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I will have something to sing about.

Today I should be singing New attitude by Patty Labella, You know something like " I wearing a new dress, new hair brand new idea as a matter of fact I have changed for good." Then the song says something about feeling good from my head to my shoes I got a new attitude.

But NONE of this is true for me right now. I have been dealing with a migraine. I decide that I can still sew while have a migraine but no so much. The Dress is a simple shift style dress and I decided the seam will be french seams but with a migraine I did them wrong.

With a french seams you sew wrong sides together trim closely to the seam and them sew the seam again with right sides together. You have a finish seam on the inside no fraying raw edges and i like this type of seam better on the simple dresses. But I did it wrong and would catch the error before doing any triming and sit and remove the stitching. I did that twice before giving Up and going to bed. So tomorrow I will get up and finish …

Oh well,...

I had plan to make a beautiful knit jumper but I did not have enough fabric.

I had a weight loss goal that was to reward me with a new sewing book but I did not achieve my goal.

oh well.... Lets start again.

I did not achieve my weight loss goal but I did stick to my work out program so I should be rewarded for that. So I went to Half price books and picked up a book on Sashiko stitching.

Sashiko is a form of decorative reinforcement stitching (or functional embroidery) from Japan. Traditionally used to reinforce points of wear, or to repair worn places or tears with patches, this running stitch technique is often used for purely decorative purposes in quilting and embroidery. The white cotton thread on the traditional indigo blue cloth gives sashiko its distinctive appearance, though decorative items sometimes use red thread.

That is the definition from Wikipedia.

The purl bee has a tutorial.

I have read the book already and I am ready to give it try.

In the meantime in 6 weeks we will see i…
You know how when you are bored and you know you should be doing something.

I just could not get started on anything productive so I decided to get on the computer.
Then I remember what I was working on. As you can see I just took a square of muslin and hand sewed at lot of different fabrics on it. No design in mind just something to do while watching TV.

I actually did a little beading. I decided to practice some hand stitching on this little project.
It is really important that hand stitching is done correctly when you have to do it.

But in time.

This I gave up on this and decided to return to something that I had started so long ago but never finished.

I was following instructions on the blog Nuts about Needlepoint. I wanted to use my own design and when I read that is what she was giving instructions to do I follow all the steps and read her blog daily. I bought the canvas and the waterproof color markers and drew my design on the canvas and then I became distracted by something could n…

3 reasons

I took 3 days off from work for 2 reasons. Well really 3 reasons 1 to increase my spiritual activity, 2 get some doctors appointments done and 3 spend time with my hubby.

Reason 1.

Our circuit overseer and his wife were scheduled to visit us. This is an exciting time for me because I can hear reports of encouragement from all over the world. Brother Falbo and his wife use to live here but their assignment took them all over the globe and in the last 3 years they have return home to continue the work they were doing abroad here at home and to take care of ailing parents. Each time they visit I really enjoy it and will attempt to take some time off from work so we can get together for the whole day. Unfortunately his wife mother fell and had in the hospital and so they were not able to come to visit. However the assignment was given to a brother we will often stand in for them when unforeseen occurrences come up. He has given some wonderful discourses during this time and I tru…

Space Invaded!

I cannot get it together. Why because of bad Feng Shui! My sewing room has my computer in it and from time to time I take somethings out of the room and add other things to it. I do that because once it is done everything is good and I feel ready to stay in my sewing room and I can get lots of stuff done. I had things almost the way I needed them to be and i was able to start some some projects that I had not finished. I was doing some hand sewing on at quilt square and working on my needelpoint. Then the worst thing that could happen happened things were moved around in my room. My dear sweet hubby took the printer from his office and hooked it up to my computer because my printer is not working and proceed to change the room to fit is needs. He was in my space for 3 dys and would have been there longer if I had not insisted that he get it out! He had control over my space and then took over my computer for those 3 days. Now that he has returned his printer to his space my spac…