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Betty Looks Great!

Yesterday Betty came for a visit and we had lunch! Which was so much fun to have my friend visiting. I had not seen her in a while!

After she left everyone told me" Betty looks great!" and She did look great but after the 5th time I was tired of hearing how great Betty looked!

She looked relaxed......She looked happy .......Her hair is beautiful.....She lost weight.......She looks great!

So Betty the next time you come and visit you will probably be promoted to supermodel status.

I wipe clean my memory card

I took my camera to work on the day that we were moving. And of course when you move you alway find stuff that you dont want.

Well we found a flying roach. It was the biggest bug that I had ever seen personally. I took a picture of it and a picture of Jess who caught the thing and put it in a suction container.

I wanted to show this picture to all see but when I was trying to set up the timer on my camera to take a picture so I could include myself in it I wiped clean my memory card.

I really have to read more of the owners manual!

Today we were all moved in and the doctors ready to see patient. We only encountered a few problems like missing phones or if you had a phone and someone tried to call you extention it would ring in a totally different part of the hospital. Missing computers or computers not linked to the correct domain.

The exam room did not have baskets on the outside of the door for patient info so bins were place on the floor beside the door of the exam rooms for…

Moving day part 1

Our office was closed today well the clinic was close but we still had office stuff to do as we attempted to pack for the great move.

Tomorrow I will have more to say and I will have pictures.

Have a great night everyone.

Headaches.....Pain pain go away!

This morning was gray and rainy. I thought of what my sister and I would say looking out the picture window on a rainy day.

Rain rain go away, come back some other day. We want to go out an play. Rain rain go away.

The rain did not go away this morning and set the tone so that Today is one of those days. My headache today was purely due to stress. Our front desk person was by himself and when he was an hour behind checking patients in I go out to help him to find that one of the computer at the front desk was taken away! Part of the move to the new location this week. Since he was on the only computer at the front desk we, WC and me, had to then do the following go out into the waiting room, pick a name off the list, take them in the back to an office space and then check them in, bring them back to the waiting room so the nurse could then call the patient!

After an hour of doing this my head was pounding because the waiting room was packed full with crying, laughing, screaming kids. P…

Great Weekend to go out and play!

Well the weather is beautiful the sun is shining bright and it warm enough to wear a spring time dress without a jacket.

I was stuck in today because I did not want to exacerbate an allergy battle that I am already dealing with. I really do not feel sick, there is no fever but my voice sounds like a frog, from coughing and sneezing and nasal drips. I am taking my allergy med and nasal spray and a throat spray for the sore throat but usually I get worst at the end of the day.

Around 4:00 Sweet Hubby insisted that I get out ever if it is just for a drive so we fill up the gas take and went for a drive down 22 we got as far as Blairsville before deciding to turn around. We did not stay strictly on 22 because every time we saw a sign advertising a new housing plan we drove through it. I did enjoy it of course I did not bring my camera so not pics to share.

Everyone have a great weekend and enjoy the sun!

Major Pain--- Headache Pain

Yes this is exactly how I felt over the weekend!

I am sorry for not blogging over the last few day. I deal with migraines and they make me feel all sorts of ways. Majority of them are just plain evil. So as to not offend my friends I just cut all connections until I can be human again.

Today I am partially human Tomorrow I will be better but right now I am making a few phone calls and then I am going to bed.

Hugs to everyone and just a note AF came and ruin my weekend and the headache was just icing on the evil cake!

Sock it to me!

My blog has no true message. No true subject. I have come to accept that it will be just as confusing as my mind is. I appreciate when someone reads it. I love it when someone comments on it.

When I received my socks I was happy. When I read the note she included with the socks I did feel warm and fuzzy. That someone I did not know trusted me with what she and her family was currently dealing with that will be life altering regardless of the outcome. She immediately went into my prayers. Her not did not give her blog so I will just have to watch and search for it.

I was sitting here tonight with 3 things on my mind.

First I check the calendar for I cannot count how many times. My last cycle was extremely weird. I had the D & C the polyp was successfully removed with no complications and I came back to the office within 2 weeks and I was told by my doctor all was well and that my cycle should start within 15 days. That was December 31. It was also the day some idiot going to fast h…

Pillow 1

This is the first of many promised pillows. This is a gift to my youngest sister. The picture is of her and my dad on the construction site of the Assembly Hall. Since the Assembly Hall is going through a major face lift. My sisters and I with the exception of my sister in Seattle had the privilege to do some of the work on the renovation.

The next pillows will be from the cricut cutout that Betty and I did when she demonstrated her little bug to me.

Working on some new shapes for tote bags as well.

New cover for the Ironing board.

Often we take our basic and most useful tool for granted. I know I do! My ironing board cover is torn, burn in places and the padding is just not useful.

Every time I use it I say I am going to get a new cover for it. Today I made one.

The padding is the padding I use for baby quilts. It turned out okay but I did not put much thought into I just did it.

Next time I will cut the fabric a bit bigger so that when I put the elastic around the edges it will fit snugly to the inside of the frame of the board and not on the outside rim.

Other wise it looks good and stays in place, and makes this tool even more effective than before.

No longer in a scheduling room

I recently took a position in our clinic as an OR Scheduler. Basically it's a data processing job. If you can count and you can type you can do this job.

What you do in the morning is key into the computer all the reservations for surgery. They are called reservations because we are just reserving places on the schedule for them they are not guaranteed. If an emergent case come in you can lose your reservation. This is the reason everyone gets a call on the night before the surgery to find out what time they need to come in.

Once clinic is open and the dr begans seeing patient they come to me to reserve a place for them. I have a list of the next available dates and times. As I give someone a reservation I change the amount of time left to reserve based on a the time it takes to complete a procedure.

Even though it sound basic the challenging part come when there are more than just one Dr in clinic. It can be a little confusing but so far all errors have be caught before…

fabric from spoonflower

I have lots of idea for fabric print in my head and I actually attempted to put the designs on the computer so that I could print them on fabric.

So looked wonderful on paper and not so great on the computer. So I decided to paint those designs so I could have a better image on the computer. I did not do that just yet.

So I search and search for a design that I had worked on at least 3 years before I knew Spoonflower existed.

I found the picture and scanned it into the computer and came up with the above design. I used to get it to look like this and submitted it for a sample from The background is black and the picture is small and repeats in a half brick pattern. I love it and its going to be fun changing the picture to get so many more prints.

Before the end of April I will be getting some yards of this and you will love what I make. I am taking my samples to work to show to W. She always looking for way to use the picture and designs that she makes.