Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I have been sewing since I was 14 years of age. It was mostly out of necessity, I was tall and nothing fit. My mother was always right by my side but by the age of 14 she just no longer were there. She was busy with other stuff and left the sewing to me and if I had a question she would help.

I would spend hours listening to my music and sewing. After a while I started making things for other people.

After 5 cocktail dresses,
Prom dresses,
Mother of the bride dresses
Maternity dresses
Maternity shirts
Clothing for little girls and lots of other things as well

I have been called to replace zippers, change the hemline of skirts or dresses and pants, and at times called to make this smaller and or make this bigger.

I have recently been hired to make alterations to a bridesmaid dress.

By the time of the wedding she will be 5 months pregnant. Right now her waist is 40 inches.

I have seam ripper in hand and it is time to open up some seams! She will return on August 1st and we will do additional measurements at that time. August 28th is the wedding. My plan is that everything will be done the week before!

The dress has several workable seams. It is an A line gown, there are 2 in the front that I can open and add fabric there. On each side of the gown are 2 seams and I can open and add fabric there. I do not want to add to the back of the gown but I can increase the size here as well just by reducing the seam allowances.

It is a lined gown with netting between the fabric and the lining in the skirt portion of it. So the netting will be removed temporarily it will be replace after the final fitting. Since the netting is used to add fullness to the dress she may not want the additional fullness once everything is done.

So today I am removing the netting and tomorrow ripping out some of the stitching for some of the side seams.

I has search through all my thread and guess what! I have the right color so I just have to get more thread of the same color and we are set to go!

This is going to be fun!

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Betty Rubble said...

I was about to share the link w/the bridesmaid when I remembered---duh my blog is linked...so I can't do that. LOL.

See you on Aug 1st.