Thursday, August 14, 2008

Who knew.

So many times when I see something that I really like and I will try to recreate it.

If somebody does a craft that I have never tried before I pick up a book read it and then do it. Now that there is the internet I can just read about it and do the same.

I decide to do the monthly challenge from Nuts about Needlepoint.

I explain this to my friend, she does a wonderful job of cross stitch. You can see a sample of this here.

So I read some stuff on the internet about cross stitch. I went to JoAnn fabric and bought some aida cloth and needlepoint needles and then I decided that I could use some 2 strand polyfiber crochet yarn to do the cross stitch instead of floss.

I measured a 2 inch square and started the stitch a heart shape in the block. When my friend explained that she would help me with it I told her what I did. She started asking questions:

"Did you count out the pattern?" 'What?'

"Do you have the cloth with the printed pattern on it?" 'No it's blank'

"Okay, then you should have counted the pattern." She then proceeded to explain how to fold the cloth to get the center and how to count it out so that the pattern is centered. "Then you will have enough cloth to stretch when you are ready to frame it."

I told her that way I am doing it will be fine.

She told me I will have to take it apart and do it all over again. No! the way I am doing it will be fine.

So I continue what I was doing. WOE! She was right. I have to take the whole thing apart.

Who knew!


familyoftwo98 said...

You my dear are a brilliant seamstress...but I can't help but laugh that you thought I was a dimwit at cross stitch. LOL.

Lavon said...

I did not think you were a dimwit. I just did not think it was so detailed. I thought little x's. I am in awe of the cross stitch you have done.

I am the dimwit I should have known better. :D