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Wet cardboard boxes again.

You know how you plan to do something and then put it off. Procastination is something we all may be guilty of.

Of course,there are times when we wish we had not put them off. This is one of those times.

It has been raining a lot and I love the rain. I get the best sleep during rain storms. Sometimes when there are a lot of heavy rains there are also water damage.

I remember when: (flashback)

I lived in Wilkinsburg on Franklin Ave. It was a 2 bedroom place with a finished basement. My sister and I shared the place. I always have a place for my sewing so during this time it was in the basement. It was convenient for me to wash clothes while sewing. One year after several days of rain storms, I went into the basement to find 2 inches of water. Not a major deal except that my patterns were stored in cardboard boxes that sat on the floor of the basement. The fabric was on plastic shelving that I had put together. It was my plan to change the patterns from the cardboard boxes int…

candy jars

This jar was full on Wednesday of last week. Its monday. J.Newboss comes in every day more than 3 times a day to get some jelly beans. Since this is a short week they may last until she get's back. Oh, that is 1 of 3. She is on vacation and the amazing things is we did not have Overflow calls. I think there as been 2 in the 4 days she has been off. Dr M. gave us a schedule change and it was done with on one have to log off the phone (granted it was only 2 appointment but it was not a major project.)

This jar had chocolate in it. I help this to disappear. In all fairness it was not full as the first jar was.

The quiet is welcomed. We work hard to get everything done as quickly as possible. There is no huffing an puffing. No asking about the dogs, No questioning trips to the bank and no smell of food all day long. No 15 minutes bathroom breaks I could go on by why ruin the calm with bad memories.

I get the office to my self. Relaxation.
The jacket collar is done. Now I just have to finish the facing edges and put in the hem. S will have to put the buttons on her self.

I should have taken a picture of the jacket and skirt. I will tonight.

Now for the kitchen window.

I no longer want anything to sit on the window sill. It looks to cluttered.

I have this cotton mesh type fabric that I thought would be great for the window but I did not have enough of it. Then I remember this printed fabric that is determine to become a apron. It is very lightweight so If it does become an apron it will have terry cloth on the back so it can be reversible.

I love the little woman in the print. My sisters think it is too country looking. I like country looking.

Isnt she cute!

This fabric will be put with the cotton fabric I think it will work. Regardless I will have new curtains in the kitchen.

I think this combination will work just fine.


From a nurse:
I'll never forget the look in my patients' eyes when I had to tell them they had to go home with the drains, new exercises and no breast. I remember begging the Doctors to keep these women in the hospital longer, only to hear that they would, but their hands were tied by the insurance companies. So there I sat with my patients, giving them the instructions they needed to take care of themselves, knowing full well they didn't grasp half of what I was saying, because the glazed, hopeless, frightened look spoke louder than the quiet 'Thank You' they muttered.
A mastectomy is when a woman's breast is removed in order to remove cancerous breast cells/tissue. If you know anyone who has had a Mastectomy, you may know that there is a lot of discomfort and pain afterwards. Insurance companies are trying to make mastectomies an outpatient procedure. Let's give women the chance to recover properly in the hospital for 2 days after surgery.

It takes 2 se…

Just trying to get to work.

I love to read and there are time when I read books about sewing, crocheting, desigining clothes, art, painting, Manga, nature, energy, fiction, biographies all sort of things. Whatever interest me at the time.

The picture above is a book I just recently got from the library. I was in a hurry to catch the bus this morning and did not put the book in my bag.

Kelly is a woman that introduced herself to me just 4 days after moving in to the current neighborhood. She saw the book in my hand and wanted to know if i was taking a sewing class. I explained that I was just reading it I know how to sew.

Really what things can you make?

All sorts of stuff, everything.

Can you make me a dress?

........Now usually when I am asked this question it is never followed by how much do you charge. My response. I can make anything, do you have a pattern or a picture?

She was in her sister wedding last year and it had and africian theme and she really liked the dress/gown she wore. She said she can …

The song of solomon

My favorite bible passage is found in the second chapter of The Song of Solomon verse 1. This is the response the Shulammite maiden girl gave to the King Solomon after he describes how beautiful she looks.

" A mere saffron of the coastal plains I am, a lily of the low plains."

I have never had a King tell me I was beautiful or tell me of all the things he would give to me if I stay with him so I have no idea what that feels like. I am quite happy to not have had that experience.

I am the oldest of 4 girls that resulted for the union of Sally Mae Williams and Joe Louis Owens. They were married October 21, 1961 I am not sure of the year.

I am one that could be completely alone and find something to do or something to dream about. I read all kinds of books.

On rainy days when we could not go outside and play my sisters relied on me to think up some crazy game for us to play. We always had fun.

My mother started sewing clothes for me with I was 6. I was too tall for every…

Project runway

Since I have found the blog blogging project runway I look at it every day. Today I read every entry Sweet P has on her blog and he leads a very nice life. She doe not talke about her work to much. She was my favorite. Her dresses were alway nice and I could see then in a dress shop. I also like her attitude during the whole show.

Last night I was looking at the stash of fabrics that I have knowing that I should have started on the dresses for spring months ago and now its summer and I still need dresses. I have lots of plan but nothing is working for me. The fabric I have are not inspiring me to create with them. I missed the 3 Rivers Arts Festival I think this is the 3rd time in all my years in pittsburgh. I remember going to the arts festival as a school field trip. When I would get home I had so many ideas and I would try to do them all. I am hoping my lil designer will do something inspiring this weekend so I can just get started like I want to.

Avon business has tak…

Interesting conversation.

Today we had a floater come it to do check in. She did fairly well and I really hoped she could have stayed. At luck would have it she had to go to a different office and I am stuck at front desk tomorrow as well.

However we had an interesting conversation. All day she kept talking about how she loved children. I really did not want to hear her gush about how wonderful her children or child was so I never responded. When the afternoon came about and she came back from lunch there was a very cute little boy in the waiting room who smiled and shy away if we responded. And again she talked about loving children. So I asked " Do you have any children?" Her response was one I was not expecting. "I had a little boy He would have been 7 years old today."

"O I am sorry."

"No don't be. " She then proceed to explain that she had a memorial for him on his conception date instead of his birthday because his birthday was also the day he died.

When s…

I have pictures!

I do not have a camera. Several times you have heard me referr to getting a camera so I can post pictures of different things. Well I do have a cell phone and it has a camera on it. Somehow this information just skipped my mind completely when it came to posting pictures.

2 of 3 asked me to take a picture and then email it to her. I have email things on my phone before but never did it occur to me to email the pictures. I did and the picture looked pretty good. So here are all the pictures I have taken on my phone.

This is the little house the lil designers just could not wait to make.

She keep picking off the house and eating stuff off the house.

Terri and the girls after the graduation ceremony.

So now I will use my cell phone for pictures more often and upload these.

My phone will be the camera I will use until I get my camera.

The weekend.

This weekend was to be the weekend that I was able to reach a goal of obtaining 6 new partners in my avon business.

I am very thankful for the one girl who did sign up. I did make my way to Natrona Heights and then afterward got lost on my way home. I spend some of my earnings from avon just to get the gas I needed.

The rest of the prospects had very valid excuses/reasons for changing the appointments. One had a family emergency and was in OH. Two daughter is sick and had no water service. Three did not answer the phone to verifiy that we were to meet. If I cannot talk to the person 1 hour before the appointment then that is a cancellation. Four was sick herself and forget about our meeting. Five phone was disconnected with "no further information about..."

I still am not about to give up. Change of plans, I am going to concentrate on the people that I do have and not worry about getting more. I have taken and invested a lot of time and it has paid of by giving me the confi…

Friendship are hard.

Often time I find myself stuck in the middle. As is the case today. It is Wednesday nothing special just the middle of the week.

I am out of sort for all sorts of reason but nothing in particular. It is the weirdness that is me.

I am part of a trio at work and we occassionally do things together. 2 of 3 leaves work at 4:30. Hearing center guru should leave work at 5:00 but is often there after 5:30 and I leave work at 5:30.

Today we were to tour the new hospital. We are to arrive @7:45 for the 8:00 tour.
Our plan have had several changes.

1. Go home and them meet at the hospital for the tour and afterward go to buffalo blues.

2. Go the buffalo blues first and then go the hospital for the tour

3. 2 of 3 stay after work and ride the bus with us to buffalo blues and then go to the hospital for the tour. She does not like rideing the bus but was willing to try. This would not work because her husband had already had something set up after work and would not be avail for the 9:00 pic…

project runway blogging

Since a need a new distraction I started reading and searching for new blogs and found this. The offical blog for the project runway fan site. I also was able to get Sweet P blog. I really liked her on the show and look forward to reading what she is doing now.

I know no one is really interested in this but oh well it keep my mind from imploding.

pain in the back

Friday Morning, I woke up to the heat of the day but I could not move. I actually felt paralyzed. My legs would not moved and it hurt to try to sit up. Todd help me get into a sitting position and then I got up using todd and the wall for support. I could not move. My legs supported me fine I just could not get them to move. I laid back down on the bed while Todd got the Motrin. This could not be happening today I had a lot of stuff to get done and laying in bed was not part of the plan.

I took the Motrin and after 40 minutes and with todd massaging my back I was able to move. I did my back stretches to get from relief from the tightness and the pain. Eventually I was able to walk.

Proceeded to get the different things done with no problem at all and actually would have forgotten the pain completely if Todd had not kept calling, texting and asking are you ok?

Felicia and Floyd arrive and sleeping arrange were set up for them as well as making sure Floyd was able to have his fr…

What is the tempature again?

I was off today and I know I would have loved the air conditioning at work. I think the high was over 80 today and right now at 11:03 at night it is 78.

We recently moved in to our current apartment and it does not have central air conditioning. We are back to using fans. This is our first summer here so It will take a little while before I figure out which way to postion the fans for the best air flow.

Our apartment is basically a rectangle. So I dont think this will be a major problem.

All day I was asked What is the tempature? After a while you just answer "Hot".

I sincerely hope that I will survive this heat wave.

I belive this is the begining of the art festival, where is the rain, the thunderstorms? This is the 48 Annual 3 Rivers Art Festival and there should be rain. Every one knows pittsburgh generally greets new artist with gale force winds and buckets of rain. Mother nature sits back and watch the artist struggle to save their works of art that are on exhibit…