Friday, February 19, 2010

Getting back to work.

Sunday I get back to my sewing projects. I have been stuck in neutral since before the holidays so I have set a date to get out of this slump. Sunday February 21, 2010. I will prep my stuff in the morning. Go to my religious services that afternoon after that participating in hospitality by assisting with the lunch/dinner for the visiting elder that will be doing the public address. Then sewing!

My little designer has drawn 5 different outfits and we will have to get started searching for fabrics. I will be taking her with me to the Salvation Army Fabric Fair this year it is the best way for her to find all the fabric that she wants for her designs and I will be able to afford to purchase them for her. She is a smart little girl all her clothing will be for September, return to school, so the fashion show can happen sometime in the summer. This gives us lots at time but if we do not plan correctly we will be going frantic when the time comes.

Tomorrow I am going to meet Betty for dinner at Joe’s and girl talk. Since she moved away it feels like forever since I have seen her. I know it’s really not that long we got to talk a little during her sister’s baby shower. I am really looking forward to our getting together. I am hoping and praying that the snow storm they are expecting does not decided to start early. I hope the temperature stays about 40 so all we get is rain.

Of course that means I have to get all the stuff in the garage in cardboard boxes off the floor because water will be seeping in. It has already started to happen. Sunday that is our family project. I am sure I will be the only one doing the work but who knows hubby may help out. Scratch that! I will get some sewing done on Sunday because I have to stop being non productive creatively.

My mind can find other things that need to be done but if I really want to be successful with my skill I must practice my skill to become a true professional. So Sunday I get back to work.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I wasnt going to post this.

I was not going to post this but it has been on my mind for 3 days now and I have to purge.
Betty's blog hit the nail on the head.

A friend's daughter just had a baby. I went to the hospital to see the little bundle of joy and I was so happy that I did. She is the cutest little girl baby. I was holding her and wishing that she would open her eyes. But she wiggled and cried. She has the little pudgy nose, beautiful jet black straight hair. I counted all her fingers and just could picture her as little girl. I am looking forward to watching her grow up. She finally stopped crying and I just held her. While holding the baby I listen to the conversation around me.

" Is the father coming to see her or was he already here."

" Oh I don't know the father I had Artificial Insemination. I really wanted to have a baby for sometime but my girl friend never wanted any. So last year when we broke up I decided that I would have a baby. I wanted a really pretty child so I decided that my child should be part korean. You know like Kem*ra Simm*ns. I watch her show a lot and her children are beautiful that is what made me decide on the race of the donor. It really was very easy I could chose what ever race I wanted the child to be and it worked so easily. They help me determine when I was ovulating and I got pregnanet the first time."

I stay for a minute more and then left.

She talked like she was shopping for a baby and picked one up just like she would have picked up a designer purse.

My anxiety was for the little baby, I'm hoping and praying that once the novelty of being a mom wears off that the child is not ignored because she is no longer the style of the season.

In my heart I believe she will be a good mother especially if she follows her mother example. This little child will be well loved and cared for.

Her attitude bothered me a great deal. It still bothers me.

I have gone to welcome new babies into the worlk and most couples are just so thrilled to have been blessed to have a baby. The they way the speak about the child and the journey to have the child. This woman tells the story the same way someone tell about shopping for shoes!

Maybe it is just me. I will give it a week and I will go to her house to see the child again. I hope her appreciation for this precious gift grows.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Slap the Eyebrows off someone Face

There are a lot of things that just make me want to slap the eyebrows off someone face. The number one thing that make we feel that way is when someone makes up in their mind that I am a slacker.

There is a new employee in our department and she has no idea of what each person does in the department. That is not the correct way to explain it. She knows the job description and has made it up in her mind that she will be a widget processor. She was trained what is to be done for scheduling but she has decided that she will do just one function of that job and leave the rest to everyone else. Everyone else in her mind is me.

She had really decided that anything that she does not want to so I should do. She mistakes my usual mild manner to mean and that she can delegate what she does not want to do to me. She will ask for help on something and then give it to me like I am to take it and complete it. I usually give it back tell her I have work that needed to be done so she needs to finish what she started.

Her tactic then is to complain to the supervisor that something was not done and make sure that it is understood that I was the one who did not do it. I came into the room just as she was explaining this to the supervisor and the supervisor in turn started attempted to reprimand me for not doing the job. These were my words.

“I want both of you to stop what you are doing and look at me. I will not be accused of not doing my work. I complete my job to the best of my ability and I am not about to be overloaded with someone else’s work. When your work day is over you want to go home on time and I do as well. I will not stay after my work day has ended to complete something that you can take care of during your work day. “

The supervisor said something about teamwork and we all work together on different aspect of the scheduling and some things must be done at the end of the day because the morning is so busy.

“Well I guess you better take the time before you leave at the end of the YOUR day to make sure your portion of this is done because you will see I take care of what I need to before I leave.”

The supervisor said something that sounded like if it does not get done earlier than it need to be done before you go home.

“ I would not hold be breathe on that one. You as the supervisor need to make sure that it is done before anyone on your “TEAM” goes home. “

Then I left the room. I do not know what was said after I left nor do I care.

So when 2:30 came around the supervisor came to me and said did you finish blah blah blah. My response was yes here it is.
She then went to my coworkers who did not finish blah blah blah and she then started yelping about these must be done before you leave you cannot leave them for end of the day. There are doctors who have patients until 5:30 so these needs to be done before you leave.

I still need to slap the eyebrows off someone face.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Not sure what to do.

Friday was the last day of work for my hubby. Today is sunday and he is never off on a sunday so he was not sure of what to do with his time.

He said lets go for a drive so I went along. After a while I noted the familar route he was taking. " Do you forget something in the office? "

"I just want to make sure the new guy is okay" Hump was my reply.

So we make it to the office and the new guy is doing fine because he is not alone, one of the daytime dispatcher was working with him. Once he determine that the guy was going to be ok we left.

He said. " I thought they were leaving him alone and I just wanted him to know that I will help out if needed." I just nodded my head and enjoyed the ride home.

When we got home. " What do you usually do on Sunday's"

" Clean."

" What do you clean?" I just looked at him. So he vaccumed the living room and hallway while I cleaned up the bathroom and gather the stuff for the wash.

" Now what do you do?" " Laundry"

He sat down with is lap top and started watching TV. Something that I would not watch so I am in the computer room.

We have to plan something for us to do next sunday. Sugesstions?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Of serious concern.

There are time when we all tend to overdwell on something and this is something of serious concern to me right now. I probably will surface from time to time so please bare with me when I occasionally purge about CAPITAL. This may come up from time to time and since my blog has not real direction I figure I may as well add this to the subject matter. It may come up more now because I am consumed with thinking of ways to save, budget, earn fix my thinking when it comes to money.

Financial Diary

I have decided to keep a financial dairy or Journal. This decision is because I am always losing sight of my financial goals. This happens with many different aspects of life for me. I lose weight when I am keeping a food diary of what I eat and how I felt when I ate it etc. and gain the weight when I stop. I complete more sewing projects when I keep a Journal of the daily thought and happenings.Forget completely about my projects when I stop writing about what I am doing. So I am hoping that I can achieve my financial goals which are: 1) control over my money and how it is spent, 2) achieving a saving that I could live off of for at least 6 months if I lost my job and 3) higher credit score so I can get credit because someone in the wonderful capitalist world decided that it would favor those with a higher scores. So by keeping this journal I am hoping to stay on track.

First of all It is important for the reader of this journal to understand that the usage of the following words I, me, or my actually refers to my husband, and myself. Since we were joined together in marriage, I = we, me= us, my = ours. To keep thing simple in my Financial diary I will just use my, I or me. This will be easier for all concern and especially for me because I swear my brain takes breaks without notice so I get lost easily.

Of course this diary is being started because I find myself in the hole again. I hate it because this happens every January and February. March I get out of it because it always a 3 week pay month so March becomes my recovery month. What makes this maddening is that it has been happening for the last 3 years and every time I think I have beaten it I get smacked in the face with the overdrawn notice from the bank and no funds to cover the amount overdrawn. The way bank process items, you can have several debits hit your account at the same time and they will always process the largest amount first and then you get the overdraft fees on the smaller amounts. This is way a payment of over 600.00 will always process before the 5.00 cup of coffee so if you have enough to pay the 600.00 and are .25 short of the 5.00 so your cup of coffee just cost you 40.00 dollars. Some people say the govt needs to regulate the banks I say read the fine print it's all disclosed to you.

Sorry I went off topic that happens a lot so excuse me.

Right now what I am going to do is look through all that I owe and make a list of each item and how much it is and then make the necessary payments.

Next I will attempt to figure out where my math went wrong and until I have master that I will return to the old fashion way of getting money orders and mailing out the payments.

I will leave at least 10% of my paycheck in the account so that I can start the whole saving 6 month worth of living funds.

The for day to day living is a bit more challenging because determination to stick to the plan it vital. fund for gas to go into the car will be put on a pay as you go debit card, maybe a gift card or just set aside in an envelope , my pocket money will be put into my pocket and once it is gone on well, no trips to the bank to pull funds mainly because only savings will be there. I will just have to be broke until the designated time for new pocket money to be put in my pocket comes around.

Easier said than actually done. But it is so much better for me to look in my pocket and find 4.75 and know that I cannot afford that cup of coffee than it is to use my debit card and pay 40.00 for a cup of coffee.

I know there is a lot more to consider but this is my goal for right now well at until Feb 12.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

No going anywhere today.

Because of all the snow every where and the county is in a state of emergency we stayed home. I had tickets for In the Heights but the afternoon performance was cancelled. So we will have to catch it later while it is still in the city.

My little niece has changed the name of her line or I got it wrong to begin with. It is Unnaturally Cool. She has and image of a rose which grows naturally in an unnatural color which makes it cool. The rose is green with pink dots and the stem is red. So I am working on creating this image for use in her clothing line. I will create some fabric print and get it printed at spoon flower it can be used as lining in some jackets, purses, hats and other times it can be the actually fabric print.

Her designs are for the fall season so we have all summer to create these 10 looks. As soon as the weather breaks we will get a better scheduled done as we can work together each week until it all done. I have her doing some research in fashion magazine to see if we can determine what the trend colors will be in the fall of 2010

In the meantime I have taken the time to reorganize or restash my fabric. As you can see I will not be going anywhere for a while.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Just something else to be added to the list.

The list is not a list of projects that I am working on. The list is not a list of resolutions that I would make and never achieve. The list is trouble and more troubles.

Top of the list, My father in law is back in the hospital again. Same problem as before but not as serious at the first hospital stay. He was home for 3 days and just as Saturday was starting off to a relaxing day of running errand and making sure his dad was doing ok the phone rang. Todd took off to the hospital because this time the ambulance was called before Todd was called. To his relief the doctors told him it was not as bad as before but there is an active bleeder somewhere and they have to find it.

The endoscope did not show where the bleeder was but there was a big clot in the same place as before. The location of this clot was near the area where the stomach ends and the intestine start. I looked this up on the internet this area is call the pyloric canal. From what I read it could be cause by stomach cancer. My father in law did have stomach cancer but it was in full remission so maybe it came back but I would think the Doctors would be able to tell us that. I am going to mention it just the same.

Middle of the list, My husband’s new boss emailed him and asked him to come to the office during the day to have a meeting with him. Here is the thing; with everything that Todd is doing right now, going out of his way to meet with his boss was not going to be one of them. Someone in the office must have explained this to the new boss so the new boss made a special trip in to the office early so he could speak with Todd.

Todd explained that with his father declining health he has to be able to be close enough to get to him when he calls for his help. The dispatching job is 27 miles away it will take 40 minutes in good traffic to get to him. The bus driving job is 10 minutes away. The new boss just was not getting it. He offered Todd part time or just weekends but this was refused as well because it’s just too far away. Originally the office was located on the North Side of town but 2 years ago it was move to Sewickley and it has always been his fear that if something happen in the middle of the night while working that he would not get to his father in time.

Todd offered to train his replacement but on the 12th of February he would be done and gone.

So while my dear hubby was dealing with all of these things, life was not completely settled at my job in the scheduling room. One week a work associate was off sick the next week the other work associate was on vacation. So I did what I could to keep things running smoothly as I possibly could. Coming in early, being the last one to leave having lunch at my desk. This did not set well with my hubby and each time he complained I just told him “ I will get paid the overtime do not worry. “ Well I get paid on Friday and it should have 5.7 hours of OT on it. My wonderful employer gives us the capability to see our paystub before payday and my check was short! I had one day off to go for doctors appointments and they did not use my PTO. So my paycheck had a total of 77.7 hours for me instead of 85.7 hours.

I freak out because I just knew with all that my husband was dealing with the overtime would have been great. I also just knew he was going to blow a gasket when he found out that I did not receive the OT. My boss assured me that it will be the next paycheck but that does nothing for me right now.

What was Todd response when I explain what was going on with my paycheck? “ Just add that to the list. “ He said it so calmly that I had to ask what was he thinking. “ I just want to go home sit on the sofa and hold you in my arms until I fall asleep.”

So that is what we did and for right now forgetting about the list.