Friday, January 4, 2008

stuff in my head

For some strange reason I started back to reading the newspaper for several reason the main reason is I would be following a story to see it fully resolved and the newspaper would stop reporting on it. One time I actually call the newspaper to get the final story. That is incredibly frustrating.

Another reason is it not unbiased reporting. I just hate that.

So this will be short lived I am sure because the only thing I enjoy about the newspaper at this time are the cartoon, puzzles and style pages.


The migraines have made a come back. I don’t know why they returned but I know I cannot wait for them to leave.

The migraines of earlier years were absolutely wicked. Blurred vision, inability to think straight, no tolerance of loud noises, no tolerance to any sounds, loss of time with pain in my head to boot. During this time in my life I felt like I was totally out of it . It was amazing that I was about to do my job at the bank and not make any mistakes and was often called upon to correct other people mistakes.

I have an appointment to go to the doctor and see if we can get this under control.


I am making it a goal to education children about money and finances. You can never be too young to learn to save move and to have a hand in your finances. I don’t want to education them to become rich. I can teach what I have not done for myself. But to teach them how to handle money wisely enough to live comfortably.

This is something that is not taught it is a trial and error learning process. Well in some family it is but now is the time to stop that way of thinking.

Just imagine how much better off anyone of us would be if we did not have to learn by trial and error. If we were taught to not be “I WANT IT NOW!” Instant gratification that credit card enable us causes us to purchase with out thinking. I see it, I want it, credit card enables me to get it. Right now!

In the Pittsburgh tribune-review the money section had an article entitled Piggyback on piggy banks Raising children to be savvy savers is financial self-defense for parents.

Instead of saying this is the guide to teaching your children about money he gives his experiences with his children and his attempt to each them about money. In the opening part of the article he states his reason for teaching his children about money is that they are his legacy, so he wants them to thrive, and remember him fondly. He wants them to be competentn contented managers of their money, so they don’t spend their lives agonizing over their finances and become dogged by foolish mistakes.

I kept the article and plan to share it with my family so they and try to understand the important of teaching our children the skills to thrive. $$$$$

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