Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Switching subjects

Life is so mean! With my FIL in the hospital, and me being a great caregiver my time is being sucked away. I am trying hard but keeping the doctors on point can be draining. Even if I am not in the hospital I am on the phone. As of right now his foot has been removed. He should be in lest pain that he was before. He compare the pain to have an operation without any anesthesia.

When I go to see him later today I am praying that he is in good spirits and has a more positive outlook for 2009. But what a way to start the year.

Switching subjects

I recently helped my friend move from her house into an apartment. I was also happy to give her a housewarming gift of a bread maker. She loved it. Until she started using it. She follow the recipe that came with the maker and the bread was.....well not a good as expected. She made me a banana bread and the smell was wonderful. It just made your mouth water. But it was a little dry. She was so disappointed.

She did not give up and re gift. She search and found a recipe that worked!

I smells wonderful and taste delicious! I have enjoyed a piece each day since she gave it to me. I love giving gifts that I can enjoy!

Switching subjects

I do not make New Year resolutions because, well for me it is the same as lying to myself.

You know the phrase " Just do it!" Stop waiting for the beginning of the year, or Monday, or tomorrow and just do it! Do it now.
There is so much going on in my everyday life that I have decided tonight I will be in my sewing studio and I will be creating something as the New Year comes in. My hope is that I can be creative all year long if I start the year this way. This does sound like a resolution but I prefer not to think of it that way.

This past year I have made several clothing items but not nearly as much as I have in the past.

I have made some gifts for babies
and I have had lots of ideas on how much I can earn with my crafts. I just need to be more productive.

So that is the plan to be more productive, active and creative.

Switching Subjects.

I think that I need to finish all the Avon training again. My paperwork is all over the place and I am not really paying attention to all the details. How many hours are there in a day? 24 right, so why does it seem like all the successful people have more time? Don't we all get 24 hours or do they get more? I know I am using too many hours sleeping right? oh grief!

No more switching of subjects because I have run out of things to say. But my brain just does not stop.

Be Safe everyone do not over indulge!

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