Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Still trying to stay focused...

Sunday I got all the avon prepped for delivery. I was proud to be able to get items to customer in time for them to have them gift wrapped and ready for the holiday.

Life is very distracting.....

My father in law called at 4:15 am on Monday morning to say he was in a lot a pain an needed to go to the hospital. He has a major infection in his foot. He may lose his foot. I love him dearly and it difficult to watch him go through this knowing that it could break his spirit or will to survive. It's even harder watching my husband deal with the same thoughts and memories of when his mother went through when she had her leg amputated. He links it directly to the dementia she had in the later years before she died.

So I am determined to use my nervous energy and stay focused.

I find it hard to concentrate on my sewing so instead I clean the house.
I organize papers.
I cook.
But I do not enter the sewing studio. (I just named the room a studio recently. Thought it sounded better and would motive me more if it was a studio.)

Tonight, after my visit to the hospital where I make sure that the nurses and Dr.s are doing everything they can. I will finish my cleaning and organizing and then I will, in an attempt to stay focus enter the sewing studio and finish Jewerly travel pouch, or envelope.

The voice in my head keeps telling me " get it together, get it together" right now is just a whisper but its getting louder.

Hugs to everyone.

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