Saturday, August 8, 2009


The deconstruction is over.
AUGUST 1, 2009
The fitting went well. I really feel bad having to make people stand still for an hour but that is about how long it took. I pinned the pieces in place and she said it felt comfortable and there was enough room to grow into. I searched for my footstool. It is so much easier the pin the hemline while it is hanging off the floor. My footstool was gone and I know which sister took it. (She claims she is not short so I can imagine why she would take my footstool but I know she has it!) So I had to it pin the hemline off the floor. I am always never quite sure when I do it like this.

After she was gone I put the dress on the dress form and put running stitching in it fabric by hand this will mark the seam allowances. Once that was done I pinned notes the left side and noted the front and back sides and did the same on the opposite side. Now I was able to unpin the pieces and know that I would be able to sew them in place with no major problems.

AUGUST 3, 2009
The fabric that I am using for the lining is not the same color of the dress. It’s black! This is the best choice it will not show through the fabric. I would have loved to have had the same color of the dress but I could not find a match at the fabric store. Any additional shawls of the same color were out of state. So I used what I had and that was black.

The black was a silk that I had used in lining before. It feels really great against the skin. I had enough of the black fabric for both sides of the dress. What I had to do for one side to be the correct shape to fit the dress correctly was to take pieces and sew them together. I took the opportunity to get rid of some of the bobbins that had small amounts of black thread remaining on them. 4 bobbins later I had the finish piecing the lining together and now it was time to add it to the dress. I put the lining in place and that was enough for that day.

AUGUST 6, 2009
The left side of the fabric was put in to place. This took two hours. Not sure why but it is in place. Enough for that day.

AUGUST 8, 2009
Sat looking at the dress trying to figure out why it took two hours to put the left side in. I am really trying to avoid that if I can. One hour passed and I have decided that I will do it tomorrow. Right now I will look for a pattern for a dress for me and lay it out so that when I am finish putting the right side in tomorrow I can start sewing on a dress for myself.

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