Thursday, January 17, 2008

my determination

I have been losing weight and gaining weight at the same rate for years. For the most part I have been stable at 275 lbs for the last 10 years of my life. At some point after joining Weight Watchers I did lose 20 lbs which was great. Then I did as I usually do and stop following the program or switch to a different program.

Well, I know that I did gain weight. I do not need a scale to let me know this I just know it. Recently I have been feeling like I did when I had the 20 lbs still on me.

Dinner is a problem. I finish work at 5:30 and usually get home about 6:30, 6:45. This is only a problem because I like to eat dinner before 7:00. I don’t sleep until after 12:30 at night some nights later than 2:00 am. Its best for me to eat dinner before or at 7:00 so I can snack at 10:00 which is when my favorite show come on TV and I will definitely sit still and watch it and snack.

TAG for about a month cooked dinner each night. But that soon ended. So I have decided that I am going to create my menus for the week and them prepare all the food on Sunday and put them in the freezer. This will enable me to stick with my Weight Watchers program.

This inspiration came to me just as I was trying on a skirt that fit me wonderfully this time last year. I know that it fit me wonderfully because I bought it for a new job orientation. I have now been employed for 360 days and I tried on this skirt and if it did not have 3% spandex in the material it would not have zipped up! When I started this job I was not involved with weight watchers at all. I was more active. I was a courier. I drove all over the city delivering packages. I enjoyed it at lot but it was not safe for me to be out all night in various hoods as well as highway and back roads alone. Now I sit at a desk answering the phone all day. Sometime I go upstairs to the clinic and register patients but I am still sitting all day. I feel like my hips are wider than my shoulders.

So most of my food choices will be recipes from different weight watchers book or magazines and diabetics cookbook. I will make sure the portion sizes are correct for TAG as he gets more points than I do. The salads will be refrigerated and I will also put names on them because I know he will eat my salads before I get a chance to get to them.

I will make individual portions for the week and family size portions for the weekend. Because there are at least 2 times each week that we sit at the table just the two of us and actually have conversation.

I am starting a goal of 20lbs loss by March or more.

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2 of 3 AKA the Under Appreciated Genius said...

What do you think you are? A Line Backer? You silly girl. We need to sign you up for How to Look Good Naked.

After that, we will go see the Vagina Monolouges with Wanda :)