Thursday, July 29, 2010


I have change the title of my blog because I am restarting my home business of alterations and sewing clothes for customers because sisters do not pay anything but dinner occasionally.

This blog will enable me to post what I changes I am making to garments. Ideas for clothing and jewelry that I can first draw and then attempt to make.
I open a flicker just to show pictures of the changes made to garments you know before and after shots.

Other changes are going to be with me, myself, I. I have grown weary of people telling me what I can, should, need to, must, have to do! I am very much aware of what I can, should, need to, must, have to do and I will handle it in my way. I love my friends and family and I care for them deeply but I cannot handle anyone trying to tell me what to do and using some method physcology to get me to see what I am doing wrong.

It seems that the majority of people around me want things their way without consideration for me and when I bring that to their attention they try to flip things so that I feel bad for them treating me bad and brng it to their attention.

I had to read that twice to make sure I said it right but that is it.

Ever had someone explain the reason for their action and then want you to agree with it and if you do not something is wrong with you. Well that changes I will not make time for that nonsense.

Thanks for listening!

I have a dress that must be finished before moving on the making the pants. So this weekend is finishing of UFO's and August will be the month of putting into action all the necessary changes.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Text tour of possible new apartment.

Good day. I have resolved in my heart that my computer at home will not be back online until we move into our new place. As it is we have not yet been confirmed for this apartment that we just saw over the weekend but it meets our current plan of simplification. I really should say my simplification plan.

Since my hubby is only working during the school year I decided that everything needs to be based on what my paycheck can handle otherwise we will never be able to make forward progress in any area. Therefore a change from the 3 bedroom apartment we currently live in (rent over 700.00 a month) to an apartment 1 or 2 bedroom (max rent 550.00 a month)

This is a text tour of our possible new apartment.

This place we saw over the weekend is a one bedroom 2nd floor apartment. Once you get to the top of the 14 steps and enter apartment on the left is the entrance to the main room. It is the full length of the apartment and it should be used for the dining room/living room combination. I have decided it will just be call the main room.
My sewing will attempt to be contained in the closet which looks ideal for a mini sewing space but I have a lot of stuff to store.

I am keeping all my sewing machine even if they are used in decorating the space it defines me.

This main room will also have the desk for the computer/office. This does mean that my computer will be a laptop. A desktop will take up too much space which is something that I am complaining about right now.

This main room will also have the TV and WII game in it. We will get a futon type sofa may be two and a chair. Since the futon can be used for sleeping this will accommodates any overnight guest we may have.

Returning to the entrance of the apartment on the right is the kitchen. Small but workable.

I do not like that the refrigerator is right next to the stove! Seems like they will be working against each other the stove is hot and the refrigerator will have to work harder to keep things cold. Hopefully they are properly insulated for this not to be a major problem.

Return to the entrance of the apartment and continue down the hall there is a closet on the left in the middle of the hallway it’s perfect size. Next to the closet is the Bathroom. The space is small but I do not feel like a bull in a china closet in this space. There is a linen closet in the bathroom behind the door.

Return to the hallway and at the end of the hall way is the bedroom.

This is a beautifully large room. You can get a king size bed and all the furniture that goes with it in this room. The closet is about the same size of the closet we have now but not as deep. Once you leave the bedroom you can enter the main room on the left walk through it and exit the main room and return to the hallway at the entrance to the apartment.

That is my tour of the place we are considering.

This change is a major sacrifice in space and the way hubby would like to live. Don’t get me wrong I love the place we are in but the new apartment despite being small is 300.00 less each month. I would prefer an apartment within a complex but all the ones close to where is father lives are full with no predictable vacancies for this year so this is what we found while driving through the neighborhood. It is a secured building and there are only 2 apartments in the building the mailboxes indicate 3 apartments but the 3rd apartment was where the garage is now. So each apartment has parking in the building.

The place we are in now is an apartment (duplex) that feels like a house. I like apartment living my hubby wants a house. We both were happy here. Now we are moving to an apartment and hubby has gone back to talking about buying a house. This I will have to listen to every day until HE qualifies to buy one.

Tomorrow is the beginning of clearing out the back bedroom all important papers will be scanned into the computer and a backup file copied on to cd and everything over 5 years will be shredded with the exception of tax papers. I will keep them for 10 years. That is my project for this week! When I do take a brake from that I will be sewing pants! I need pants for work so my goal 5 pairs of pants within 10 days!

So no matter how busy you are keep creatively living.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Searching a for a comfortable space.

I have been very hot and we do not have air conditioning. A fan in the window blow hot air so I suggested that we go to the library which is the same idea a lot of others had who have the same problem.

Traffic was absolutely horrible. Not because everyone was headed to the library but because of the Grand Prix. I did not know it was taking place this weekend so the trip to the library was fraught with danger. Hubby does not do well in stopped traffic which has not apparent reason from his persective. I was so happy when we arrive at the library but then parking was the problem.

Once inside I return a book that I had for about 2 years and since they were happy to get the book back the fine was only 10.00 and I was able to get a new card.

It has been quite comfortable here but they will be closing in a hour and i will be trying to find out what place to go and hang out in until the coolness of the evening begins. But if tonight is anything like last night It did not really get cool until about 4 in the morning.

Hand sewing in the library may get you some strange looks but for the most part everyone know what the real deal is. Searching for a comfortable space during his current heat wave.

Keep sewing.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Home again!

We were schedule to leave on thursday but Pap was very ill and Hubby was going no where until he was sure that Pap was ok. Which I do understand but I was still just bit put out. This is where siblings would be of great help. But why dwell on something that is not going to happen.

We never did find out why he was vomiting but he was not able to keep anything down for 2 days. He was dehydrated! The ladies at dialysis try to assure us that he was not dehydrated but he was vomiting and unable to keep anything down even water and it was very hot and humid. The pcp finally call in a RX on thursday with instructions that if that did not help he was to go the ER. The compazine which did stop the vomiting on thursday night but friday morning he was very weak and following the doctor's instruction he was taken to ER.

They explain that he was having some problems due to his congestive heart failure. Cracklin sound when asked to take deep breathes but then he had fluid in his lungs. Friday was a dialysis day for him so one they got all his vitals and did a chest xray they took him for his dialysis. So we had to was for 31/2 hours so back home we went.

I finished what packing needed to be done and Hubby got a haircut. Shortperson took the day off and we clean the house just in case he was release the same day. Since his heart was the problem he stayed in the hospital. He looked 100% better and sounded stronger. He told us to go on our trip he would be fine and he would see us when we go back. Then he smiled.

We made sure Short person had enough food and off we went. I will be glad when the computer at home is back up and running then I can share pictures.

I will be back in the sewing studio tomorrow working on some repairs and earning a couple of dollars!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A little confused

The red dress is finished! Yea! I think I did a beautiful job on making the neck opening square and the arm holes were stitched and then covered with lace which will be turn inside and hand stitched so that all you see is a clean finished edge. The hem is a narrow zigzag stitch which does not weight the dress down at all. So it should float as I walk by.

It does need a belt! So I will be searching for that and hopefully find one within the next couple of days. I have some red t strap sandals with a ½ inch heel so I should be comfortable all around in this dress.

The dress that I am working on now is the same pattern as the tan flower print dress that I made a while back. The fabric is cotton white and black. The print is black and looks like chain links or something that reminds me of chain links of a necklace. I want to do something creative. Sissy tells me to make the neckline v instead of scoop but I am not sure about that.

I have the zipper in the back and cannot decide if I am going to put some graphic shape appliqué on the front of it so it has been sitting since Monday night. Sissy has gone back home and Pap was released from the hospital last night. He is happy to be home but not happy about the heat.

This is what I was thinking about Sissy’s visit, some things just confused me.
Once she did find out that Pap was in the hospital she did not stay at his house with Short person (stepdaughter) she stayed at my house.
Of the 3 days that she was here she visited Pap only 1 of those days.
She stays in the house and watched DVD’s all day and then she went home.

My sister invited us to her house to eat dinner that she cooked on the grill Saturday and when we arrived she was not home. Hubby took it that she did not want his family to come to her house and that the invite was just for me. This is not the case because I asked my sister, before I even mention to my hubby, if the invite included sissy and short person and she told me it did. So when we were close to the house I called her to let her know that I was bringing some meat to put on the grill and to see if anything was already done because we were arriving hungry she told me they had already eaten and were at Frick Park and could meet us in about 30 minutes.

Sissy turn the car around stopped at KFC and then went back to the house to continue watching DVD’s.

I asked my sister about it and she really never answer my question so I am not finish with this subject . This is confusing and distressing because it makes no sense at all.

Back to what does makes sense, my dress should be finished tonight! Keep Sewing!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sewing and stopping.

You know how you can be working on something thinking about something else. Well that was what I was doing. I was working on a dress that should take about 1 hour sewing time to complete. It took me 4 hours to finish because I kept sewing and stopping.

I have this sheer fabric that will need to be lined when I use it so I decided to use it on a very simple dress. The color is a red with flowers of different colors printed on it. The flowers are outline in white so the lining of the dress is white. The fabric is white rayon. It is a good thing that the dress is sleeveless because this will be a hot dress!

Hubby’s sister came in town on Saturday. She decided to stay with us. Hubby did not bother to tell Sissy that Pap was in the hospital because he figured if she really care she would call him every day not just when she needed money. Needless to say she was a bit ticked off to find out Pap was in the hospital. I think she would not have made the trip had she known. That’s what Hubby says any way.

Sissy does not look like she is 60 years old but she drive like an older person. Ever drive behind someone who see a car in the distance and even if the light is green will wait for the car to come up and pass them before they decide to turn so that the car behind now is caught by the red light. Yup! That’s Sissy. When she did that I just looked at her when she complained that the car behind her had the nerve to blow their horn.

Sewing, I proceeded to cut the fabric the sheer fabric was not as slippery as I thought it would have been it stayed put very nicely. So after I got all the pieces out and ready to sew I could over hear a Harley in my drive way. Stopping, I saw my husband go into our bedroom and close the door and I went to the front of the house and my Sister in law was sitting the steps talking to my Brother in law. I shouted out my hello and went back to sewing. Hubby did not come out of his room until I could hear the Harley driving away.

Ya, see Brother in law lives here in the city but he does not come around to see or help with his father and never come to see his brother.

As hubby passed the room I was he stopped to state the obvious “my brother was here”

“Yes, I saw him”

“Are you coming with me?”

“Where are you going? “

“To see MY father!” Stopping, So off we went. Sissy and stepdaughter as well.

We get to hospital and Father in law in pain having just come up from having the doctor try to remove his dialysis caterer and replace it with a different one only for that one to have a kink in it and this was done while he was awake and the area was to be numb but he assures us he felt every bit of the pain. He compares it to the pain he felt when they did the partial amputation of his toes.

Todd went to find the nurse and find out why he was not called when this was going on. He called several time to make sure his father was in his room and was told he was having dialysis which takes 21/2 to 3 hours so once he received information that he was finish with dialysis we made the trip to see him.

Why did the person he talked to not explain exactly what was going on?
why did not doctor not call him to tell him about this procedure he was going to do on his dad?
Series of other why questions that can only be answer with the non satisfactory answer of breakdown in communication.

Hubby is a big guy and he can be a bit intimidating if you do not know him so you can imagine how the little nurse felt answer this man who was trying to control his temper and at times failing to do so. I attempted to be the bumper between the two and soon every one was sitting and talking and reviewing his chart is a calm manner.

End result the proper notation were made on the chart so the hubby could be call for all procedure to take place including routine ones and the list of all the doctors handling Pap’s case was in his pocket.

We continued our visit with Pap and he was happy to see us all and started to fall asleep.

Finally we make it back home! Back to sewing my dress.

Shoulder seams, side seams of the lining completed and finished the hem. Shoulder seam and side seams of the dress completed. Right sides of the lining pinned to the right sides of the dress and the neck edge. I decided that I wanted an square neck line so I made the necessary changes and stitched it together.

I hear loud talking in the living room so stopping I go see what the problem could be.
“ Don’t eat all that fruit!”

“Sissy you have been picking on my all night! Leave me alone!”

“ I did not bring that for you I brought it for dad. You better leave some for him.”

I went back to the sewing. I put aside that dress I was working on and laid out the pattern of a different dress. Lots have been going through my mind I will blog about that tomorrow.

Keep Sewing.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Why …….did I think that I should upgrade my web browser to IE8 when IE7 was working just fine. After the install was done I could not access the internet with IE8 so I decided to uninstall it which should have been easy but IE8 or IE7 is part of the operating system……….. internet browers MIA!

I will be posting from location other than home.

Look for something from me tomorrow. Really!