Saturday, May 2, 2009

Walmart's Fabric is 50% off

Friday when I got home from work. Hubby was not there my plan was for us to go to the movie Wolverine I know that's now the title but that what I call it.

I clean up the kitchen while I waited and just as I finished he came home. Wonderful timing right? No. He looked at me and stood for a minute then he said. " I know you had plans for the evening but I have worked all night and helped my dad all day I am exhausted so I am going to bed." The he walked down the hallway and went to our bedroom. After about 10 mnutes I heard him snoring.

There is no point going to the movie by myself because he wanted to see the movie. I am sure seeing the moving twice would be great after all we are taking about Hugh Jackman! but our budget could not handle such a simple indulgence. So I went to walmart instead. I needed some kitchen stuff any way.

Everytime I go to walmart I stop at the fabric department sometimes that have what I need. I need new window stuff. When I went to Betty house and I saw all the new stuff she did to her windows it reminded me of what I planned to do but did not do.
So new window sheers and windo scrafs are needed. Plus I hate the fabric I covered the sofa with.

To my suprise the fabric department was a little smaller and all the fabric was 50% off on a liquidation sale. They would no longer sell fabric and would have a party and craft department instead.

I need fabric for the windows ( measurements escape my mind ) I need fabric for the kitchen (curtains, table scraf, towels, potholders and towels)

So much fabric has gone already but I was determined not to go crazy. I got 4 yards of a peach sheer, 2 yards of a fabric for the scraves, 4 yards of a knit print that just screams summer dress 4 yards of black and yellow that would be a great panel skirt and 4 years of interfacing. $16.00! I am going back once I measure the windows if I do not have enough material.

Once all the fabric is gone the only place in Pittsburgh to get fabric will be JoAnn's.

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Betty Rubble said...

I so miss being the title of your post. However I was pleased that I again made it into this one.

I had a point to this and now forget...I'm getting old!