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World Fest 2010

Friday I left work around 1:00, went home to finish packing up the things we would need for the weekend and we were on the road. My hubby decided he would come with me, of course this was because I explained with him or without him I was going and I told he that while I was on hold with the greyhound bus terminal getting a price on a round trip ticket.

We arrived at the hotel around 12:30 midnight I am so glad that I called and told them of a late arrival. The Marriott Louisville Downtown 3.5 stars! I Love price line 60.00 a night sweet deal! The room was paid for in advance so check in a breeze and checkout was the same.

The World fest was within walking distance 2 maybe 3 blocks away. The park is call the Belvedere but if you call it by the name none of the people who live in Louisville know what you are talking about but if you ask for the location of the World fest “It’s the park at the end of Fifth Street once you cross main you are there!” Once you get there you see signs that call it Belvedere.

There were 3 stages for performances, the Main Stage, Fountain stage and Fiesta Latina Stage.

We arrived around 11:00 and as we roam about you could see the festival had not started yet. The vendors were still setting up their tents and tables and some had not arrived at all yet. But we got a feel for the layout of everything so even if we got separated I felt confident I would be able to find him.

We made our way back to the entrance and found a spot on Main Street and waited for the parade. This was the kickoff that opened the festival. Soon I could hear the Louisville Pipe band leading the parade down Main Street. I thought of Robert Preston as Dr Hill with his marching band. I love marching bands.
Most of those walking in the parade held signs of their nation, in traditional dress and dancing traditional dances it was beautiful to see. Bangladesh, Philippines, Vietnam, Bahamas, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Croatia, Bosnia, Ireland, Russia, Scotland, Spain and host of other with the United Nations Flag bringing up the rear of the parade.

After which we all went to the park to enjoy the Festival.

We watched the Vietnamese Lion Dancers at the main Stage, Camino Flamenco Dancers also at the main stage, Imani Dance Company at the Fountain Stage, Zumba at the Fiesta Latina Stage, Arco Iris Aztec/Mexico Dance at the Fiesta Latina Stage, Kyenne Drummers at the Fountain Stage and Salsa Rhythm Band at the Main Stage.

Each time we left one performance we checked out the food booths along the way. The food smells were wonderful some I recognized and other new but very tempting! The different booths of cuisine, Jamaican, Irish, Colombian, Italian, Cuban, Spanish, Ethiopia, Greek and so many others.

I was tired and I realized it was 5:00p.m. So back to the hotel we went to rest because I knew there was a big salsa party the closed the Fiesta Latina Stage tonight at 9:30 and I wanted to be there.

It was a party. On the Main Stage there was a band playing music that had an african singer, and india singer and american singer. The music was described as Funksic! they each took turn singing in there native language and it worked. We made out way to the Fiestia Latina Stage and it looked like everyong was dancing the salsa! It was so much fun!

This is our stand pose because hubby does not like to take pictures and I cannot find the time delay on my camera.
Now its time to get back to work creating accessories to fill my online store that I have yet to open.


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