Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sewing projects

Here is the before picture.

You can see how big the armhole is and although it may not be clear the dress just hangs on me. I started my reconstruction of the dress by removing the side seams stitching and based on my measurement resewed the seams with a 1 ½ inch seam allowance on both sides. Checked the fit again and it felt so much better.

I could not find the right color ribbon in my notions to give the dress the empire waist look so I just decided to put that on hold. One day I may add that ribbon.

Here is the after picture courtesy of hubby who did not want to take the picture!

Just looking at the pictures you really cannot see a difference in the way it fits but it does feel better and the little designers like it.

A friend at work saw this outfit and asked if I had made the blouse.

This picture was also taken by an unwilling hubby.

I said that I did and she ask if she could borrow the pattern so her stepmother could make one for her. I told her I would bring it to her on Monday. Not really sure why I was okay with lending her the pattern but I will keep to my word and bring it to her on Monday.

Today, I decided that I need 2 more blouses from this pattern before I would lend it out. So I made this today.

Its difficult to see but I will wear it tomorrow with a black skirt. I will get the unwilling photographer to take the picture again.

I am now in the process of making View E of this pattern.

I am sure that I will get the pattern back but if not I will just buy a new one. This is a great pattern for summer blouses. I really enjoyed this one a great deal and when I get it back or buy a new one I will be making more.

Have a Great Night!

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Kathy V said...

I think the new dress is very nice. you did a good job with it.