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Who built the Ark?

I received a phone call from my sister , she is involved in the bible drama that the children will act out for their congregation. The date of the Play is March 4th.

Noah's ark! There will be 15 children in the drama not counting the one who will be the different animals going into the ark. Which is a great way to make sure every child has a part to play.

She asked me to make the costumes! Fortunately she asked my cousin to help as well. Once I find my camera I will have pictures to post. The family of the child will be responsible for providing the materials of each costume. My sister thought those who did not have material could make a donation of 7.00 for the costumes.

She caught me just as I am in the middle of making another mei tai baby carrier but it will all work out eventually. The first meeting will be this sunday and I should have the tunic which will be used as the beginning for each costume. This will allow me to make some adjustment and styling of the costume once I …

I need to sell some stuff.

This is a rocking chair for a little child. It was given to me for some strange reason. The seat needs repair. I would price it at 20.00

This is one of 2 fresco pictures that I got at burlington... I would price it at 10.00

This is a painting that I purchased from one of the home shows. I paid about 125.00 for it... sell it for 70.00?

I got this as a housewarming gift after the fire in the house on hays street..... 10.00

This is a painting from the homeshow which I always have in my bedroom. I paid 250.00 for this... I guess sell it for 100.00?

Everytime I attempt to post items on craiglist I never get any responses. These are personal items that I had before i was married so I will not have to hear from hubby " Why are you trying to get rid of my stuff?"

I need to know how to word the ads and price it right so that I will successfull sell the stuff listed. Any help will be appreciated.

3 broken needles and a blister

This is a picture of my sewing room I took the pictures without the flash so you can see just how dark the room is.

This is what it looks like with the flash on the camera.

I wish my room had this much light. I will search out a Ott-light floor lamp that will help a lot.

I have made up my mind to focus on the things that make me happy. I brought in the New Year the way I usually do. By myself in my sewing room.

I made a Scandi Mei Tai When I am working on a project I can forget about my surrounding and just work and dispite the darkness it was not a major problem. My problem involved broken needles. When sewing through the padding on the straps and waist tie I was sewing through 2 layers of duck cloth and 4 layers of fleece and my machine was not cooperating. So at times I had to pull the strap through while stitching which of course moved the needle and so 3 broken needles later I decided to just turn the wheel and sew it slowly once I was finally finished I had a beautiful bl…