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Measure twice cut once!

I have laid out countless skirts, shirts, jackets. I have relaid patterns just to make sure I could get the complete outfit made in the fabric of choice.

So can someone please tell me why I cut the pattern for the skirt out of the fabric before making sure I had enough for the jacket!

So I have the skirt ready to be sewn together but it will not have the matching jacket!

Its my own fault. I usually measure and measure again and then lay out the fabric and put all the pattern pieces on the fabric to make sure everything will cut out properly.

I realize that I have been distracted with fish bones in my throat, and being told that I am premenopausal and then being told my hormones are in balance according to blood test.

Dealing with the never ending cycle.

But as much as that should be enough for daily concerns, my husband not taking his meds correctly so a blood clot in his leg broke off decided to take a tour of his leg. First it visited his ankle and then it visited his calf a day later. After his admittance to the hospital we learn that this was a superficial blood clot and would not travel to the vital organ like the brain, or lungs, or heart.

The suit or skirt now, has all the wonderful colors of fall. Saffron yellow, copper, burgandy, and dark hemlock green. I also have fabric that is just like the saffron yellow perfect for the dress. I am crocheting a belt using the same colors of the suit. I planned to wear it with the Yellow dress and then wear the jacket with the dress. I also had a beautiful flower print to make a shirt out of and then I decided that would look to busy so I decided on the solid cream or brown long sleeved top and I could use the print as lining in the jacket ( which I do not have fabric for).

My plan was to have a mini fall wardrobe by the 21 because the autumnal equinox is on the 22nd. I wanted to be ready for fall.

I still feel the stupid fish bone so I have an appointment on friday morning to get that check out. I also will be getting my hearing check which is annoying.

On the 10 I have the appointment for the sonogram so I can find out what this endless cycle is about.

On the 17 I have an appointment so I can get my shortness of breath issues taken care of.

My sewing is my destressor but i don't have enough fabric to complete my planned outfits for the fall. This fabric was purchased at the craft fair so I doubt that I can just go to the store and get some more.

Crocheting does help since I can do this without thinking and it is relaxing and I still get a feeling of accomplishment because I can see the finish project coming to its completion.

So I am going to do the best I can with what I have and remember to measure twice and cut once.


Anonymous said…
You forgot the third rule...don't forget to breathe!!!

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