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Calgon take me away

Please get me out of here. Today really has been extremely busy. I am so tired of answering the phone. I am complaining so much I think the 1 of 3 is rubbing off on me. Why complain about the parents being unfit when there is nothing I can do about it. I can call cyf but will they think the parent is crazy or me! The complaints are idle and will never be address! It should have been a quiet day. A day for surfing the net and reading my book. Traffic here in okland is just starting to get back to normal. This little dog is showing how I feel. Please I pray get me out of here!

Avon Recruiting

Yesterday was an good day. I contacted several people and set up appointments for Saturday! All of which seem to be good contacts. Hope fully on saturday I will have 3 new recruits added to the 2 I already have and that will be the 5 for the fast start.

Everything's slowly coming together for the avon party. I hope to have some good sales and get some people to book some parties. I have to figure out what I gift the hostess for having the party. The hostess will also get a percentage off of her purchases based on the total sales from the party.

At the party I will be having Iwill have a drawing to see who will get to be hostess of that party.

there will also be a little basket with Free money. Green slips of paper to look like money with denomations of .25 cents to 5.00 off. It will go like this any order of 10.00 Free money .25 to 1.75 off any order of 20.00 Free money 2.25 to 3.75 and any order of 30.00 etc...

any more ideas!

T M I !

Why do people think we care about their lives when all we want to do is make the stupid appointment. !

Here is an example.

Good morning, my child needs an appointment. He had an x-ray done because his pediatrician needs to find out if he had something in his nose. Well there were these polyps in his sinuses and his pediatrician told me to make an appointment with the specialist. When can we come in?( very cheerful voice )

What is the child name?

I would like the appointment in Oakland office. I know you have an office in wexford but if I could get an appointment on Tues 6/9 that would be great because my other child has an appoint that day in Oakland,

May I have the child name please?

Something in the afternoon.

I will be glad to set up the appointment may I have the child name please.

Oh yes the name is baby bear.

Ok thanks, Has the child been here before?

Oh yes he had to tonsils remove here the last name is spelled b-a-e-r.

Oh thanks last name b-a-e-r and baby is the first name b-a-b-y

No the …


I got the card in the mail today. You would have thought it was an invitation to the presidential gala!

THE SALVATION ARMY GREATER PITTSBURGH WOMEN'S AUXILIARY FABRIC FAIR April 5, 2008 9am - 2 pm South Park Home Economics Building I have gone for the last 15 years and only missed one time. I can even remember what it was the stop me from making it at that time. It is the best place to get everything. Yarns, crochet hooks and knitting needles, quilting supplies, crafting materials, books, magazines, patterns,notions , crafting and sewing gadgets of all kinds and of course table and tables of Fabric! Wool for coats and suits, knits for tee shirts and sweats,specialty fabrics for all type of special occasions. Sheers, Lace, seersucker, cotton, silk, polyester, crepe, rayon, solids, flowers and prints. I love it and look forward to it. Since it is on a Saturday we arrive around 7:o0 am and get our place in line. There are some there early as 6:00. We have been going for so long we k…

When God takes her.

My sister's have talked to Aunt Henrine about what she is planning to do regarding her sister Aunt Minnie.

Auntie Henrine has decided that the Dr's are lying and that her sister can and will get better and if not then when god takes her then she will get the proper burial. But for now she is alive and we should thanks god for that.

Auntie Henrine also believes that she will get better and soon, the feeding tube will be remove and all will be right with the world. The sun will shine brighter, the birds will sing sweetly and Aunt Minnie will be feeling better than all of us.

I do not know what they want me to do. I cannot get Aunt Henrine to authroize the removal of the feeding tube. I cannot get Aunt Henrine to realize that Aunt Minnie is not going to get any better. I cannot do anything to correct this issue and make everyone happy with the decision!

I will research all options and talk to her again.

in the sewing room

I finally got started on my little designers dress. Well I actually finished what if could. I have created a pattern. Since she wanted the red and white checked to be on an angle. I cut it out on the bias. The dress has only one seam. The zipper has been put in and I finished the raw edges. She has to come over for a final fitting, that may happen this Friday. I hope to have a picture to post at that time.

I made a basic black skirt. Knee length, elastic waist skirt. A no brainer.

I am in the process of making a-line skirt out of a silver metallic silky polyester material snake skin print. I love this material and have always envisioned it as a skirt. So I cut this material on the bias and everything is great except the zipper does not lay flat. I guess I should not have used and invisible zipper. But I really wanted the zipper to be invisible. So I still have to put the waistband in place the I know of nothing that I can do to prevent the invisible zipper from being visible.

It is that…

Aunt Honey

Please understand that all I am explaining here starts when I was age 10 to the age I am today 45.

My dear Aunt Honey has been in a nursing home for 6 to 7 years. When she was first admitted to a nursing home I went each week faithfully. We would talk to each other and I would read to her we would watch TV together. We interacted with each other well. She knew who I was and I enjoyed visiting her. Slowly as the years went by she began to show less and less interest in what was going on around her. Soon I would visit her and read to her just hoping for some acknowledgement that she knew I was visiting her.

Sometime I would talk to her about when I was a little girl (age 10) and she would come from her Adult program and baby sit with me and my sister. At first we thought we could get away with anything we wanted because she was a “little slow” mentally. We found out that we could not get away with anything. The first 2 days she was there she told dad every little thing we did. S…

No one should be made to feel this way!

Second Choice

Why am I always the
Second Choice
Why can’t the men
I like hear my voice
When time passes and
They choose another
All of a sudden I’m
Hearing from an
Unavailable brother

I’m tired of being
An option and not a choice
I’m tired of hearing about
What we coulda had
Making me uncomfortable
And feeling sad
Now I hear about your hopes and dreams
Of being with me
About how our love was
meant to be

Nope I don’t want to hear it
Cause I’ve never changed
Been that same great woman
Since you learned my name

So hear me loud and
Hear me clear
With all this second choice
Don’t even come near
If you can’t see what you had
From the start don’t come
Running now with a broken heart

I’m not listening and my decision
Will remain the same
Don’t include me in your
Second choice Game…. My cousin wrote this. I posted it because I know how this feels and it is the worst mind game someone can play on the person they claim to love. Life is unfair and cruel.

Christian wins Project Runway.

I watched the show and just fell in love with jillian collection and it should have been the winner hands down. I love all of her looks.

Romi, Why was he even there? Chris freaked the judges out with the human hair trim on some of his garments. Romi needs to discover color. I did like the weave pattern on some of the clothing.

Christian the little boy I loved to hate. Won. He has great talent and everything was impressive. Congrats to him the youngest winner of the contest and the winner of the People choice. That should give him enough money to start his business. The 1st thing on the list should be the studio he works in. Get a fierce one! I will keep watching for you!

Second day at the gym

I have joined the gym, alright so now I just have to continue going with S 's help that should be easy.

I plan to go to the gym again on Sunday. I course it will not be easy. I will probably get there during the last hour that it is open.

I plan to pick up S and take her along she said she would come with. She usually does not go on Sunday.

Along as S is with me then she can show me how to use the equipment. I have to do cardio as well as work each muscle group each week. I have been watching Fit Tv.

I did enjoy today once again. I am off to a good start!

Thanks for friends!

This is a thank you note to my friend for not giving up on me. Your persistance has gotten me to the gym today and I will be joining the gym.

I asked Todd if he wanted to join as well. He just looked at me and did not say a word. I told him I will be joining. This is the best way for me to get healthy and I am sure in time he will do the same.

However with my friends help I will not be disuaded. Usually I give in to what Todd wants to do and this is my fault and prevents me from achieveing my goal. However I am determined not allow this self defeating trait to continue.

I hope I set a good example for Todd and he will follow suit.

So Lets go to the gym on Friday. There is no afternoon clinic so I will be able to leave at 4:30. So what time do we go?