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Wasting time Sleeping

How many hours are there in a day? I think I am wasting too many sleeping. I cannot get a free moment.

I have been running back and forth to the seniors building that my Aunt live in because I have several customers there.

Making adjustment for skirt that are too long, too loose, occasionally too tight. The problem is when the are awake I am at work and when I am finish with work they are getting ready for bed. So pickup and delivery are usually on Saturday.

Right now the intercom system that lets you into the building is not working properly. I attempted to contact my customer in the usual fashion by dialing her apartment number on the touch pad and it did not even ring. The display just said try again. Which I did and the display said “ Try Again”. So I called my customer on my cell phone to tell her that I was at the front door but the intercom system is not working. She however is hard of hearing and heard that I was at the front door and began pushing the button on her phone that will open the door. This did not work because I was on my CELL PHONE! After several attempts to get her to understand that the door was not opening someone who was in the building and walking through the lobby opened the door for me. And just as the elevator was opening I saw her standing their barefoot and in her robe. She took the clothes and said she will try them on at different call and call me if anything is wrong and starting fussing and cussing about the door!

My cousin and I recently got a contract with a couple who is getting married to supply their wedding flowers! They want bouquets, corsages, buttoners, and centerpieces. Neither of them like flowers but they like the demonstration we did when we presented them with flowers so they put a deposit on the order. However they still did not give a final number of flowers needed but they are aware that more flowers higher the cost. I emailed them an deadline of Friday!

Now I have found out about Pittsburgh Fashion Week Sept 27 ~ Oct 3. So I am back to restless night because I have to get some purses completed for our vendor table on October 1, 2010 however no one has truly committed themselves to paying 150.00 for the vendor table and are more interested in getting tickets to see the fashion shows! This present challenges for me because suddenly I am to be the contact person because I found the people on facebook who are the minds behind the event! Just because they accepted my friendship request does not mean I have an in to all the events!

I really want to go home and get some work completed and my hubby has decided that we need to return to the business meeting for Primerica. The only way I can salvage the night in terms of getting some work done is by going to the Joann’s in North Hills to get some closures for the purses.

I put in 8 hours at work and if you count commuting back and forth more like 9 to 10 hours. I would love to work for 5 hours on sewing and creating the purses but there are the alterations that need to be done (after this week I will not be taking in new work until after the fashion show ) then there are wedding flowers that need to be done by October 20th because the Wedding is November 5, 2010. I like to have them completed and just waiting because then there is no messing up.

I guess I just have to give up what little sleep I do get because I cannot get more than 24 hours in a day.

Oh Yes I have a fall/winter list for me to make for me! Yep I will be giving up sleeping!


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