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Riding the rollercoaster at work.

There is a song title "emotional roller coaster" which is basically about all the up and downs she goes through in dealing with her man. There should be one for what goes on here at work.

Okay make sure your seat beat is tightly fastened, keep your hands inside the car and enjoy the ride.

At first it's deceptively smooth. Our department's move date for the new hospital April 1, please get everything ready for the move. Throw out what is not necessary and keep the vital stuff. We do not want to move everything as space is not the same. We even tour the new building before it is complete and scope out our space.

First dip not a very big one everyone on the ride says Whoa!
Oh the phone schedulers are not going to the new hospital you will be in the administration office.
The next are a series of small dips.
Where are we going to in the the admin office . Who else is going to be there? Where are we sitting and who is next to us? blah, blah boring ride.

Giant d…

Quilt finished!

I have pictures of the unfinished quilt but I forgot to take pictures of the finish project.

Betty and her sisters are planning a anniversary party for their parents and this picture quilt is a present from Betty.

I remember her finding the picture putting the images on fabric and getting everything pieced together. This was to be a birthday gift for her mother but when everything was put together it did not look right and she was so disappointed.

The block themselves looked find it was the framing of the blocks that threw everything off. The green sashing was sew on all four sides of the blocks and since the blocks were not squared off some the block was not attached to the sashing. Basically the blocks need to be trimmed and squared to size before sashing was added.

So as stated in the previous blog I took on the job for my friend. So at 3:00 am I was finally finish. I have it with me at work and as I look at it I am happy with the work I did but I also see where it could have…

Computer Virus

My computer was down for a few days because I picked up the P2P worm from a zip file from lime wire.

Please note that I did not download "ufo main theme" However hubby may have. I had never heard of the TV show UFO it was a British Sci Fi show.

It was very frustrating that after my scan found the problem it did not take any action against it. So I search the c:\ and deleted it , Turned on the System Restore and restarted the computer.

It is a little better but not yet running up to my standards.

I will not be blogging for a couple of days in further attempts to get the computer running the way I want it to be and I am finishing the quilt for Betty.

Ta Ta for now.

Removing stitches.

I have been working on the quilt. I has been very hypnotic taking stitches out. So I have been very relaxed in working on it. Last night it was 2:00 in the morning when I stopped.

This is what I am doing, I would remove one 5 block row from the quilt top. Then remove the quilt block from the bottom and take the sashing that is on the top and right side off of the block and make sure the rest is very straight. I did not want to remove all the sashing because some of the details on the quilt block could be lost.

After removing the sashing from the top and the right side every thing gets ironed flat. I look it over very carefully to make sure all the stitching is well done. If stitches need to be redone then I take all the sashing off. After stitching then I put the sashing back on the left side and the bottom. I measure the block with the sashing on the left side and bottom,trim to size.

Then I would do the some thing to the next quilt block. After trimming to size I would mat…

crochet a long

My mother taught me to crochet. Well she introduce me to crochet I liked it more than she did so I took it to heart. When I was a preteen you could always find me crocheting. Usually it was a scarf or afghan or shawls but rarely did I even attempt more than that. It was relaxing and kept me out of trouble. I stuck with crochet because it was one of the things that connected me with my mother.

No TV or radio just me and her crocheting together and talking about whatever. She was young and in good health and no one would have known that she would died before reaching 45 year of age.

In my family they always talk about the different afghan that I have crochet and gave away as present and they are always asking what they have to do to get a afghan from me.

I have decided the make sure each family member get something that I crochet. My first project will be for me. That is really not selfish but I have given just about everything I crochet away. So this will be a Made by me for me =MBM4M.

Working the list.

I have been working the list as I promised myself.
The skirt is completed with enough fabric left to make a wrap.
One dress is completed, well it just needs to be hemmed . I usually let the dress hang on a hanger overnight before I hem it. So tomorrow it will be completed.

While doing a 10 minute clean up I found the drawing that I wanted to put on fabric. So I uploaded it to spoonflower and I'm awaiting the fat quarter that I order to see what it looks like.

I have a very good feeling about this fabric design. I have been wanting this drawing on fabric so I could make a carry on bag and a garment bag.

It is a drawing of me when I went to a Networking session at a local museum. I love this picture and could picture it on fabric and the luggage would be so different from everyone else it would never be confused. I had this idea at least 5 years ago. I am so happy to have found out about Spoonflower!

I also took a picture of the steps that I go down to get to the bus stop. They were cover…


I have completed 10 baby bibs. 4 of which I gave to my coworker. She talks about how her grandson drools all the time.

So at her suggestion I made some bibs very long. I hope she truly likes them and is not just being nice. It is better to give me critical review so I am make what ever necessary improvements. I was complaining that some terry cloth material is so very rough and Betty suggested I use flannel. So as soon as I finish the list below I will do just that.

Here is the list

1. finish the plaid skirt by March 10, 2009 .
2. make two dresses on March 11, 2009.
3. Remind Betty to bring her quilt that needs to be taken apart and put back together. BETTY BRING IN THE QUILT!
4. Finish the quilt by March 31.
5. and this is the most important, Do Not to let anything interrupt the completion of this list.

This is a short list. This way it will not overwhelm me and by April 11 I can start a new list.

On my lunch tomorrow I will go to Rue 21 to search for the perfect socks. I got m…

What if?

What if?
What if we do something to create something better.
What if you would try to solve a problem this way.
When something is not definite you can you the phrase" What if." But if you do not use the phrase "What if "and everything you say gives the listener the impression that what you are saying is about to take place.

Here is an example.

Two of you are going to lose your job while one will remain here and become a part of the scheduling for children and adult department.

If this same statement would be preceded by What if?

What if two of you were to lose your job while one remain here and become a part of the scheduling for children and adult department?

The first sentence gets the response of " Why would only one keep their job!" This cause the defensive mode to present itself as it should.

The second sentence gets the response " Is this a possibility or do you just need some feedback as to why this would not work?" Still defensive but…

Do you want the good news or the bad news.

I was at lunch and when I returned my coworker was not at her desk. That was not unsuall but all the secretaries were also not at their desk. I came into the office and log on to get the incoming calls.

L, returns to her desk and tell me to log off. The director comes in behind her.
" Do you want the good news or the bad news?"

"Good news"

" You all still have your jobs and the weather is beautiful today." at this point he proceeds to talk about how beautiful the day is.

"Bad news"

" No raises in June , increase in cost of benefits in January , there will be raises in January but not higher than 2%."

I just look at him. He say " Hey Directors like R have to take a pay cut!"

I don't care about R. No pay raise in June but and increase in cost of benefits is like a pay cut in January. Unless the increase in the cost of benefit is the same as the possible increase in pay of 2% in January. But you must do well on your r…


Today we had the viewing at Spriggs and Watson Funeral home at 2:00 today.
Tomorrow is the Funeral service at the same location at 1:00. After the service friends and family will be at my house until?
Thursday I will be back to work.
Life goes on and so does the everyday irritations.

I would rather be at work than dealing with all the emotional up and downs of dealing with the death of a love one. After years of fooling myself that i had already morned her because she was so unresponsive to us when we visited her. But when i did visit her I got to see her face. I even talked to her. But now after tomorrow she will be buried and visiting her means I will see a tombstone instead of her face regardless of how unresponsive she was. I would rather see her face.

I hate this!

My Aunt H is in a fog. I wish she had children but she did not. We always treated her like our grandmother so right now it's like helping grandma plan the funeral for her sister.

She sit thinking that she is now all alone. She is the last surviving sibling of 13 children. She is lost and I am doing everything I can the help her through this but it is so difficult to accomplish something when the person you needs to do the planning is still stuck between morning the lost of her sister and dealing with the reality of being the last of her brother and sister alive.

I don't know what the feels like. I don't know what to do but be there as much as my life will allow. I know that I have to include her in a lot more activities but right now, we must focus on getting all the plans in place and have the funeral as quickly as possible because. Aunt H's birthday is Thursday and I really do not want a funeral on her birthday.

Running like crazy.

Today is the first day in 3 days that I have taken to sit at the computer to communicate with my invisible friends. I barely communicate with my visible friends!

Friday was maddening. We worked like crazy the prepare the meal and all as fine but this time it was a lot more work.

1 roaster to keep BBQ ribs warm, 2 crock pots, one with green beans and one with yams. A big bowl for the pasta salad. 1/2 sheet cake, which happen to be carrot cake. Everyone enjoyed the food and we got rave reviews.

Wednesday and Thursday was Turkey dinner with all the trimmings so I am not sure if Friday received great reviews because they were tired of turkey!

After we packed up the car and made it home. We literally just pulled into the garage and let a sigh of relief when I cell phone rang.

FIL made it home fine but had no food and could not move the wheelchair through the house on the carpet. GRIEF! We unloaded the care and C went upstairs to her apartment to get some well deserved rest and I got back in the…