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I can see again.... still need a zipper foot!

It does not take much for anyone to get discouraged. Sickness or watching a loved one deal with sickness or coming to the reality of a long time fear. My long time fear is the lost of my sight.

 I have been wearing glasses since 5th grade and have always gotten an annual examination of my eyes for fear of going blind plus I really could not see much at a distance. Even if the teacher put in the first row I still had a hard time seeing.

 First of all I am not going blind, I am just getting older. For most people getting older means reading glasses but for me I need glasses just to see across the room so when the same glasses were no longer useful for reading, sewing, drawing, o the frustration and then the fear of going blind reared it ugly head. I thought about never being able to sew or crochet or draw or paint or etc..... all things creative that define who I am. 

Who would I be without being able to do those things.

 I was already diagnosed with some problems with my ret…

Reshape A Neckline.... Decisions, decisions

In my last post I am sure you notice the pattern I used and the dress I made the neckline was different. If I did not mention this I am sorry. In the November issue of Threads magazine there is an article on Reshape a Neckline and I decide to do this on three dresses using the same pattern. Last night as I reread the article I can tell there is something I just fortunate turn out well for me. I did not make a sloper of the new neckline so that I could use it again. As you can see the Simplicity pattern has a jewel neckline, on my first dress I made a V neckline. So I will have to make a sloper of the new neckline out of some muslin fabric that I have. The article pointed out when changing the width of the neckline you should account for the bra strap positioning to prevent the straps from interfering with a neckline. Put on the bra you plan to wear with the garment, drape the pattern on your body and mark the bra straps’ position on the pattern’s shoulder line. Oops did no…

Simplicity 7117

This is the pattern that I used to make my dress. 

I am not a very good model at this time in my life.  
As you can see  I changed the neckline and made it a maxi dress.  Also I added width to the sides I wanted fullness at the bottom.
I need to restitch the flowers some of them fell off! I did get some compliments which felt good. Therefore I decided to stick with this pattern for the other dresses 
I have 2 more dresses to make using this pattern ,not more Maxi's soon it will the weather will turn wet and sloppy.  Which I truly love!  Strange love I know.  Monday I have to concentrate on finishing the sleep caps that are currently listed as UFO status. 

My attempt to copy a designer dress

I decided that I wanted to duplicate this dress by Bily Reid fall 2013 collection.

There was a favorite dress I had, at least 30 years ago, it was a blue paid and when

I saw this Bily Reid dress  I remembered how it felt to wear that dress and I wanted to feel that again. I

search and search but could not find a picture of the dress without the coat.

So I drew my version of the dress.   I have to apoligize for all the links for so reasons I cant get the pictures to  post.

I do not know why I wanted to have the touch of red with the grey plaid but it is what I

felt at the time that I drew the picture.

I search my stash of fabric because I am not allow to purchase more until I use what I

have (silly self-impose rule). But I found the right fabric and the right lining for it. I

really did jump up and down with excitement. My pattern was extremely simple I add a

wedge of fabric at the sides with increased the volume of the dress.  This will give the effect I want as i walk.

 Hopefully To…

Working hard with much determination

I am very determine to open my online store with enough item so that I do not open it and sell the one item and them close it all in the same day.   Silly thought, pretty good nightmare.   I am still deciding what I will put in my store.  Most will be handmade by me and some items will be  up cycled. 
One of the items that I have been working on that will be in my online store are  Satin Sleep Caps…. I have made some along with a travel bag to store them in .  I really like the way they look and I am sure I should bring enough money to finally get my computer.   Well that is the short term goal at this point.   I started making these when my hairdresser asked If I could make some so that when a client is finished late in the day she would have them in stock to sell.    That sent me to my sewing machine.
I took apart an sleep cap that I purchase at the store and decided to use it as a pattern for the satin sleep caps that I make.  I want to make some much bigger for the times when you ha…

Art is not a Spectator sport.

I has been a long time since I took the time to post anything and a lot of things have happen both good and bad but I have decided to return to blogging.

“Art is not a spectator sport.” I read this in an email and this jump started me to action. I have wanted to do so much with my art work but I start and stop. Once I stop it is very hard to get started once again.

I am aware that I have to work on it every day, it does take planning to get the materials together and make sure you have what is needed to create what you have floating around in your head. Often that search leads to reorganization of supplies and leads to delay in getting started on your work. Add to that you need to work in the 9 to 5.

I love to sew and create things, crocheting, scrapbooking, writing, photography and cooking are all things I am so into. But I can lose hours drawing and painting. I remember as a child often being punished for not paying attention because my imagination would take over and all I neede…