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Colander and my mind

Colanders are used in a varity of ways. The main object is to drain what is not needed abe have left only what is needed. I wish my mind could work the same way. Unfortuately for me the holes in the colander that is otherwise known as my mind is just as large as the items I want to keep.

Thursday we were almost on our way when I remember all that I forgot! Now since the things that I had forgot were in plain sight I would think that my dear sweet hubby would pick them up knowing it was something we needed. But as I said "think" I need to stop doing that.

I finally got the mp3 ditigal recorder, (forgot the headphones) notebooks, (thought he had the pens), my crochet something for me to do on the road. And made sure all the doors and windows were locked, emptied food garbage and upplugged all things electrical except for the refrigator.

Any how it was about 10 in the evening when we arrived a the hotel. The hotel was nice but of course I forgot to take pictures of it. I was just happy to arrive. I was tired and he was hungry. Off to Eat and Park for the night meal.

Everyday I forgot something at the hotel. day 1 the forks for our salads, day 2 batteries for the mp3 player which I used to record the sessions, day 3 the peaches for lunch.

Our hotel did have a refrigerator but someone (who's name shall not be mentioned) turned up the refrigeration to high and everything froze! including $13.00 worth of cherries. So the second day the salads were totally wilted and you really should not attempt to eat hardboiled eggs that were once frozen. So that day we went to the rasals roadhouse pizza place and had lunch.

Friday Saturday and Sunday the convention was wonderful. It focused more on daily christian life rather than doctrines. We have 2 new publications and 39 people were baptized.

Sunday when we were checking out of the hotel. I thought I had lost my camera! My husband stood back and watched while I went balastic in my search for it. I found it and never put it down until we got home. I was not losing another camera within 30 days of purchase!


Anonymous said…
I am slightly did Domonique get there? I thought she wasn't going?

Also the top that Ray's wife? Or am I imagining things?
Lavon said…
That is her mother with Domonique and her little brother. They decided to come.

Yes that is Dee, she was on the otherside of the center so I just snapped her picture.

I tried to get a picture of Ray on the stage but the picture was to blurry to actually see. He was the director of the bible drama.

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