Friday, August 8, 2008

Project Runway.

There are so many sites that and explain things so much better than I can.

I have been reading the blogs daily so I actually forgot about the show this week.

I was determined to get all the new Avon books to my customers. The ladys at the Senior Citizens building, the young girls at the Sheetz, front desk people at the YMCA ( while there I finally set up an appointment with a personal trainer!)4 customers individual house, and the ladies at the Dots store in the mall.

I left the house at 7:30 and made it back home by 9:40. Hubby not to happy about that. He said he would prefer for me to come home early when I am by myself.

I just thought one UFP complete. All Avon books distributed early enough to give customers 10 days to look the store and place an order.

So I watched the rerun of Project Runway at 12:00. Click here for a great behind the scenes take on the show.

Dont forget blogging Project Runway!

While watching the show I worked on this month challenge. I am not very good with needlepoint or cross stitch but I am giving it a try.

I also worked on finishing up my crocheting of scrap yarn.I have been making scarfs.

I know my family will not use them. My SIL said I should piece them all together to make a afghan of sorts. I am sure I will see someone cuddled up in that while watching TV.

Family dinner this weekend. So Sunday I should have something to share about the day as well as pictures of my UFO's so I can chart my progress toward the goal of reorganization.

Have a great weekend!

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familyoftwo98 said...

I would be happy to help you with counted cross stitch. It is yet another hobby that I can do...but that I always fail to finish!