Thursday, October 1, 2009


Today was not so bad but whatever. Whatever just means that what I am feeling is nothing to shout from the mountain top nor is it anything to cry about it’s just whatever.

We received our new lease when I read the note enclosed with the lease it says that the rent increase was going to be 20 percent. I love this place but a 20 percent increase was beyond what we could afford. I told hubby that we should look into one of the apartment complex but he nixes that because he wants to stay in the neighborhood close to his father. I can understand why, his father is ill and often deal with depression that comes with long term illness and dependence on others for everyday things that he would do for himself if he could. Whatever he thinks we still have to move. He starts in on owning his own home.

I don’t want to own a home I like calling the landlord when something is wrong and it gets fixed right away. I like having the freedom to live like a nomad if I wanted to. So after 15 minutes of me telling him all the reason why I don’t want a home I have to listen to 40 minutes of reason why we should own a home and then I am shown all the houses in the area.

However he has no follow through in doing what is necessary to own a home. So just to help him in his dream I have started the process of getting our credit information and credit scores. This way we can strengthen our credit by dealing with any credit disputes or delinquencies, take the necessary steps to strengthen our credit history. Since this takes time and will not be done overnight we must decide what we want in a house and where we want to live etc…….

While this conversation is going on I look at the note again and it actually says the increase is 2.6% which calculates out to 20.00 more each month. So this is our last year here. I am still hoping for an apartment complex but I will get things in place for us to get a loan for his house. That includes getting rid of stuff that is not being used so I don’t have to move it into our new place and it continue to not be used.

So he looks in the home booklets and I am searching for the next perfect rental place for us to live in, which all amounts to whatever.

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