Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Determination

My determination to be 20 lbs lighter by March is kind of bittersweet. Bitter because I don't feel like I am going to make it. However I still keep to my determination. Sweet because the plan I put into place are actually working. With my lunches plan and ready in the morning I just grab and go. Yesterday lunch was really good. Southwestern Chicken Salad!

I started with bagged salad it's really quite the best way for me to get it. I dont have to cut it up.
Then I add already prepared chicken breast strips ( not fried chicken strips) These had a southwestern santa fe seasoning grilled into them. I heated them in the microwave 60 seconds and then I added Torilla chips strips also Santa fe seasoning with Thousand Island dressing. It was so good and very filling. So I am having the same thing today but I will be adding some tomatoes to it. I had the tomatoe yesterday but I did not have a knife to cut it up. But I am prepared today. When the 3:00 grazing time came around I had some lite and fit Dannon yogurt White chocolate with raspberries. I was suprise how good it was. But I need to crunch something so I bought a cookie ( chocolate chip not really a favorite but it was available).

Dinner was done so when I got home Tag had taken the porkchops out of the freezer and heated them up in the oven and made some noodles with vegetables. This was also filling. Then at 10:00 pm the second grazing time of the day I had 2 ritz crackers with cheese and Propel fitness water.

This morning I started with a Seasame bagle toasted with butter this was about 8 points
Since I am having the same lunch and snack this will be about 8 points which leaves me 16 more points to use for the day.

I got some new workout dvd. Amped by billy banks it come with the 3 lbs bar to use with the work out but for the first week you are not to use the bar until you get use to the routine. I will let you know how that works out.

Well its lunch time!

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