the movie Wolverine I know that's now the title but that what I call it.

I clean up the kitchen while I waited and just as I finished he came home. Wonderful timing right? No. He looked at me and stood for a minute then he said. " I know you had plans for the evening but I have worked all night and helped my dad all day I am exhausted so I am going to bed." The he walked down the hallway and went to our bedroom. After about 10 mnutes I heard him snoring.

There is no point going to the movie by myself because he wanted to see the movie. I am sure seeing the moving twice would be great after all we are taking about Hugh Jackman! but our budget could not handle such a simple indulgence. So I went to walmart instead. I needed some kitchen stuff any way.

Everytime I go to walmart I stop at the fabric department sometimes that have what I need. I need new window stuff. When I went to Betty house and I saw all the new stuff she did to her windows it reminded me of what I planned to do but did not do.
So new window sheers and windo scrafs are needed. Plus I hate the fabric I covered the sofa with.

To my suprise the fabric department was a little smaller and all the fabric was 50% off on a liquidation sale. They would no longer sell fabric and would have a party and craft department instead.

I need fabric for the windows ( measurements escape my mind ) I need fabric for the kitchen (curtains, table scraf, towels, potholders and towels)

So much fabric has gone already but I was determined not to go crazy. I got 4 yards of a peach sheer, 2 yards of a fabric for the scraves, 4 yards of a knit print that just screams summer dress 4 yards of black and yellow that would be a great panel skirt and 4 years of interfacing. $16.00! I am going back once I measure the windows if I do not have enough material.

Once all the fabric is gone the only place in Pittsburgh to get fabric will be JoAnn's.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Betty Looks Great!

Yesterday Betty came for a visit and we had lunch! Which was so much fun to have my friend visiting. I had not seen her in a while!

After she left everyone told me" Betty looks great!" and She did look great but after the 5th time I was tired of hearing how great Betty looked!

She looked relaxed......She looked happy .......Her hair is beautiful.....She lost weight.......She looks great!

So Betty the next time you come and visit you will probably be promoted to supermodel status.

Monday, April 27, 2009

I wipe clean my memory card

I took my camera to work on the day that we were moving. And of course when you move you alway find stuff that you dont want.

Well we found a flying roach. It was the biggest bug that I had ever seen personally. I took a picture of it and a picture of Jess who caught the thing and put it in a suction container.

I wanted to show this picture to all see but when I was trying to set up the timer on my camera to take a picture so I could include myself in it I wiped clean my memory card.

I really have to read more of the owners manual!

Today we were all moved in and the doctors ready to see patient. We only encountered a few problems like missing phones or if you had a phone and someone tried to call you extention it would ring in a totally different part of the hospital. Missing computers or computers not linked to the correct domain.

The exam room did not have baskets on the outside of the door for patient info so bins were place on the floor beside the door of the exam rooms for the doctors to get current patient information. Tacky!

Employees with attitude because of responsibility either being taken away from them or added to them without the effort of management taking time to explain what was going on.

Finally the answer that was given to every question that began with the question why?

"That is the way it is from this point forward"

I don't have a single picture of the mess the will soon smooth out to become normal life in larryville!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Moving day part 1

Our office was closed today well the clinic was close but we still had office stuff to do as we attempted to pack for the great move.

Tomorrow I will have more to say and I will have pictures.

Have a great night everyone.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Headaches.....Pain pain go away!

This morning was gray and rainy. I thought of what my sister and I would say looking out the picture window on a rainy day.

Rain rain go away, come back some other day. We want to go out an play. Rain rain go away.

The rain did not go away this morning and set the tone so that Today is one of those days. My headache today was purely due to stress. Our front desk person was by himself and when he was an hour behind checking patients in I go out to help him to find that one of the computer at the front desk was taken away! Part of the move to the new location this week. Since he was on the only computer at the front desk we, WC and me, had to then do the following go out into the waiting room, pick a name off the list, take them in the back to an office space and then check them in, bring them back to the waiting room so the nurse could then call the patient!

After an hour of doing this my head was pounding because the waiting room was packed full with crying, laughing, screaming kids. Parents giving kids snacks to keep them quiet ( this is a very ineffective method in a crowded waiting room ), telling them to play nice and warning them if they did that one more time no McDonald's! The room was warmer than usual and filled with the smells of cheese slices to someone cutting the cheese. ( Johnnie say excuse me. She just laughs as she does it again.)

Misplaced Doctors wandering in the clinic because their office were now in Larry ville and they were in Kids land. Office workers wondering how they were to pack up the whole clinic and clinic office in 2 days and unpack it all in one day and then deal with a full clinic with 3 doctors on Monday. Everyone one is on edge and 3 of us have headaches.

Then I think about Betty in her new job that she just loves! Headache pounds again.

Pain pain go away, never come back this way. I want to smile and enjoy the day Pain pain go away.

This too was unsuccessful!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Great Weekend to go out and play!

Well the weather is beautiful the sun is shining bright and it warm enough to wear a spring time dress without a jacket.

I was stuck in today because I did not want to exacerbate an allergy battle that I am already dealing with. I really do not feel sick, there is no fever but my voice sounds like a frog, from coughing and sneezing and nasal drips. I am taking my allergy med and nasal spray and a throat spray for the sore throat but usually I get worst at the end of the day.

Around 4:00 Sweet Hubby insisted that I get out ever if it is just for a drive so we fill up the gas take and went for a drive down 22 we got as far as Blairsville before deciding to turn around. We did not stay strictly on 22 because every time we saw a sign advertising a new housing plan we drove through it. I did enjoy it of course I did not bring my camera so not pics to share.

Everyone have a great weekend and enjoy the sun!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Major Pain--- Headache Pain

Yes this is exactly how I felt over the weekend!

I am sorry for not blogging over the last few day. I deal with migraines and they make me feel all sorts of ways. Majority of them are just plain evil. So as to not offend my friends I just cut all connections until I can be human again.

Today I am partially human Tomorrow I will be better but right now I am making a few phone calls and then I am going to bed.

Hugs to everyone and just a note AF came and ruin my weekend and the headache was just icing on the evil cake!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sock it to me!

My blog has no true message. No true subject. I have come to accept that it will be just as confusing as my mind is. I appreciate when someone reads it. I love it when someone comments on it.

When I received my socks I was happy. When I read the note she included with the socks I did feel warm and fuzzy. That someone I did not know trusted me with what she and her family was currently dealing with that will be life altering regardless of the outcome. She immediately went into my prayers. Her not did not give her blog so I will just have to watch and search for it.

I was sitting here tonight with 3 things on my mind.

First I check the calendar for I cannot count how many times. My last cycle was extremely weird. I had the D & C the polyp was successfully removed with no complications and I came back to the office within 2 weeks and I was told by my doctor all was well and that my cycle should start within 15 days. That was December 31. It was also the day some idiot going to fast hit me on my way to that doctors appointment. January came and went and there was no cycle.

February I would guess on the 3 or 4 I felt a sharp pain in my left side which I dismissed. On the 7Th I did the pregnancy test which was negative. On the 10Th there was a light pinkish discharge which I thought was the beginning of a cycle it was not the beginning of my cycle. It was the first of 7 days of what I thought was the beginning of a cycle. I saw my Doctor on the 13th and received a script for provera. Started the provera on the 20th after doing a second pregnancy test. ( there were 2 in the box why not use them all ) which was also negative. February 24 the light beginning of a cycle stopped and on the 27 a true heavy cycle brought on my he provera started. March 9th this stopped and I have been cycle free every since. If I count from when the provera induce cycle started I am currently 12 days past the time for my cycle to start.

Hubby and I have a special night planned for Saturday April 11th and I an sure mother nature would love to hand me a present. I doubt that it would happen but if it does that would definitely be that day. The day that I would not want it.

I felt a draft from somewhere but could not find the source.

The other things on my mind was creating a line of tote bags. But I wanted them to be different from all other tote bags. Well most other tote bags, after all a tote bag is a tote bag not sure how much variation you can create with them but I will give it a try.

The third and last thing was sending out hugs and warm fuzzy feeling to Betty who was starting a new job and starting a cycle when it would have been better for her to be wrong and actually pregnant.

Sending out hugs and warm fuzzy feeling to Jennifer my sock buddy. In answer to your question the spring time forecast for tomorrow includes snow so the only bright spring colors in my portion of Pittsburgh are the colorful socks on my feet. You and your family are in my prayers sending you positive energy. I hope and pray that all turns out well.

I usually do not get comments on my blog because my mind is irrational and there is no telling what I will blog about and I have spurts where I forget I even have a blog. But the sock it to me really help to be feel connected to other outside my little world. Thanks so much Kym you are a smart one.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pillow 1

This is the first of many promised pillows. This is a gift to my youngest sister. The picture is of her and my dad on the construction site of the Assembly Hall. Since the Assembly Hall is going through a major face lift. My sisters and I with the exception of my sister in Seattle had the privilege to do some of the work on the renovation.

The next pillows will be from the cricut cutout that Betty and I did when she demonstrated her little bug to me.

Working on some new shapes for tote bags as well.

New cover for the Ironing board.

Often we take our basic and most useful tool for granted. I know I do! My ironing board cover is torn, burn in places and the padding is just not useful.

Every time I use it I say I am going to get a new cover for it. Today I made one.

The padding is the padding I use for baby quilts. It turned out okay but I did not put much thought into I just did it.

Next time I will cut the fabric a bit bigger so that when I put the elastic around the edges it will fit snugly to the inside of the frame of the board and not on the outside rim.

Other wise it looks good and stays in place, and makes this tool even more effective than before.

Friday, April 3, 2009

No longer in a scheduling room

I recently took a position in our clinic as an OR Scheduler. Basically it's a data processing job. If you can count and you can type you can do this job.

What you do in the morning is key into the computer all the reservations for surgery. They are called reservations because we are just reserving places on the schedule for them they are not guaranteed. If an emergent case come in you can lose your reservation. This is the reason everyone gets a call on the night before the surgery to find out what time they need to come in.

Once clinic is open and the dr begans seeing patient they come to me to reserve a place for them. I have a list of the next available dates and times. As I give someone a reservation I change the amount of time left to reserve based on a the time it takes to complete a procedure.

Even though it sound basic the challenging part come when there are more than just one Dr in clinic. It can be a little confusing but so far all errors have be caught before any scheduling difficulty. Or at least I think and hope that is the case.

I have daily interaction with all sorts of people and I like it to a degree. There is very little if any downtime. But hopefully once I master what I am doing I can create some downtime.

Betty starts her new job on Monday which is great and I wish her the best. L, is very happy and stress free in her new office. The doctors hang around clinic a lot becasue the administrative office have moved to the new location.

With all they has been going on I actually forgot about the fabric sale this year! Is that amazing or what. If I had not taken the time to read a couple emails It would have come and gone. So even though I have no money for it I am still going to go and hang out and become inspire by all the creative people in one space.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

fabric from spoonflower

I have lots of idea for fabric print in my head and I actually attempted to put the designs on the computer so that I could print them on fabric.

So looked wonderful on paper and not so great on the computer. So I decided to paint those designs so I could have a better image on the computer. I did not do that just yet.

So I search and search for a design that I had worked on at least 3 years before I knew Spoonflower existed.

I found the picture and scanned it into the computer and came up with the above design. I used to get it to look like this and submitted it for a sample from The background is black and the picture is small and repeats in a half brick pattern. I love it and its going to be fun changing the picture to get so many more prints.

Before the end of April I will be getting some yards of this and you will love what I make. I am taking my samples to work to show to W. She always looking for way to use the picture and designs that she makes.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Riding the rollercoaster at work.

There is a song title "emotional roller coaster" which is basically about all the up and downs she goes through in dealing with her man. There should be one for what goes on here at work.

Okay make sure your seat beat is tightly fastened, keep your hands inside the car and enjoy the ride.

At first it's deceptively smooth. Our department's move date for the new hospital April 1, please get everything ready for the move. Throw out what is not necessary and keep the vital stuff. We do not want to move everything as space is not the same. We even tour the new building before it is complete and scope out our space.

First dip not a very big one everyone on the ride says Whoa!
Oh the phone schedulers are not going to the new hospital you will be in the administration office.
The next are a series of small dips.
Where are we going to in the the admin office . Who else is going to be there? Where are we sitting and who is next to us? blah, blah boring ride.

Giant dip follow by a corkscrew! People are screaming.
Not going to administration office you will be merged with the adult department and 2 people will be laid off! Get your resume together! This ride is not so much fun any more.

Toboggan type turn.
Okay no one is getting laid off but you will not be going to new location going to merge with adult department.

Smooth ride. Everyone is packed up and ready to meet the new direct report and then a giant dip, where is the bottom. Betty using her option of an ejection seat and she is out of here. She is no longer working with us and now it up to the 2 of us. I can't catch my breath but at least we stopped going down.

Giant loop.
We meet the new direct report of which she tells me she is not our boss. We meet the adult schedulers who are not happy to see us because one of their coworker who was mountain climbing with them line had been cut to make room for 2 new people in their office.

The ride is about to enter the station when it makes a sudden turn. Monday is the move day for us. As we travel down the track we pass a car the belongs to a different part of our department. " Hey Lavon, come over here." I tried to get in that car before but they never made space but there was a space so I used my transfer pass and got out clinic scheduling car and got in to surgery scheduling car and as I pulled away. I heard L scream out " Oh God Why me?" as she was about to enter a triple corkscrew!

So Monday I start the final part of my training as a surgery schedule and when AL leaves I will be apart of the department and I will be in the new hospital and I am strapped in for a new roller coaster ride.

Quilt finished!

I have pictures of the unfinished quilt but I forgot to take pictures of the finish project.

Betty and her sisters are planning a anniversary party for their parents and this picture quilt is a present from Betty.

I remember her finding the picture putting the images on fabric and getting everything pieced together. This was to be a birthday gift for her mother but when everything was put together it did not look right and she was so disappointed.

The block themselves looked find it was the framing of the blocks that threw everything off. The green sashing was sew on all four sides of the blocks and since the blocks were not squared off some the block was not attached to the sashing. Basically the blocks need to be trimmed and squared to size before sashing was added.

So as stated in the previous blog I took on the job for my friend. So at 3:00 am I was finally finish. I have it with me at work and as I look at it I am happy with the work I did but I also see where it could have been better. When you are working on something everyday for 14 days straight it is amazing how much you can miss. I hope Betty will not be disappointed.

My hubby loves it and wants me to make one for him with pictures of our family. I will do that but first I have to get the money makers done. 1 pair of work pants for brother in law 4 pairs of pants for auntie, 1 jogging suit for a customer and 3 dresses for a different customers. This will put about 60 dollars in my pocket.

Drinking coffee so the sleepiness has not caught up with me yet.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Computer Virus

My computer was down for a few days because I picked up the P2P worm from a zip file from lime wire.

Please note that I did not download "ufo main theme" However hubby may have. I had never heard of the TV show UFO it was a British Sci Fi show.

It was very frustrating that after my scan found the problem it did not take any action against it. So I search the c:\ and deleted it , Turned on the System Restore and restarted the computer.

It is a little better but not yet running up to my standards.

I will not be blogging for a couple of days in further attempts to get the computer running the way I want it to be and I am finishing the quilt for Betty.

Ta Ta for now.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Removing stitches.

I have been working on the quilt. I has been very hypnotic taking stitches out. So I have been very relaxed in working on it. Last night it was 2:00 in the morning when I stopped.

This is what I am doing, I would remove one 5 block row from the quilt top. Then remove the quilt block from the bottom and take the sashing that is on the top and right side off of the block and make sure the rest is very straight. I did not want to remove all the sashing because some of the details on the quilt block could be lost.

After removing the sashing from the top and the right side every thing gets ironed flat. I look it over very carefully to make sure all the stitching is well done. If stitches need to be redone then I take all the sashing off. After stitching then I put the sashing back on the left side and the bottom. I measure the block with the sashing on the left side and bottom,trim to size.

Then I would do the some thing to the next quilt block. After trimming to size I would match the left sashing with that of the bottom block right side together and then sew the blocks together. The sashing on the bottom of the block now frames the top of the bottom block.

I would repeat this action until all 5 blocks in the row are done. The block at the top of the row has sashing on the top and the bottom and the left side.

I have pictures but my computer at home was not working correctly soI could not post them. I should be able to do so tonight. So I will add them later.

Work yesterday was off the chain. The phone was ringing , and ringing. Front desk person needing help and newly trained coworker wanting you to sit with them and watch what they were doing. It was a challenge but funny as well.

Betty seems to like her new job.

Today we met our Direct report today. I am to go to the office at 1:00 and L will go at 2:00. Hopefully we will get some questions answered.

I am going to get some lunch because fruit byitself is not enough.

Friday, March 13, 2009

crochet a long

My mother taught me to crochet. Well she introduce me to crochet I liked it more than she did so I took it to heart. When I was a preteen you could always find me crocheting. Usually it was a scarf or afghan or shawls but rarely did I even attempt more than that. It was relaxing and kept me out of trouble. I stuck with crochet because it was one of the things that connected me with my mother.

No TV or radio just me and her crocheting together and talking about whatever. She was young and in good health and no one would have known that she would died before reaching 45 year of age.

In my family they always talk about the different afghan that I have crochet and gave away as present and they are always asking what they have to do to get a afghan from me.

I have decided the make sure each family member get something that I crochet. My first project will be for me. That is really not selfish but I have given just about everything I crochet away. So this will be a Made by me for me =MBM4M.

Lion Brand Yarn has a blog and for the month of March there is a crochet along. So I will be attempting a Moderne Jacket.

I have read the pattern several times and although I can understand what I am reading I cannot visual actually creating it. When I read a pattern for an scarf and afghan I can visual the crochet hook making the stitches described in the pattern. So this will be a challenge for me.

It is my plan to get the materials tonight and I can start on the back over the Weekend since this is a convention weekend in Moon Township. Since crochet project are great carry along with you projects I can crochet in the car, on the bus, in the park, at work, just about anywhere.

I will have a lot more craft at work projects since Betty has changed places of employment. We will have lunch together from time to time but it will not be daily. Her new job had different shift so that will effect how we get together during work.
We will have to make time to do things together when not working. We have taken nieces and nephew to Kidaplooza, I went over to her new apartment to play with her cricut, and we went to dinner and a movie. Keeping up with good friends is very important work! Anything worth having is worth working hard to keep.

Connection with Parents, Family and Friends.

Congrats on your new Job, Betty I know you will do well. We will keep in touch! Hugs!