Friday, May 8, 2009

I am going to get a beer!

This is the weekend when I hide out! This way total strangers will not ask me " Are you a mother?" I have several responses to this depending on how I am feeling.

1. I just say no. They respond well it's never too late.

2. I say Maybe one day. To which they say " Well happy Future Mother's Day" I want to slap this person.

3. I have a step daughter. Some respond Oh and just walk away and others say Well you are a mother then.

4. This is a favorite response. " WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?" both hands are now fist and I am Glaring at them. They slowly back away.

I know this weekend I am staying in the house. So tonight I plan to go and get some WILD BLUE. A six pack will do.

I am hoping the sun is shining so i will sit on the porch and drink my blueberry beer.

If the sun is not shining I will drink beer while sewing. That is not a good combination.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Betty Rubble said...

For someone who is being a hermit I certainly wouldn't have expected to run into them (or they into me rather) at the 11:15 showing of Star Trek last night :)

I fell asleep as soon as we got home! I think I'm still tired!c

Betty Rubble said...

Dude...I went to Z's Dogs and Six Packs and found this stuff. It better be good or I'm coming to you for a full refund :)

Lavon said...

I don't know if it is good. I am going on someone else recommendation. I am leaving now to go and get it.

It was great to see you and barney at the movie! I am getting to old to be out that late did not see the light of day until about 10:00