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At this point...

At this point I should have pictures of a completed or almost completed winter jacket. But as you can tell this is not the case.

We are entering flu season and because my position in the hospital clinic I have direct contact with patients so I get the flu shot. Even when I did not have direct patient contact I got the flu shot.

This is the first year that 3 weeks after getting the flu shot I got sick. I know I did not get sick from the shot I was infected because sick people do not stay at home when they are sick.

One Clinical staff come in sick, stayed 1/2 day and then when home because she could not work she was so sick.

Another Clinical staff came to work so sick she was walking into the walls. She had to be sent home.

My supervisor came to work sick and worked for 2 days before someone told her please go home.

My Coworker who shares my office space started getting sick on Tuesday, Wednesday she came to work but she said she was ok. Thursday she was having a hard time working Friday she left work early.

Friday I had a sore throat at 1 or 2 in the afternoon and by the end of clinic I knew I was sick because I was cold and nothing could warm me up. I was drinking hot water, not tea, just hot water. I had a heater at my feet and I could not get warm.

By the time I got home I was ill! My sewing weekend was ruin because I could not hold my head up.

The headaches were very intense, the congestion was all in my sinus. I was lightheaded and could not sleep because everytime I laid down the pressure build up in my head.

Finally I made a wedge of all the pillows I could find and slept sitting up.

Monday I was still having dizziness and congestions so I stayed home.

This morning I was no longer dizzy and did not have a fever so I went to work. I was not sneezing a coughing all over the place but I was not totally cleared of my illness. I went to work because one staff member was off this whole week.

It was explained to me that if I get worst and have a fever then I am to go to any of our hospital ER and show my ID badge explain that I have direct contact with patient and they will test me for the H1N1 virus.

It will take 3 days for the results to come back and I am to take PTO for thoses 3 days. If the result is Negative then I can come back to work.

If the results are Positive then I have to inform my supervisor of the test results and I am not to return to work for an additional 5 days using PTO for that time off or don't use PTO just don't get paid. Then I can return to work.

Actually I am more upset that I did not get to do my sewing. Well the weather is to be in the 70's tomorrow so I will not need a coat for tomorrow. Maybe I can start sewing tomorrow after work.


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